Stock Looking Restomod 1967 Camaro for Sale Packs LS1 Power

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1967 Chevrolet Camaro restomod with LS1 swap.

This purposeful looking 1967 Chevrolet Camaro features the modern comfort of a restomod mixed with LS1 crate engine power.

When it comes to classic muscle cars, Chevy’s Camaro is one that needs nothing from the aftermarket for it to look relevant over 50 years later. The styling and stance are timeless. That’s why we are completely enamored with this restomod 1967 Camaro we stumbled across on Bring a Trailer. There’s very little to give away that underneath this minty fresh looking first year Camaro lurks a 5.7-Liter LS1 V8 crate engine, a wealth of performance mods for the chassis and some modern conveniences such as power windows and air conditioning.

It’s a prime example of what we consider a restomod sleeper being built right. The LS1 is hooked up to a ZF 6-Speed manual transmission via a Centerforce clutch, and we can just imagine the fun we would have embarrassing modern cars from the lights with that setup. Even the 16″ Rallye-style wheels by Wheel Vintiques look close enough to OEM that nobody is going to look twice. The only obvious giveaway to what’s truly going on with this Camaro build is that it’s sitting a little lower than stock.

Though, one look under the hood, or, indeed, under the car, and the thoroughly modern goodies are impossible to miss. Check out that engine bay, it’s truly gorgeous.


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However, anyone that’s driven anything from this era knows that although the Camaro look hasn’t aged, the driving dynamics are less than ideal, at least compared to modern standards. A good way of improving this is to take some notes from this build. The chassis has been reinforced, the brake system from a Corvette C4 has been fitted, as well as Corvette aluminum A-arms and C4 independent rear suspension. There’s also custom Art Rasmussen subframes, Carrera coilovers, and Quickor anti-sway bars helping to keep the restomod Camaro planted on the road and deal with the extra power.

Our favorite fact about this particular restomod is that the original owner had it built as a gift for his wife. We would love to know if it was something his wife genuinely wanted and loved, or if it was a “gift” for his wife. Perhaps that’s part of the reason for selling? Either way, consider us fans.

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