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  1. Cartek Customer Accolade
  2. possible frame twist with rear or mid engine v8 dune buggy?
  3. Those that have removed the HVAC, what did U do w/the heater hoses on the water pump?
  4. what more can i remove off the nose to loose weight?
  5. How fast on a 16" or 17" radial??
  6. anyone kwow this car?
  7. Burnout ?
  8. $24,000 in payouts - EFI Nationals SPONSORS!
  9. What HAL's and Springs for my Setup?
  10. 430rwhp but don't launch hard and want quiet chassis...which TQ Arm?
  11. Woohoo! The dash is finally out. What all can be removed?
  12. Choosing the right gear and tire size
  13. M+H drag radial
  14. Bickelfirebird car for sale??
  15. 15X10 Prostar + 275/50/15 MT DR?
  16. Curious, anyone use the stock fuel tank for balast?
  17. BMR Torque Arm Relocation Kit, just as good as the Xtreme Torque Arm?
  18. Elevation correction chart
  19. What's the highest stall you would go with on a bolt on only car?
  20. Coolant Overflow Question?
  21. What setting does everyone run their rear Hals?
  22. How to disable ABS at the track?
  23. fastest drag radial car in the world.. for sale
  24. Anyone running dual rear calipers???
  25. Removed driver side air bag, what else can be removed?
  26. Who has an HO alternator in there drag car?
  27. Too Much Gear?
  28. Hoosier QTP`s & fitment? Need some opinions please.
  29. Anybody regret using Hals for a street car?
  30. Better traction: 26x11.5x16 vs. 26x10.5x15
  31. Soon to be LS1 owner for the first time.
  32. Improvement going to HAL QA1's?
  33. Vette Question
  34. roll cage vs sfc ???
  35. A good question for real racers !!
  36. Need help w/HVAC & passenger air bag removal.
  37. question for all with 1/4 turn hood fasteners
  38. Any pics of the travel limiters ?
  39. Motorplates help
  40. Pulling carpet, anybody?
  41. Help with Race Seat installation
  42. 60's foot, HALís with stock springs VS HALís with HALís springs
  43. Removing Door Bars?
  44. New product
  45. Is anyone running a Mark Williams Ford thru Bolt Aluminum Case??
  46. Best tire pressure
  47. Need help running car's best time
  48. M&H 275/50/17 28" tall---who has used these?
  49. Tipped the scales at 2,850 last night
  50. need help for drag set up
  51. What PSI to set street tires for strip?
  52. Poppage with a 2.x 60'?
  53. Ditching e brake right now... question on huge spring on rear brakes
  54. 28.0 inch tire with 4.11 and juice in A4
  55. Cage Pics
  56. Ken @ Eastside, come out, come out where ever you are....................
  57. Draglite Frontrunners
  58. Aftermarket Gauges w/ stock PCM?
  59. found some gtec pros cheap!!!!!!
  60. ET Streets vs. Street Tires
  61. Question on air bag module under center console and removal
  62. Madman Manual Rack????
  63. My New Setup
  64. Could someone evaluate what I've got/where I could be, please?
  65. Are 9's possible??
  66. Launching??
  67. CONGRATS Joe O
  68. What cam to go 10s with nitrous?
  69. Rear drag shock question
  70. A Noob question
  71. What rods do you use to weld chromoly?
  72. Harness w/stock Camaro seats legal??
  73. Ran today...
  74. Single digit guys, what wheel/tire combo do you have?
  75. Times?
  76. will a 16x10.5 or 16x255 m/t hook me???
  77. Best ETs with stock 98-99 exh manifolds?
  78. abs delete
  79. Need a street 10 sec car.
  80. PSI for 17" ET streets
  81. Launching with new converter.
  82. How strong do you think this will be?
  83. ok vett or trans am people??????????
  84. Will I be faster or slower this year?
  85. Weighed the car today...
  86. First time on slicks last night...
  87. Cut rear V6 springs for super light cars?
  88. Race wiring harness
  89. TH400 Transmission Advice
  90. Please help me choose a tire size.
  91. Bogarts who sells em
  92. 15" drag wheels with Skinnies ?
  93. Lose weight by changing Front Springs
  94. Anyone seen....
  95. Best $$ per pound weight savings mod
  96. need a suggestion for heads
  97. anyone here using the wolfe rear bulkhead
  98. what are you guys runnning to keep the rubber from sticking on your car
  99. Track Pics
  100. Cage thru the dash pics?
  101. Hoosiers QTP, what kind of 60í
  102. Wolfe roll cages
  103. m/t 28 inch tire lowers gear ratio?
  104. Need partnumbers for grantwheel and disconnect
  105. QA1 or Strange Double Adjustable shocks?
  106. Tire size question
  107. What will this setup run?
  108. Single digit guys... What suspension??
  109. Are 10's close??
  110. new M/T drag wheels?
  111. Two Step install on a M6?
  112. Are the QA1 front springs worth it?
  113. The winter project nearing completion!
  114. My new drag breaks (pic's)
  115. do i need longer wheel studs on draglites
  116. Hood Pin Conversion
  117. 10pt Roll Cage install help needed
  118. Wilwood rear drag brake kit?
  119. Can I use ET streets on my stock rear end?
  120. Ran 13.3@104 w/ Lid and no CB...Need to get to 12's
  121. anyone have any good results going to 1 7/8 stepped headers
  122. what can stock short block handle compresson wise n/a
  123. question for all of you running a fast system, or any other aftermarket ecu
  124. oil pressure when launching
  125. Time for longer wheel studs... any suggestions?
  126. What to use to mark sidewalls..
  127. what will i run
  128. Wheels for M/T tires
  129. Cracking 12s, then 11's -- is it this easy?
  130. Slicks screwed to rim, leak.
  131. Started Minitubing today
  132. Racing tomorrow
  133. new nhra 05 roll bar rules...
  134. dangerous wheelie situation?
  135. track legal window tint question
  136. 4l60e/12 bolt guys come in!
  137. 13.05?
  138. Lightweight fans.
  139. Anyone running wheel tubs? if so what sizes?
  140. has anyone ever put a "frame" in a 4th gen?
  141. Simpson Belts
  142. what size tire???
  143. Rolling fenders for tire clearance q's
  144. Any pics of !console + drag carpet setups?k
  145. Suspension Help
  146. Going from 4.11s to 4.56s, how much can I pick up?
  147. First Time to Drag Tonight...Any Tips?
  148. Correct MT Slicks for my application
  149. Pass Air bag???
  150. Quick question AJE or BMR K Member
  151. what should i run?
  152. What should run?
  153. Can someone tell me how much a 15x10" Prostar weighs?
  154. 8 point cage question
  155. Will lower gears get me a higher mph in an M6
  156. racing question
  157. few et questions for yall
  158. 60ft times????
  159. Looking For Car Trailer Recommendations
  160. 60ft best on radials
  161. Just installed Moser 12 bolt: Sway Bar ????'s
  162. Race Car For SALE,or Possible Split Up
  163. shaving weight
  164. gutted stock steering wheel
  165. some final pics of the 28x10.5W tire on the car
  166. Quick Q about roll bar rule for hardtops..
  167. stripped engine bay
  168. What do you guys think of my new setup.....
  169. Installed Grant steering wheel today
  170. If you are 6'3" or taller, what racing seat do you use??
  171. what kirkey seat cover and hood fasteners?
  172. Heating Up Tires Question..
  173. facts/opinions of 408 iron block in f body?
  174. BMR crossmember review.
  175. Line lock questions
  176. Is RR airbag needed after 1" sway bar install?
  177. anyone have or heard about the jeggs 8 point bar?
  178. spare tire rim as skinny rim?
  179. Advice on gear vs. combo selection please..
  180. long or short torque arm and why? any problems with madman's torque arm??
  181. 29" tire??
  182. Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials
  183. How does this sound, A4,3.42, 26" tire, 550 rwhp
  184. Need some good references for ladder bar / sway bar tuning
  185. What should i run
  186. Create a data base on Nitto DR use?
  187. New Front Suspension Pics>
  188. Wolfe cage dash pics
  189. Any ls1's running Telstar Terminators?
  190. Anyone using the Yank transmission crossmember?
  191. How many of you have had wheel studs break or seen then break at the track?
  192. What kind carpet to save wieght?
  193. How strong would this be?
  194. shooting for 10's
  195. Dirt Tires
  196. Really good 2004 Pump Gas DVD
  197. While waiting on motor to get back...
  198. Stock weight?
  199. What do you guys think this combo should run?
  200. Tire and wheel combo
  201. Hot Rod Pump Gas Drags
  202. is an upper PHB needed for my setup?
  203. tunnel brace needed with a cage and SFC's?
  204. Can you add wheel screws...
  205. Neutral Safety Switches on Aftermarket A3/A4 Shifters
  206. Help me explain this one to pops
  207. Hub City Hattiesburg Ms,
  208. 1Ē swaybar T/A cover?
  209. Battery relo question
  210. My wheel fell off!
  211. The $15 race seat bracket (pics)
  212. Junior Dragsters
  213. Paging Madman
  214. Fuel tank help...
  215. 3.73's and YSS4000 to 3.90's and YPT4400, what kind of gains?
  216. How much HP to make up for 100 lbs?
  217. Simpson 5 point Harness, what size (62Ē or 55Ē)?
  218. Anyone ever run the Hoosier 27X11.5X15 QTP?
  219. Need help with brake fitting sizes on strange master cylinder.
  220. Will Kirkey 18" clear door bars?
  221. Safest tire size for a 16x8 weld?
  222. Whitey's Camaro is on the ground
  223. Will I break anything
  224. Best place to buy Flaming River Battery Switch??
  225. What kind of tires for my setup
  226. When it's all said and done, what times do you think are possible?
  227. 600rwhp/700rwtq M6 Turbo. What will I run?
  228. Will 16's be okay?
  229. SFI Legal Quick Release Steering Hub for Grant Wheel?
  230. spohn rear drag sway bar
  231. 11's????
  232. post up how much et u dropped going to 3.73's over stock
  233. ? on tech rule....
  234. How Fast?
  235. Wheels up - whats it like?
  236. help with weight reduction
  237. What Does This Mean?
  238. Good idea or bad idea?
  239. Weight Diffirence from Vert to Hard Top
  240. ESP Outlaw Pics
  241. Kill Switch Installed
  242. What size rims/tires do I need? 600rwhp/700rwtq
  243. The Texas Mile 2005 - Season Opener March 19-20
  244. 11's with bolt ons only?
  245. well my car was stock a month ago and now it is almost finished
  246. Anyone running an 8" converter?
  247. Any beefy torque arms that mount to the chassis that can clear 3" true duals?
  248. Safety Question
  249. Video of my best 60'
  250. If a rim is bead screwed can radial be mounted on it after?