Texas Man Equips Airplane with Corvette LS1 Engine

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It’s common knowledge in automotive circles that the Corvette LS series engine is fantastic in just about anything. Got a hot rod project? Drop an LS into it for quick and reliable power. Building a drag strip machine? Grab an LS1, strap a blower on it, and call it a day. Drifter? Drop the four banger and get yourself a V8! It’s the Swiss-army knife of engines… Which is why I’m not totally surprised that it found its way into an airplane.

A few more details from their Youtube page:

With 300 HP at 4000 RPM at takeoff, we are applying 575 Ft Lbs of torque to the prop when run through the Geared Drives PSRU. As far as speed, this will always be limited by each airframe. We probably will achieve more speed with this FWF combination, but do not advocate for exceeding your aircraft’s Vne. Climbout has been where the performance has excelled, improving by two to three times. We will have actual performance data by the time we get to Sun n Fun in April 2009.

Seems legit. Would you ride in it? Let us know in the forums!

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