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  1. LT1 crank pulley/balancer For Procharger F1
  2. Finally got the air back on the car. with PICS!!
  3. What am I looking at...
  4. What heads should i get?
  5. Got it up and running
  6. Coolant fill tank relocation?????????
  7. Will my fuel system support 13.5 lbs boost?
  8. Vortech Supercharger Price Increase 3/1
  9. Tc76mps
  10. which turbos should i get
  11. Exhaust backpressure
  12. Speed Inc. Turbo Project W/pics
  13. Is an extra .016" valve lift worth a rocker change for FI?
  14. STS oil feed line gasket...anybody using one???
  15. Educate me on Turbo's....
  16. HEY H2O intercooler guys
  17. ATI Piping
  18. any high HP FI guys have experience w/ coating???
  19. Boost Guage Question???
  20. Ohio forced inductions air to air support setup...
  21. I got my car running
  22. Oil Restrictor
  23. Magnacharger or Kenne Bell 2.6L
  24. STS Owners- Does your oil pump make too much noise?
  25. Do I need an aftermarket harmonic balancer?
  26. Pics of the new setup so far
  27. Car is up and running strong :) (new dyno numbers...)
  28. Procharger Fbody mounting Brackets
  29. Just became a fi guy
  30. Dyno numbers
  31. Superchargers
  32. Anyone have these..
  33. max on stock engine
  34. Have a budget of 11k what can I get?
  35. Top Mounted SC?
  36. What FI setup is more reliable for street driving?
  37. Ported 317 heads?
  38. Help with 408 turbo selection
  39. How much is my STS GT67 worth?
  40. How Much Boost and How Much Power with 10.2 Comp Ratio
  41. Just some eye candy.....
  42. Boost on stock motor...
  43. Shake down video
  44. FI vs. Head/cam
  45. Intercooler for Trans Am
  46. Boost limits... Engine efficiency...
  47. Theory Question. Turbo driven turbo...
  48. Procharger Problems
  49. The "New" Corvette
  50. My cam
  51. Supercharging C6
  52. Front mounted turbo vs. radiator plumbing
  53. Question for the FI guys
  54. Aps
  55. Turbo Stall
  56. These are the current turbo systems i found out there for LS1 F-bodies.
  57. FI on somewhat stock car?
  58. Sluggish car with low CR
  59. piston to wall clearance for diamond blower pistons
  60. ATI ProCharger Price Increase Feb 1st!
  61. info on whipple?
  62. 408 truckmanifold kit
  63. extra lubrication vortech with boosted air ?
  64. More pictures of a little progress.
  65. should i switch my turbo before i put it on???
  66. Cool thing about LS1's is..
  67. Vortech install coming soon
  68. boost/compression
  69. Gaskets for boost
  70. boost
  71. Hmmmmmmm Wtf?????
  72. TOO MUCH BOOST bleeding off (STS)
  73. 97/98 vette rails for you guys
  74. Methanol in an Aluminium tank ?
  75. Anyone know how to hook up a Turbo Timer??
  76. Will this fit a trans am 99+ with the LS1 , 4 Turbos!
  77. A true Turbo Guru will know what this pic is.
  78. Looking for a GTO mock-up car for T6 turbo
  79. Custom Vortech YSi intake
  80. turbo vs supercharger
  81. How Much $$$ Did You Spend????
  82. turbo location
  83. Efficient TT Setup
  84. Tt Ss
  85. 402 + F1 = Some fun
  86. whats the best meth kit???
  87. Insurance
  88. 2 bar Question?
  89. My new car and New build
  90. drive characteristics of MTI X1 cam with twin turbos
  91. PTK fitment
  92. eboost 2 set up favorites
  93. HKS EVC 6 electronic boost controller...thoughts???
  94. Anyone using a 2:1 Boost FPR?
  95. Vortech install
  96. i have a couple STS Turbo questions.
  97. X-Mas From OFI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  98. Turbo finally came in! pics
  99. which catch can do you prefer?
  100. meth injection/windshield washer fluid?!?!?!
  101. My Build. 3rd Front Mount single turbo GTO in the USA
  102. Q's about pulley measurements
  103. If money were no object?
  104. FI Guage Set up and Prices
  105. Intercooler Fans
  106. Colbolt 2-bar map sensor install?
  107. formula for procharger RPM
  108. D1SC 6-12 Ps What Injectors?
  109. LT1: Aeromotive 1:1 AFPR with it worth it?
  110. Compression Vs Boost
  111. Is the bearing housing Cast steel or iron??
  112. Hot Side Material?
  113. holset turbo
  114. Larger Exhaust Inlet Pipe for STS Turbo
  115. Boost Ref FP Regulator of Choice?
  116. Vids on my kit.. T76MPT
  117. boost gauge
  118. Max Boost For Stock Bottom End 2004 Zo6
  119. Vortech guys inside
  120. Who makes a better blower head unit, vortech or procharger?
  121. Cfm Flow
  122. m6 or th400 for D1SC???
  123. APS C5 twin turbo system install instructions
  124. LME 408ci with Kenne Belle
  125. 402 with D1 making almost 900rwhp??
  126. What forged block did you go with?
  127. what do you think about the gt10 for a blower?
  128. Everyone who actually has a coated exhaust housing and/or blanket got a ?
  129. Anyone know who makes this alt. relocation bracket? (pic inside)
  130. What do you think of my new combo?
  131. Lt1+sts
  132. What can a stock LS1 handle for psi?
  133. Update on the motor (pics)
  134. How about everyone give updates on their setups?
  135. Alternative to dual SPAL fans?
  136. Considering running FMIC with D1SC
  137. lsa/icl what are the benifits of going bigger or smaller
  138. Newb with a Problem!
  139. Stroke vs Head(s) turbo application
  140. L92 exhaust valve question?
  141. Twin Turbo
  142. any supercharged GTO owners??!!
  143. flat top pistons for boost?
  144. D1SC and F1 Boost levels with a 346
  145. to main stud or not to main stud, that is the question
  146. piston to wall clearance for blower motor
  147. A couple methanol questions
  148. Question about piston size?
  149. Pics of my custom kit
  150. S78/80/88 etc.. guys: What size is the oil inlet?
  151. hp performance
  152. Hot Side Help?
  153. fi cars in cowtown?
  154. May be a stupid question
  155. 4" downpipe vs. K-member clearance..
  156. Turbo Exhust Setup
  157. Question for you higher horsepower FI guy - DRs, cold, and tire shake?
  158. Anyone have any info on this Monster?
  159. meth kit for 9# vortech kit
  160. Opinions?
  161. Which to install
  162. Question about GT25's
  163. New 1/4 and 1/8 mile bests today with the F1A
  164. 65 chevelle with ls1 twin turbos(help)
  165. exhaust doughnuts...where to find em?
  166. Stock motor mounts flexed too much with turbo torque..fix pics.
  167. precision 70mm .85 a/r max boost and spool time
  168. Am I missing anything?
  169. Boost + nitrous, what should i know?
  170. will 8 psi work with 64cc heads?
  171. Need Vortech pulley suggestions for Vette.
  172. Any homemade/jk yard turbo builders in here?
  173. ATI Damper
  174. LS1 STS Turbokit...FRONT MOUNT INTERCOOLER in need
  175. busted # 7 ringland minutes after
  176. Crank case ventilation on blower motor
  177. Bob, and everyone else, please help me pick between these 2 cams!!!
  178. 6-71s/8-71s with EFI???
  179. how do i attach downpipe to gerrett housing this thing is TOO big
  180. how much
  181. Should I Put My Stock Crank Pulley On With Fi?
  182. The V6 beast lives again...... only better now
  183. Is This Cam Good For My Setup?
  184. Evolution 35mm wastegate!!!???
  185. Turbo,twin screw,or centrifical supercharger
  186. D1SC Question
  187. evac system
  188. Anyone Using Twins Over 10#
  189. f1r sdce setup
  190. procharged 6.0
  191. FormulaFire is such a fitting Name
  192. anyone have a 8psi stock block 2bar SD HPtuners tune they can send me?
  193. Need some opinions here
  194. 3 Bar Map
  195. Lopey blower cams and heads
  196. Need some opinions
  197. anyone use ARP head bolts instead of studs?
  198. Give Input Please....
  199. More pictures of the new setup!!
  200. Selling my cold piping and DP guys! Link...
  201. WHich would be faster all other things being equal
  202. Ohio Forced inductions
  203. 88mm truck manifold set-up
  204. Short bus with boost=fun!!!!
  205. Speed inc twin kit...
  206. Headers
  207. What Effect A Bov Has????
  208. Looking for F-body D1 Installation Instructions
  209. How about this cam?
  210. Air -Air intercooler w/ Vortech
  211. best junk yard engine
  212. ProCharger belt - pulley matrix 6 and 8 rib F-Body
  213. What do you honestly think about my numbers?
  214. why does the gt 2-3 cam seem to make such good F.I. power when it seems so mild?
  215. NEW BEST take a look leave a comment
  216. F1A cons on a 347?
  217. holset turbo
  218. Exotic Performance Plus Engine Rebuild
  219. 6.0 engine how much do they sell for
  220. Magnacharger-Fbody Help!
  221. Cylinder Presure & gasket Bore
  222. Help me pick the better A/R
  223. alt bracket still not right
  224. need some opinions/ideas/suggestions
  225. point me in the right direction
  226. turbo sbc
  227. Paging Bob@EPP
  228. Highest RWHP TC76MPS LS1
  229. kPa to boost
  230. The Ultimate Turbo Cam
  231. SLP 85MM mass air with boost ?
  232. PAGING Jose and other!!!!
  233. What did I do?
  234. Incon kit - where to put BOV
  235. Victor Jr Manifold vs. LS6 intake
  236. thread side on OBX intercooler mounting holes?
  237. D1SC... Opinions?
  238. Close to engine/turbo time
  239. Longtubes not worth it with a supercharger?
  240. NEW #s take a look
  241. cam question
  242. On a turbo car how big of a cam for CC 921's?
  243. Vortech install help yet again......
  244. Delphi confirms Cobalt sensor #12580698 is 2bar.
  245. S95/PT96mm crossover pipe sizing
  246. C5 Procharger bracket on F-body?
  247. Is this boost to high?
  248. stock blocks
  249. My Cam and Boost?
  250. how much boost can I get without belt slippage on a stock 8 rib setup