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  1. Only Hi Beams Work?
  2. Power steering pump and LT's w/ cats
  3. Plug Gap?
  4. Headlight Question...not sure if it is the gears or motor
  5. 2 part number requests!
  6. OIL CHANGE light?? Comes and goes??
  7. Help with weird problem involving driving through large water puddles...
  8. Ran out of gas, please help
  9. Check Engine light????
  10. A fun list of, "UH-OH"s...
  11. storing a used shortblock?
  12. clutch pedal wont press in
  13. Low Trac light during hard braking, but not sliding
  14. Drivers window tint peeling
  15. Passenger window goes down but not up
  16. running out of steam at the top of first
  17. Valvetrain noise and adjusting rockers
  18. Knocking sound when turning/ ASR Turning off
  19. misfire after cats are gutted??
  20. Unexplainable Phenomenon!
  21. the weirdest thing just happend
  22. Rough Idle afte warm up
  23. A little help here please :)
  24. starting for the first time
  25. Who says Corvette O2 sensors, #13111, work?
  26. Front main seal
  27. Cylinders 2-4-6-8 misfiring all at once??
  28. My fuel pump is taking a crap help!
  29. Door panel getting a little loose
  30. Fuel pump help please!! Strainer issues,99-98 converted. Also more issues help!
  31. my winter beater 88 century shuts down when going 30mph why??
  32. would a bad 02 sensor slow my car down?
  33. broken headlight in a T/A
  34. Serpentine belt squeal?
  35. Horrible Gas Mileage, 15.8mpg w/o a led foot
  36. Cannot remove gauge cluster
  37. Seems like an electrical problem...
  38. Heater Core Info
  39. Instrument cluster light
  40. Very strange idle coming from car
  41. tail lights?
  42. Fans not coming on. P1641 P1642
  43. Whats the usual price for a windshield for a camaro?
  44. Y to I welded
  45. Valve ticks
  46. Anybody have the PN for the roof? Thats right, the defective b-pillar part
  47. My ASR light is off when I start the car...
  48. Aight, i need some Electrical Gurus in here..
  49. camaro ss running slow
  50. possible head problem?
  51. Massivly huge problem
  52. Replacement length for LS1 pushrods
  53. Oficcially Aggravated!!!!!
  54. A/C Question, plz help.
  55. ASR light wont go off!!!
  56. A/C problem
  57. Gear Shifter Button (Automatic Tranny) Gets Stuck
  58. Trans Service
  59. Code-Torque Convertor Quad Driver Module?
  60. Kind of a newb question...
  61. those with frequent o2/heater codes
  62. problems after FAST 90/90 install. need help
  63. AC making a fast chirping noise?
  64. Cleaning off radiator?
  65. Door Problem
  66. security ligh on starting problem
  67. need help figuring out why I'm lean!
  68. Emergency Brake No longer works after having car in the shop
  69. Does anyone else have an insanely hard time pumping gas?
  70. 99 T/a Check Engine Light Resest
  71. 94 Z71 TRUCK..tranny
  72. Help! Corvette won't start!!
  73. Stiff brake pedal and ZERO stopping power help!
  74. Rattle In The Rear
  75. Oil Leak... Oil in Bellows/Lid/valley cover
  76. Random/ Multiple Cylinder Misfire
  77. Does the Air Dam actually help that much?
  78. Threw this code....
  79. Window fell off track... WTF
  80. Lucas Oil Stablizer
  81. Deleted cats...weird problem!
  82. Please help me with my ABS light i have the codes:)
  83. Car tries to start w/o key in ignition
  84. No Power at the Top of Gear
  85. Mouse Deterrent
  86. Weird sound coming from rear passenger wheel
  87. Rough estimate for AC
  88. Clutch feels mushy when driving hard
  89. Tcs,brake,abs Inop
  90. Piece missing?
  91. Car stumbling! NEED HELP!!!
  92. AC makes a weird tick+sound when tuned on??
  93. Engine running rough after plug change no SES light
  94. Headlight motors on Firebird
  95. clutch chattering
  96. BACK FIRES Shifting Gears ?
  97. Random misfire return
  98. Car dies on highway any ideas?
  99. 4.8 cold start issue...
  100. Car wont start, need quick help...
  101. crankshaft position code ?
  102. Aggravating Interior Noise
  103. Optima Red Top
  104. Headlamp grinding
  105. volt meter prob
  106. drivers side wont lock
  107. still getting REDUCED ENGINE POWER message
  108. Headlight prob on 98 z28...
  109. 01 Trans Am, when use keyfob, lights go up and down?
  110. The damn thing won't start please help
  111. rear main seal parts & write-up?
  112. Oil leak?
  113. oil drain plug
  114. Loud clunk on transmission during gear shift(auto)
  115. starter problem????
  116. RPM puzzle
  117. code P0128
  118. Water in oil help please
  119. Weird Vibration
  120. What the hell did I break???
  121. How to repair fiberglass?
  122. Window
  123. When to change fuel filter
  124. OMGWTFBODY'S issues and repairs thread: Swap advice.
  125. oil pressure gauge gone nuts
  126. moisture in taillight
  127. Window Shudders?
  128. Mixed Green Coolant and DEX-COOL in my car! HELP!
  129. P1441 Code troubleshooting?
  130. Having a pinging sound under hood need help!
  131. How Far Can an LT1 Go?
  132. Security light at startup=no igniton
  133. WTF?? OIL blowing out at startup??
  134. A/C tensioner/idler pulleys
  135. Where to get AC Iridiums for a 1998 LS1?
  136. alternator clip?
  137. A/C clutch
  139. What could cause this starting issue?
  140. tranny mount
  141. Please Help. EGR Flow Malfunction P0400
  142. Steering wheel vibrates at 60+MPH
  143. odd vibration at 1900-2200 rpm
  144. Rough idle
  145. SES after plug/wire change
  146. SoCal, Longtubes, and Smog Check
  147. Electric problem! Anyone ever have this problem?
  148. What can it be???
  149. 2002 Mustang V-6 exhaust leak
  150. a few issues
  151. smoking!!
  152. can someone help me diagnose this problem??
  153. HELP- rattle!
  154. Sounds like popcorn?
  155. Noticeable vibration when car turns off
  156. LT1 coolant flush
  157. What's up with my gas tank?
  158. Air conditioning evaporator drain hose.....location???
  159. loose wires under hood?
  160. Ideas on my power loss
  161. Not running smooth when warm?
  162. Oil Pressure Gauge
  163. Replaced waterpump and thermostat and getting hotter than before!?!?!?
  164. Shifter vibrates when I accelerate
  165. Time for a tune up?
  166. Oil Pump taking a crap???? shaky needle help!!!
  167. Transmission problems: I could use some help
  168. Silver Stars Fog Light Bulbs
  169. Vacume leak?And some other questions
  170. big problems with the t/a
  171. Unknown Clunk?
  172. ripped up PCV system, advice needed
  173. Need help picking a new horn
  174. Installing Silverstar fog lights on Trans Am?
  175. Car vibrates while driving... hard idle... blue smoke
  176. Misfire? maybe a spark plug?
  177. ANNOYING SQUEAK!! Please help!!
  178. new problem can any one help?
  179. No turn signals...
  180. OIL seepage
  181. Pop up and grind. Amusing headlight antics.
  182. Turn signal works fine but stopped blinking (yes I changed the bulb)
  183. TQ arm mount????
  184. loud turn signal
  185. Car pulls to the left!
  186. Electrical Problem
  187. A/C - blows, no cold air, found green liquid, pictures inside
  188. Headlight adjustment screws trans am
  189. Checking Grounds...
  190. Help! Car drops voltage randomly. Its possesed!
  191. Driver Side DRL
  192. Help! Overheating Problem on Daughters V6 Camaro
  193. Strange fuel pump issue
  194. Rear passenger side exhaust rattle
  195. Seats arent working and im driving cross country in the morning help please
  196. ses light question
  197. Manual Vs Automatic Columns
  198. Replacing low beam headlights on Trans Am?
  199. Need some help with a/c leak.
  200. wont start
  201. bad road noise
  202. clunking on slow decel
  203. lights diming
  204. having problem with my taillights
  205. Misfire or something up past 5700rpms, help!
  206. so i broke my torqe arm mounts
  207. OEM motor mount for 98 ss!
  208. TERRIBLE noise!!!
  209. Fogs on a '97 Camaro
  210. is it bad to drive with the knock sensors bad?
  211. Weird problem when key is turned too ACC..
  212. Where are the knock sensors?
  213. Headlight Motorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  214. Knock sensor code help.
  215. Gremlins?!
  216. A/C Delete
  217. gas gague
  218. dead o2 sensor making car run rich???
  219. blinker question
  220. cig. lighter
  221. Shock problem?
  222. Stripped bolt. Need help
  223. Squeeking from the left/rear of the car.
  224. Crank Positioning Sensor
  225. Dont know where to post this so here it is...
  226. Rear end often should it be changed?
  227. Driver side headlight cover is a biotch
  228. Road noise, vibration, thud noises
  229. Belt Noise From Hell
  230. is this the opti (please help)
  231. Squeaking and vibration
  232. Need Help with 97 Pontiac
  233. Help Grinding Noise???
  234. SLP lid question!
  235. Buzzing under dash.
  236. Where do I begin to look?
  237. EGR Removal w.o a tune?
  238. Scanner wont scan?
  239. A/C compressor runs but air does not get cold.
  240. oil pressure gauge at 0?!?!
  241. Freon?
  242. 01SS Fuel Issue
  243. Done some Reading on Main Rear Seal
  244. Photo request of LT1 throttle linkage please!
  245. dirty MAF??
  246. broken bolt in LS6 intake.......(pics)
  247. Power steering moaning, weird electrical problem, belt chirping, oh my!
  248. Vacuum leak? P0507 code...
  249. detonation???
  250. replaced opti but car runs rough time to time