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  1. oil feed and return
  2. thunder blower cam any good?
  3. Cracked block and broken piston..
  4. Where and what kind of turbo for rear mount?
  5. Is something wrong with me!?
  6. D-1SC w/ 60lb injectors, what mpg decrease?
  7. Dynoed 407 with 3 psi on TTi kit
  8. 122 magnacharger on an '02 LS6?
  9. will i hurt my self with fast 90 set up?
  10. OBX liquid intercoolers
  11. Thinking about a F1 procharger
  12. need help with garret 76mm
  13. Lean!!!!!!!!
  14. Boost ??
  15. Need help. Techs please chim in
  16. LT1 PTK people inside please!!
  17. maf with FI???
  18. Somethings wrong with the car... (video inside)
  19. 3 ways to get Boost friendly CR
  20. Sts Smog Legal
  21. STS Turbo Info
  22. cheap exhaust/catback for a blown 408
  23. Which cam for a 408?
  24. Powerdyne fit a Corvette?
  25. Exhaust for 383 D1SC Street car????
  26. Spinning tires at 1-2 shift with STS
  27. wastegate with centri blower?
  28. 408+PT88+Nossle kit
  29. what do you know about these pistons??
  30. phamspeed/395 build up
  31. 346 or bigger for a procharger?
  32. how do i go about picking injectors?
  33. S80 with OFI kit and 355 LT1
  34. Mike Brown... Hot Rod Mag...
  35. would afr or trick flows be good on a d1sc
  36. Good Combo??
  37. sts turbo in orange county
  38. Casper Volt blaster
  39. pics of BBC in f/body
  40. ? about truck manifolds
  41. 8rib alternator/powerstering pump pulley??
  42. TT402LS1 Pics
  43. STS Oil pump Question
  44. Thought I would pass this on!!!
  45. Procharger with a Accufab throttle body, No hole in blade
  46. How much boost has anyone put though a FAST Manifold ??
  47. STS 6psi, just got it back from synergy
  48. Exhaust housing coating?? What company is best?
  49. Can any of you GTO owners give me some dimensions on your D1
  50. Procharger on stock LS1 Z28
  51. Truck manifold setup on f-body
  52. Gt 45 ????
  53. STS Turbo - 708 rwhp and 705 ft lbs of torque, at only 13.5 psi!
  54. A/R size?
  55. D1sc Quesitons?
  56. Effects of head gasket thickness on quench
  57. Upgrade questions
  58. Going D-1SC on stock motor..To upgrade valvetrain or not?
  59. turbo on a sbc question??
  60. trans ??????
  61. Good scavenger pump?
  62. 347 timing Vs 408 timing for a procharger
  63. How Did You Obtain your Desired Compression?
  64. What do I need to forge my 346ci? Also what heads for FI?
  65. Our LT1 Turbo build...
  66. Anyone ever seen this bracket b4?
  67. STS Turbo Air Filter Cover - Guess what we found?
  68. Whitey is starting final build
  69. Valves for turbo application?
  70. Turbo: Headers vs Log
  71. Gravity oil drain for my turbo?
  72. Pusher fans???
  73. Alternator reloc. bracket???
  74. Recent pics and video of the Formy...
  75. Cheap intercoolers??
  76. Twins back from the coater
  77. Whipple Supercharger for the LS1 F-body!
  78. *** VIDEO- My Single Turbo C5 at the track ****
  79. Boweryboy's Turbo Corvette IRS Sets a C5 IRS Best-8.60@163.95[VIDEO]
  80. sell off turbo parts
  81. Truck manifolds VS C5-Z06 Vette manifolds
  82. Learn me how to Procharge! Please!!
  83. Who all ordered an OFI kit!!!!
  84. Pulley What size?
  85. Phamspeed - Flatten pipe
  86. Congrats, all you guys finally convinced me to buy a turbo
  87. ATI ProCharger Supercharger Specifications, including F1A
  88. 600-700 rwhp?
  89. If anyone cares
  90. Intercooler for turbo
  91. 4" DP piping
  92. 5.3L turbo garret
  93. intercooler core
  94. Head Gasket?
  95. Custom turbo cam's this look?
  96. Which power adder would you recommend?
  97. intercooler pics inside
  98. Took my little Vortech T trim to the track!
  99. Whistling ATI bypass valve?
  100. ls1 swap turbo
  101. Looking for guys who make 900+rwhp with turbo: block opinions
  102. Engineer types, and general brainiacs.. opinion wanted
  103. Next mod: ported heads or a bigger blower?
  104. Thunders racings cheater camshaft? anyone using it?
  105. ProCharger Parts(Bracket)
  106. Its now official
  107. Supercharging
  108. Supercharger
  109. What wideband are you BS3 guys runing?
  110. New best ET, last time out for the year.
  111. 88mm turbo guys, mounting question
  112. bov/sts question
  113. What Intake Manifold
  114. 383 + Blower + Nitrous - Fuel = Ouch!
  115. mp t-70 dimensions vs TC-76MPS
  116. Best location for WG?
  117. Can going to a .060 copper head gasket drop comp enough?
  118. Carburating and supercharged
  119. hey FM 6.0 guys , do any of you run your exhuast over the K member?
  120. Max boost with a 98 PCM?
  121. Boost and Winter Gas!
  122. Turbo questions
  123. When is Intake Change Necessary?
  124. Info for Procharger
  125. GT500 w/ Kenne Bell - 810rwhp/745rwtq
  126. turbo kit
  127. Bov and Wg
  128. guys will 3100 cfm of air from the fan cool the car fine
  129. Same cam for turbo/SC?
  130. Measuring blower speed
  131. 2-speed supercharger at the SEMA
  132. Aftermarket heads?
  133. question about a VERY VERY VERY small turbo
  134. TTi T-76 Street Kit Turbo System FS (Link to FS section)
  135. Has anyone run a set of L92s with boost yet?
  136. Please Help! Thunder blower 214-230 Cam
  137. Need Help Ati Crank Pin!!
  138. New Turbo kit manufacture
  139. VTG or VATN turbos
  140. Turbo questions..
  141. W2W on e-bay
  142. LT1 guys inside..turbo/engine ?
  143. help me choose a blower cam....
  144. Belt Size
  145. gt40 oil inlet flange
  146. I'll be listing my car for sale next week
  147. Set-up for turbo on stock z28 advice.
  148. Why do I have boost before throttle body but not after and into the manifold
  149. I just got the Mondo Bypass valve and found this
  150. Possible Turbo Problems? HELP!!!
  151. Boosted Engine Life
  152. Procharger Intake Air Temps IAT
  153. Bone Stock other than rear turbo and stall?
  154. Will a 12 rib fit on an F-body?
  155. Thinking about selling my TTi Street Kit
  156. sts kit questions
  157. How bad are chinese turbos?
  158. High boosted (16psi+) PCV setups?
  159. Clipped Wheel Thread
  160. Finally!!!
  161. AZPS 750TT package on 91 octane... vid inside!
  162. Turbine sizing -- how small is too small?
  163. Th400
  164. WOW ... not for the weak at heart....
  165. 2005 Procharged Vette
  166. Blower Cars, what stall speed you running?
  167. Ohio Forced Inductions Inc 93-97 LT1 Hot parts pics
  168. New T76mm Turbocharger on it's way to mi casa!
  169. Poll - stay FI or back to n/a
  170. New GT-K and GT-M series turbos
  171. Got a Street/Strip Single Turbo LT1?
  172. Victor Jr EFI intake on a 346 with D1-is it worth it?
  173. Procharger P-1SC or D-1SC
  174. which will spool faster?
  175. Good Electronic Boost Controller?
  176. carb style manifold, how to attach map sensor
  177. what size twins?
  178. Twins or Single???
  179. Urgent Members With Relocated Alt Come Inside
  180. wastegate springs- need more boost
  181. Timing Question
  182. 408ci Twin 67mm preliminary dyno results...
  183. Supercharger Qusestion
  184. Cam with STS question
  185. Reverse STS question.
  186. ebay threads
  187. dropped my turbo and down pipe off to get coated...
  188. Thunder 214-230 600/575 117LSA Blower cam?
  189. what rwhp are you seeing on boost w/stock bottom end?
  190. Nothing mindblowing, but made some clean hits in the Formy
  191. My C5 Corvette Single turbo kit is for sale
  192. procharger question
  193. T76 and Nitrous
  194. Forged 346 + Blower for the street ... what to expect?
  195. 1st thread ever! I am condering a Procharger..
  196. Powerblock Horsepower TV Procharger
  197. Cooling fan
  198. Fan settings
  199. anyone tried these turbos?
  200. Procharger P1SC
  201. Those who have done turbo builds
  202. For those of you waiting
  203. I had a Blast racing at Richmond Yesterday
  204. Ohio Forced induction hot parts installed
  205. Can I see Procharger setups on your fbody?
  206. 11.5:1 compression
  207. Blown pistons and sleeve... Lots of rebuilding and ?'s... Paging EPP and KP
  208. Planning for a Procharger... questions
  209. d1sc intake hat
  210. How much lift? Cam selection
  211. Lifetime of a 408 w/ boost???
  212. Now I guess turbos are cheating too.
  213. what is a turbonetics MPS turbine wheel?
  214. How much do you have in your motor?
  215. What cam? T-76,ported heads,stock cubes.
  216. Turbo vs Blower rear gear question
  217. Lbs of boost same as PSI?
  218. What stall with a big single mount?
  219. A new MP70??
  220. How much compression
  221. STS Muffler Pic!
  222. HP potential on a built 346ci
  223. School me on PSI????
  224. What do you like better about your boost setup or n/a or spray?
  225. M6 rear gear?
  226. sts t61
  227. Deliberate 383 split personality?
  228. Boosted LT1's need some suggestions
  229. Harlan 2 step
  230. How much boost?
  231. over heating procharged 408... my solution.. hope it works
  232. launching a turbo automatic
  233. how much hp/boost can a built lt1 take?
  234. STS Twin Turbo For C5 Corvette
  235. Reason for switching to a carb intake??
  236. FI Cars: What gear ratio are you running?
  237. FI help needed- Dyno Tuning problems
  238. something has to be wrong...
  239. LT1 vs LS1 boostwise
  240. Truck Manifold TT build: few questions
  241. c5+forced induction questions.
  242. Should i go twin turbo or just on big turbo???
  243. nitrous to Forced induction...need some advice
  244. Solution for the ATI heating inpaired: Be Cool
  245. 382 stroker motor w/ -21.4 mahle pistons
  246. New 60mm Piston Driven Wastegates!!
  247. I'm rear mounting my 402, need help........
  248. Who's running cats with thier S/C?
  249. FI intake airflow , and egts
  250. **** Cartek P-1 Procharged C6 Vette breaks into the 9-second zone ****