Kill Stories: LT1-Swapped Supra Beats Up a Modded SRT4

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 Watch a Toyota Supra with a stock LT1 V8 beat up a modified Dodge Neon SRT4.

This week’s racing action from the Kill Stories section features an LT1-powered Toyota Supra taking on a “lightly modified” Dodge Neon SRT4 in a handful of quick races. This video comes to us from the Yung Pirk YouTube account and it was shared on the forum by LS1Tech member and owner of the car, DirtyMike.

The details are short, but we know that the Toyota Supra is fitted with a factory-stock LT1 from a 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood, measuring 5.7 liters, and delivering around 260 horsepower to the rear wheels via a Tremec T5 manual transmission. As for the Neon, it is said to be lightly modified, but we don’t know exactly what upgrades have been made to the compact Dodge sedan. In stock form, this car would have made around 230 horsepower, but the turbocharged 2.4L 4-cylinder took well to upgrades, so light modifications could make a big difference.

Toyota Super LT1 Swap

Unfortunately for the Neon owner, those mods don’t make enough of a difference to keep up with the LT1-powered Supra.

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The racing action between the Supra and the turbocharged Neon begins with the two going from a low roll. At first, the Neon stays alongside the GM-powered Toyota, but it only takes a few seconds for the Supra to pull ahead.

Next, the Neon and the Supra go from a dig, and while the Dodge hops out to a brief lead, the power of the 5.7L V8  quickly overcomes the turbocharged Dodge. The Toyota ends up crushing the SRT4, pulling away more and more as speeds increase.

LT1 in a Supra

Finally, the two cars go from a dig once more and this time, the Supra hops out to an early lead and never looks back. Even though we can really only hear the Neon, the LT1 power is too much for the turbocharged Dodge 4-cylinder.

Although the LT1 is stock, this Toyota Supra is a wicked sleeper – as this Neon driver quickly learned.

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