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  1. What should I run?
  2. Memphis Results & Shifting Problems Resolved
  3. Cheeta SCS
  4. tires that will pull the wheels
  5. Anyone trimmed rear fender to clearance 28" Drag Tires?
  6. brake rotor questions??
  7. Crossed drilled rotors are or are not outlawed for drag racing???
  8. Gotta question about my converter
  9. 7.26 in the 1/8th @ 98 mph!!! Stock A4 w/no converter!
  10. Mack Your Calendar
  11. Racing wo/ a hood?
  12. Worthless Mods = NEW BEST!
  13. New best and I pulled a tire..WHEEEE
  14. Terry Burger ...... Wheels Up !!!
  15. Memphis results (new cam only best)
  16. Very strange vibration,Anyone?
  17. Car is twisting like a pretzel
  18. Remove front swaybar ?
  19. Since the topics up, Does anyone want to take a stab at my 1/4 time?
  20. Guess my 1/4 mile time?
  21. Has anybody ran at the powerhouse in Panama City...
  22. Anyone up for a little F*rd vs. GM feud?
  23. Weight reduction you can't see/feel?
  24. steering wheel pics?
  25. how to remove cruise control?
  26. ?'s about jackson SC drag strip
  27. Anyone racing this weekend?
  28. Hey Terry Burger
  29. 1/4 mile question
  30. relocation brackets?
  31. Question about the 165R-15 Skinny tires
  32. [EVENT] Raceway Park planning an F-Body vs. all other GM EFI cars "Cival War"
  33. informative staging "101" article
  34. FLP Longtubes w/cats 1/4 mile times inside
  35. Heads and Cam w TNT SS goes 10.16 Video!!
  36. Say it ain't so....Fireball is doing weight reduction
  37. bfg vs nitto drag radiaals
  38. How to take off the ABS & Traction Control?
  39. Mounted my 28x10x15 Hoosier QTPs
  40. What are you using up front? shocks/struts...90/10??
  41. Is dynabat/hawker good for a daily driven car?
  42. Hawker Genesis Installed!
  43. Are ET Fronts O.K. to drive to the track with?
  44. Have SC, What Will It Run?
  45. new converter (guess my time)
  46. West Coast Power
  47. Any details on Norm Koerner's 9.52 @ 150 C5R block,heads,custom intake ET in Texas...
  48. Slow A$$ times for the stock 98 A4
  49. Recod setting 9.82 137 MPH NA MTI 422 for sale!!!
  50. Drag racing question
  51. Fastest TR224 head & cam car?
  52. Stickiest street-legal tire that fits on stock rims?
  53. Just ordered new slicks
  54. My weight loss list.... Can you see anythiing I'm missing?
  55. Harlan 2 -step... what is it exactly for ?
  56. many rim screws per tire do I use?
  57. Anyone using 16x8 Gm wheels with ET streets?
  58. are autolite 103's killing me NA?
  59. U guys have any gains with the TR224 cam or what would i see?
  60. ok to patch et street?
  61. HELP! et street has a nail in it! tube part #? plug?
  63. Adjustment on Hals--->?
  64. light weight seat????
  65. Lexan relacement found!
  66. The Hot Rod gets 24 MPG on 500 mile road trip
  67. DynaBatt vs Hawker Genesis G16EP
  68. How to get my car to sit like this???
  69. Fastest N/A runs with stock exhaust?
  70. best place to buy weld wheels?
  71. Lowering car w/ LG`s springs or their Hypercoils
  73. Prostar sizes and part number
  74. How I lost 100 pounds in two easy weeks
  75. Horrible ET times
  76. Guys with K-members----.
  77. upgrading from 15x8's to 15x10's
  78. Traction Problems w/ET STREETS...what now???
  79. 1st time to the track with an LS1
  80. FYI on TTIIs weight.
  81. Gonna need some advice on launching on new TC 4000 stall
  82. Installed Harlan's 2-step this morning
  83. ? about bump stop for rears
  84. Well I hit the jack pot at the track..finally.
  85. Epoxied Air Lid
  86. (Update#2)A story about a weekend of Drag Racing.
  87. New F1 60' marks :)
  88. Weights on Convo Pros with tires.
  89. Wrecked at the track
  90. What RPM would I be at in the 1/4 with 4.30 gears?
  91. What kind of 60 fts can a LS1 driveshaft take with an M6?
  92. I Weighed the Hotrod today!
  93. Roll Cage requirements for 10.99 and 135 mph and 9.99 and 150 mph questions
  94. HELP ME Get into the 12's
  95. Where do you buy your race gas ?
  96. Another skinny question
  97. World's Fastest Street Supra VIDEO
  98. Where do subframe down bars go?
  99. Who's warped a drag race brake rotor?
  100. Coach's car meets Jenny Craig
  101. Need info on light weight brakes
  102. MMRA (Modern Musclecar Racers Assoc.) website is UP!
  103. Gathering Stock LS1 1/4 mile times for WRX Message Board.
  104. new LPE vette fastest ls1?
  105. Anybody weigh a Stock SS hood?
  106. Should I be Worried??? T.Burger............
  107. Max hangs the hoops !!!!
  108. best gear for 1/8 mile & a4?? shifting about 100ft from line with 3.73
  109. Severe body twist......any suggestions?? Dang door has even flew open now twice!!!!
  111. My first WIN Saturday night!!!!
  112. Coach and Thunder Racing Win Bracket Race!
  113. when the hell are we getting those 2-steps
  114. wheel studs
  115. Question on how to launch w/ vig3200
  116. Now these are some light weight wheels
  117. Not another 10 second heads/cam car???
  118. with Convo Pros and BFG275/50/15 and skinnies what reduction to expect?
  119. Convo Pro centercaps-OK to run them?
  120. King of the Hill
  121. Any Texans going to Clash of the Titans @ Hallsville?
  122. heya PSJ
  123. 8.8 @ 79MPH @ 4400lbs! how much HP?!?
  124. PSN drags moved from ennis to redline
  125. Slower on ET Streets?
  126. Drag radials
  127. LOL The new SVT Mustang only pulls a 12.9 1/4 mile time lol
  128. Racing Sunday!
  129. TOP 25 NA LIST
  130. Lets guess my raceweight :)
  131. 15x10 pro stars/ 295/50/15's rub too much? HELP!
  132. I have 15 inch pro stars. Do I correct this with HPP or leave it?
  133. Anyone have any idea what my probably weighs?
  134. Drag race hood weights...
  135. this a decent time for my mods?
  136. anyone going to Keystone?
  137. Anybody going to Irwindale Speedway tonight?
  138. anyone have pictures of a full cage......
  139. Help me get down to 3400-3450 lbs, w/me in the car......
  140. 4' trailer ramps long enough?
  141. Question about light weight carpet?
  142. New times on 4400 w/ street tires.
  143. Two Drag Strips, In Two States, In One Day!
  144. The W's are on!
  145. 76" wide trailer good enough?
  146. Poor Mustang GT and Cobra Drivers.
  147. Line Lock Question
  148. 224 Cams been to the track yet or what!?!?
  149. Can we.......
  150. what size tires for pro star 15x10's? 275? 295?
  151. Light weight carpet pics
  152. What kind of 1/8 do I need to run 11's?
  153. Roll Bar padding
  154. does anyone make a Manual Rack ?
  155. make a prediction
  156. Hooser 28x10.5x16 too much tire for me?
  157. what will i run?
  158. 1.80... can I expect better?
  159. Next traction mod ?
  160. Where can I buy light weight carpet
  161. weight difference between stock wheels and Convo Prs inside
  162. Racing tips - PLEASE! - ST3500...
  163. Am I capable of 12s?
  164. Hal adjusting knob came out!! HELP!
  165. Best advice for hooking on a not so sticky track??? PLEASE HELP!!!!
  166. stock converter a4 times with spray
  167. I picked up the Hot Rod "WOW"
  168. 1/8 timesfor 3.42 vs 2,73
  169. Roll call...HRP on Sunday?
  170. How fast is your 2002?
  171. DOT Racing tires may become extinct...please read!
  172. Honorary 8 second club member
  173. Are ET Streets better than Hoosier QTP's?? My QTP's suck and don't grip!!!!!!
  174. So nobody on this web site is going to the track (HRP)
  175. has anyone actually seen results w/ the mizeire water pump?
  176. I'm an honorary 10 second club member!
  177. New track times.. These seem aweful!
  178. what size belt to delete power steering?
  179. Legislation That Could Make DOT Race Tires Illegal
  180. Bump/Bulge on the TREAD of one of my skinnies
  181. Harlan 2 step status?
  182. 1st time @ track w/465 miles!
  183. Who all is going to the track Friday?
  184. Figured out what I am doing with the custom cage
  185. These two runs do not make sense time-wise..
  186. 1st anual MUSCLECAR POWERFEST cohosted by RPM
  187. My car goes crazy when I launch hard????
  188. First runs with my new 2002 Z28
  189. Those elusive 10's are mine !!
  190. Check out these Dyno Numbers!!
  191. How much MPH did you loose with your 12 bolt?
  192. New "Cam Only" record with Futral F4 cam-11.16!
  193. "Ghetto-Fabrication" a man, an idea, and his tools.
  194. What size tire for me, HELP
  195. OK what do you guys think?
  196. 3.42's w/A4
  197. World's fastest street Supra?
  198. Scratching away.....
  199. new best. slow but act interested.
  200. 11.51@115.6 N/A with Bolt Ons!!!
  201. Colonel ??
  202. IRS setups.
  203. NEW Yahoo Group
  204. New best times
  205. Which size ET streets?
  206. heads/cam guys please post...
  207. Made 33 Back-To-Back 1/4 Passess on sunday!!!
  208. Weight reduction plans Post cage install :)
  209. help! my mph sux
  210. englishtown round 1 top fuel the "BIG BOOM"
  211. How to launch m6
  212. Hal shocks worth it?
  213. What ET street for these wheels?
  214. Average 60' where you start pulling the wheels
  215. 1/8 mile times!
  216. LS1's RULE!!!New best yesterday!!!
  217. Pic from E-town NHRA Supernationals
  218. Help me get traction :)
  219. Got a launch pic!
  220. Explain DA, & optimum weather for drag racing?
  221. Weight reduction continues...
  222. Part # for 15x10 Weld Pro Stars
  223. NHRA Rules for 10's.....HELP!
  224. 1/8 mile times on the other car I'm involved with...
  225. 11's.... I can do that :)
  226. Need pictures of Alston or Wolfe 6 point roll cage!
  227. New 60' Time Thanks To Pro Stock John
  228. Need 2-4 tenths, suggestions please...
  229. Todays Matco Top Fuel, Pro Stock, etc.
  230. YOu think you have bad track prep?? Read this craziness........
  231. 6.0L home ported heads track results!
  232. New 6-speed N/A Record - 10.67 @ 128.36!
  233. Another new best at Super Chevy!
  234. NEW BEST...and a few ???'s
  235. What a fun day at the track! (Holy mph batman!)
  236. 8.30@85 mph w/ only lid and cutout??
  237. Paging Pro Stock John
  238. what should I run in the 1/4? big race tomorrow!
  239. relocating battery/ where to hook + wire under hood?
  240. Is my time good for the mods i have?
  241. BFG DR or ET Street?
  242. All ready for tomorrow and a little more weight out :)
  243. TH400 Tranny Shield?
  244. Hoosier 27X11.5X15 QTP------>
  245. 11.55@116 with H&C, is this low MPH?
  246. Welcome me to the 10 sec club..
  247. 15x7.5 Convos ?
  248. What 60ft Are possible
  249. 15x8 prostars BS ?
  250. Upper Panhard bar