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  1. Attn: PPL w/ SY3500 converter...
  2. Going up to the Track
  3. ET and MPH difference in a M6 with 4.11/26Ē vs 4.56/28Ē
  4. Steering Shaft Pics (pinto manual)
  5. Where does this green wire go?
  6. 4th gen trans am question???????
  7. 1/4 times F13 w/stock heads A4
  8. Launching MT radials
  9. Finally found out what my cam only racweight was
  10. New to to the track
  11. You guys think the DS-2 is safe for street duty 1 time a week?
  12. Best Drag Racing Posi???
  13. Another Drag Racing Alignment Thread
  14. Billingsly ABS delete, just installed today
  15. skinnys/slicks
  16. What e/t's to expect from new mods?
  17. 28x11.5x15 e/t streets. will it fit on my 15x8 prostars
  18. AC/Heater control delete tip.
  19. What is the flat plastic box in front of the power antenna on an f bod?
  20. Posi vs. Spool
  21. line lock installed
  22. I'm tring to get in the 11's
  23. drag school
  24. Slicks and Rim Size
  25. How Do I Adjust My Mcloed Adjustable Master Cylinder.
  26. Finally Finished Minitubbing Project
  27. Topeka tonight
  28. Kirkey Seat Sizes - Need help ASAP!!!!!
  29. sorce on outlaw cowl hoods?
  30. Dry Sump Guys
  31. Parts list needed
  32. Need help installing Grant quick disconnect/steering wheel.
  33. Those w/pin on hoods, how did you fasten it down? Please post pics.
  34. what do i need to adjust to keep from unloading so quick?
  35. 01 Z-28 Rock'd!
  36. Anyone running 17" ET Streets?
  37. How much mph do you lose going from DR's to ET Streets?
  38. 275-50-15 mt dr questions
  39. 275/50/15 M/T DR fit
  40. two front bolts on these damn door bars driving me nuts
  41. harlen 2 step install
  42. Can I Cut Off The Bracing Under My Hood To Save Weight?
  43. first time
  44. Racing w/A4
  45. Countdown to ATLANTA!
  46. experiance and true fixes for wheel hop
  47. Time's should be better?
  48. Project car suggestions....
  49. Ordering Bogarts need tire selection help
  50. roll bar question & pittsburgh raceway
  51. Cut firebird springs...
  52. help me analyze my time slips. mph is gone.
  53. Race Suit??
  54. Drag Car Insurance
  55. Do all you M6 guys powershift at the track?
  56. Which 5 point harness....
  57. Decent ET, but what's up with my 60 ft.?
  58. Back in the Picture Boys....
  59. found an alternativeto the grant quick release steering hub
  60. do i need more tire with this converter
  61. help improve 60 foots
  62. Did you guys have to grind this much for Prostars? (pic)
  63. I want power!!!
  64. Snell 2000 helmet still legal?
  65. Preload stock rear swaybar?
  66. Do V6 Springs in the rear change ride height/quality??
  67. 346 Cube Guys, Whats Times are they Going?
  68. Drilling Injector Bosses
  69. Pic of my launch at the track
  70. People who have removed their dash..........
  71. ?'s on removing ABS block.
  72. Fbodies are Pigs! (weight reduction)
  73. My new custom 6-point cage
  74. How does pinion angle affect traction and launch?
  75. Weighed my Wolfe 6 point before installation.
  76. Should be receiving pin-on hood next week, need to prepare, best hood pins?
  77. How long can you store race gas before it goes bad?
  78. New Best and a Question
  79. GUYS WITH MINI-TUBS INSIDE(interior question's)------>
  80. Need a lightweight steering wheel, need help.
  81. Help with Drag radials(size and opinion)
  82. Keeping tags on 'Race' car
  83. C5 Vette Guys - Need Help!
  84. Kirkey mounting pics
  85. I,ve decided that I have more motor than suspension
  86. cage cert.
  87. what 2 or 3 step do you use?
  88. need some more weight reduction ideas from you featherweights
  89. whats the best way to add alot of ballast?
  90. Easy way to check those hard-to-reach plugs...
  91. problems with 60 ft.
  92. What size fronts are you running?
  93. Best affordable K-member?
  94. Street tire for 408...
  95. Best Launch Technique for Basically Stock M6 Cars
  96. Where to find carpet?
  97. Anyone using hood pins and removing hood latch?
  98. Experiences with ET Street Drag Radials
  99. Off .8-1 second and 8-10 MPH AFTER ALL BOLTONS/ DR's! H E L P!!!!
  100. Rear springs
  101. Dash is out.......
  102. Harness info needed...
  103. Manual Rack
  104. Custom seat brackets
  105. How often do you change your plugs & oil on a drag car?
  106. What MAF are you use with Fast 90 intake & TB?
  107. Slowing down in the 1/4 from 1/8
  108. HALís 300lbs. front springs?
  109. Is a Wolfe 5 point Rollbar IHRA and NHRA legal??
  110. Too much traction! Need launch help!
  111. Any newbie 1/4-milers near Temple, TX interested in crash course?
  112. Quick door bar removal FYI.
  113. What am I doing wrong? (Launch ?)
  114. Electric Water Pump, how much ET drop?
  115. When to add subframe connectors?
  116. Remove front bumper?
  117. 28x10 QTPís on Bogartís fit?
  118. Removal of front Bumper?
  119. Race gas worth it?
  120. 2 Questions about Front Sway bar
  121. How much will a shop charge for a 6 point roll cage?
  122. track tips
  123. What is the absolute best first step is suspension mods
  124. BMR Front Sway Bar weighs in at 20lbs!!
  125. aftermarket panhard bar? just for lowered cars or what?
  126. '98 Z28 vs. other years
  127. is my car light?
  128. Horsepower & Torque Formulas
  129. .4 sec off 60'= what in the 1/4?
  130. Van over !!!!! carbon fiber parts
  131. drag race battery and elecetric fan switch???
  132. 1st night at the track with the 325 50 15 MT drag radial
  133. My car is a PIG! 3500 lbs. with me in it.
  134. Which combo would launch better?
  135. Car Number Question
  136. Tach
  137. anyone running header muffler and turn down?
  138. bumper support removal on a T/A?
  139. 99 SS Speed Q's
  140. What slicks to run with new combo?
  141. Some Car Pics
  142. Car wont shift, just kinda sputters??
  143. Whew, finally got the rear wheels on
  144. Is there any weight savings converting to manual locks and windows?
  145. kyb agx 8 way adjust for track ?
  146. rim screws with M/T Drag/Street Radials???
  147. How much is my new 12-bolt going to slow me down?
  148. need hood fastener help please
  149. Lightweight steering column
  150. 10's on motor possible - will I run out of gear on spray?
  151. Turning Car Drag
  152. What should my MPH be?
  153. Big street tires vs. smaller DRs
  154. Roll Cage Helps in an Accident???
  155. Hawker Odyssey PC680 questions.
  156. Who has a light weight battery?
  157. um, i need help on Strange Rear brake lines please
  158. Nitto's & 4.10's....How much off et?
  159. What does a cammed SS run??
  160. What are doing about driveshafts?
  161. 1/4 Mile Math analysis
  162. Hoosier 28x10's
  163. What helmet are you using to protect your mellon?
  164. Cartek Customer Accolade
  165. possible frame twist with rear or mid engine v8 dune buggy?
  166. Those that have removed the HVAC, what did U do w/the heater hoses on the water pump?
  167. what more can i remove off the nose to loose weight?
  168. How fast on a 16" or 17" radial??
  169. anyone kwow this car?
  170. Burnout ?
  171. $24,000 in payouts - EFI Nationals SPONSORS!
  172. What HAL's and Springs for my Setup?
  173. 430rwhp but don't launch hard and want quiet chassis...which TQ Arm?
  174. Woohoo! The dash is finally out. What all can be removed?
  175. Choosing the right gear and tire size
  176. M+H drag radial
  177. Bickelfirebird car for sale??
  178. 15X10 Prostar + 275/50/15 MT DR?
  179. Curious, anyone use the stock fuel tank for balast?
  180. BMR Torque Arm Relocation Kit, just as good as the Xtreme Torque Arm?
  181. Elevation correction chart
  182. What's the highest stall you would go with on a bolt on only car?
  183. Coolant Overflow Question?
  184. What setting does everyone run their rear Hals?
  185. How to disable ABS at the track?
  186. fastest drag radial car in the world.. for sale
  187. Anyone running dual rear calipers???
  188. Removed driver side air bag, what else can be removed?
  189. Who has an HO alternator in there drag car?
  190. Too Much Gear?
  191. Hoosier QTP`s & fitment? Need some opinions please.
  192. Anybody regret using Hals for a street car?
  193. Better traction: 26x11.5x16 vs. 26x10.5x15
  194. Soon to be LS1 owner for the first time.
  195. Improvement going to HAL QA1's?
  196. Vette Question
  197. roll cage vs sfc ???
  198. A good question for real racers !!
  199. Need help w/HVAC & passenger air bag removal.
  200. question for all with 1/4 turn hood fasteners
  201. Any pics of the travel limiters ?
  202. Motorplates help
  203. Pulling carpet, anybody?
  204. Help with Race Seat installation
  205. 60's foot, HALís with stock springs VS HALís with HALís springs
  206. Removing Door Bars?
  207. New product
  208. Is anyone running a Mark Williams Ford thru Bolt Aluminum Case??
  209. Best tire pressure
  210. Need help running car's best time
  211. M&H 275/50/17 28" tall---who has used these?
  212. Tipped the scales at 2,850 last night
  213. need help for drag set up
  214. What PSI to set street tires for strip?
  215. Poppage with a 2.x 60'?
  216. Ditching e brake right now... question on huge spring on rear brakes
  217. 28.0 inch tire with 4.11 and juice in A4
  218. Cage Pics
  219. Ken @ Eastside, come out, come out where ever you are....................
  220. Draglite Frontrunners
  221. Aftermarket Gauges w/ stock PCM?
  222. found some gtec pros cheap!!!!!!
  223. ET Streets vs. Street Tires
  224. Question on air bag module under center console and removal
  225. Madman Manual Rack????
  226. My New Setup
  227. Could someone evaluate what I've got/where I could be, please?
  228. Are 9's possible??
  229. Launching??
  230. CONGRATS Joe O
  231. What cam to go 10s with nitrous?
  232. Rear drag shock question
  233. A Noob question
  234. What rods do you use to weld chromoly?
  235. Harness w/stock Camaro seats legal??
  236. Ran today...
  237. Single digit guys, what wheel/tire combo do you have?
  238. Times?
  239. will a 16x10.5 or 16x255 m/t hook me???
  240. Best ETs with stock 98-99 exh manifolds?
  241. abs delete
  242. Need a street 10 sec car.
  243. PSI for 17" ET streets
  244. Launching with new converter.
  245. How strong do you think this will be?
  246. ok vett or trans am people??????????
  247. Will I be faster or slower this year?
  248. Weighed the car today...
  249. First time on slicks last night...
  250. Cut rear V6 springs for super light cars?