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  1. New Turbo kit!!!
  2. How much torque on ARP 12pt studs?
  3. which blower with my brackets - hybrid 69 Camaro?
  4. fuel pump part# comes with procharger
  5. Confused? Bypass Valve / BOV
  6. Cog Pulley - way noisier or not?
  7. Who wants to upgrade away from their new forged LS6 346/7 blower motor?
  8. 2 38mm wastegates f/s in classified's
  9. Procharger P/S Pump Re-location Kit
  10. sts & sub frame connectors?
  11. LS6 Valley Cover (PCV)
  12. Supercharger drive belt needed
  13. compression
  14. Where to find MS 1/2" header flanges
  15. F/I Compression Experts-How much will comp drop on stock LS6 by going to 72 cc heads
  16. twin turbo kit... need some help
  17. Think I blew a head gasket?
  18. Any reason not to use an aluminum AN fitting on a chra?
  19. 6.0 turning rpms
  20. LQ9 317 Head Guys, are you using stock LS1/6 head gaskets or 4.0 gaskets on 346 LS1/6
  21. STS guys What have you replaced
  22. 2007 Boosted List
  23. Procharger heads?
  24. STS oil pump????
  25. Question on boost at the line???
  26. Cam/Power Question
  27. F/I experts, for D1SC blown 346 LS6, go with 225 or 205 LQ9 72cc Patriot Blower heads
  28. Upright radiator mod pics.
  29. New best with the trusty old D1SC today..
  30. Who has any experience of the Patriot LQ9 72cc F/I heads!
  31. Progress pics of my CDNPERF 347 F1R combo
  32. 2 Wastegates...
  33. OFI 4" downpipe with stock accessories!!!
  34. Can u run a lumpy cam w/a blower?
  35. Do both LQ4 and LQ9 heads offer 317 castings with 72 cc chambers?
  36. When is 3" Needed
  37. Lets Try This Again...
  38. Pump Gas Drags
  39. what are good heads for FI?
  40. ? about forged SB and convert to FI from n2o
  41. STS Dyno!
  42. PCV on STS HELP!!!
  43. Best setup for the money?
  44. Inspector12...part 1
  45. custom blower pulleys?
  46. anyone interested?
  47. 8.1L whipple supercharger
  48. Size WG and BOV
  49. Q trim vs P trim
  50. juist got my wideband in, where do I put the bung?
  51. lower CR on stock internals
  52. Pics of my new custom front mount what ya think
  53. Any Good Steps On How To Install Fmic??
  54. Re: TTi Fox Body: 8 second street car [vid]
  55. I love cleveland weather...
  56. IC pipe w/ no bead will the silicone hose blow off?
  57. Supercharger/OilPump Question
  58. Any 1 every used this kit?
  59. High boost T-76gts results please......
  60. GT4294/gt42 who has run this......
  61. GM MLS gaskets good enough for YSi?
  62. Anyone running turbo with higher compression?
  63. How do these sound?
  64. Anybody done with their manual? 98 F-body
  65. What does 199 MPH look like??? **Video**
  66. procharger vs turbo sound thread!!
  67. HP potential calculator......turbo engine
  68. Twin Setups?
  69. pistons for s/c 383
  70. too much milage for a blower
  71. Not a LSX BUT I think you'll all approve.. [vid]
  72. 383 stroker or Intercooler...
  73. Reading Compressor Maps For TT setup
  74. no response from ptk
  75. Dynatech split flow muffler
  76. possible sts turbo oil sources (pic)
  77. What Electric Source For Sts Oil Pump?
  78. turbo on pre 87 motor
  79. Peeps w/ TURBOS & STOCK eninge!
  80. Exhaust leak at Flange for turbo...what to do??
  81. Will D1SC be adequate?
  82. plug on block
  83. Getting ready to spend alot more $ and need some advice.
  84. boost and f/p guages
  85. 2001 Z06 Preliminary Results, 403ci, Novi 2000 Blower
  86. ebay aluminum intercooler tubing kits?
  87. How much power on stock botom end+rod bolts
  88. fabricated turbo!!!
  89. Need help with Cam selection...
  90. tt "re-build" pics
  91. BS3 Help.
  92. ~Budget Engine Build...Turbo Set Up~
  93. Boost bleeding/staying constant
  94. NEED HELP! Welding exhaust while turbo is on the car??
  95. F.A.S.T Intake
  96. Finally an In-Car Vid
  97. Selling my gauges
  98. Large Twin Selection
  99. Procharger Guys Inside Please!
  100. STS Guys Help Plz!!!!
  101. Turbo Oil Pressure Gauge??
  102. New TC T-76 is in and tuned.
  103. Effects of varying turbo AR
  104. SLP cold air intake?
  105. Dynoing the car soon-question about fuel
  106. Got my STS SS running last night!!
  107. OFI twin turbo mustang kit
  108. OFI downpipes are ready
  109. manual control over bypass valve possible?
  110. Powder coating a procharger? Can it take it?
  111. when buying a used procharger kit....
  112. 99LS1 a good platform to build turbo?
  113. o2 sensor location
  114. EBoost electronic boost controller wiring
  115. Damn STS Buzzer
  116. OFI progress pics
  117. Oil return from turbo
  118. Thinking about Kenny bell
  119. 3" pipe into T4 flange tricks
  120. head gasket for 408
  121. MAF Help
  122. PSI Loss over twin IC
  123. Anyone know the Dayco part # for a vortech tensioner?
  124. Best blower for F-body?
  125. how about supercharger pcv venting? what do I need to do?
  126. VIDEO: 5.97@118 3900+ lbs
  127. I put our newly released ATI ProCharger CTS-V kit on Ebay
  128. ideal set up for an F1A
  129. Quickest spool possible...
  130. vortech ls1 edit tune
  131. TSP Twin Turbo C6
  132. who has the fastest stock bottom end turbo or any for of supercharger here???
  133. Will spraying Alky (on a Maggie) change the AFR???
  134. thinking of Fast 90/90
  135. True 3" Dual Side Exit Twin Turbo!
  136. Where to buy air werks turbochargers?
  137. New Turbo kits on E-bay 690.00?
  138. Blower Manifold
  139. a quick question about prochargers
  140. Which size headers for my combo ?
  141. how far do the pistons come over the deck on ls1/ls6
  142. How much boost is lost over the FMIC??
  143. Keeping them down....
  144. hey guys got one last question
  145. Z28 project help
  146. Do I just need to change heads to go FI?
  147. working on a custom sts turbo setup
  148. Emissions Legal Supercharger Cam
  149. Plz Help !!!!!!!!
  150. SD tune
  151. Procharger ID without a Tag?
  152. Turbo Manifold/Header Question/Help
  153. asp underdrive pulley VS stock VS ATI superdampner 4 FI
  154. My Turbo project Finally done.
  155. putting kit on a vert
  156. do good flowing bolt ons really matter?
  157. compressed thickness for stock mls gm head gasket
  158. 3 Bar Connector Help
  159. Probe pistons
  160. 64cc AFR 210 with a 5cc Piston?
  161. 317 heads
  162. looking for procharger...
  163. Source for aluminum tubing
  164. Twin rear mount turbo sizes
  165. 92 LS1 FM T76 Build
  166. 8 rib balancer' available
  167. Maggie owners - what other mods?
  168. Boost compression chart
  169. Building FI manifolds which collector to use?
  170. Turbo guys, what plugs and gaps are you running?
  171. 402 and Maggie
  172. Cheatr Cam w/D1SC?
  173. CTS-V ATI ProCharger kit from EPP!
  174. Setting up my PCV. Will this work?
  175. Pistons for 408ci F/I
  176. how long did your stock 10 bolt last?
  177. help me call BS on this...
  178. Compression ratio on a Procharger car
  179. question on the Speed Inc TT kit for ls1s....
  180. t bolt sizes for sts
  181. twin turbo 05 mustang LSX.......
  182. looking for some 408/402 idle and cold start tables
  183. How often do you drive your FI car?
  184. Would like some motor advice and input please for an incon setup.
  185. Does DCR matter as much.....
  186. And so it begins...............
  187. T3-T4 Turbos
  188. sts dyno!!
  189. ? for STS guys
  190. CTS-V Twin Turbo Options
  191. TSP 370ci iron block BEST F.I. shortblock for the MONEY???
  192. 370ci rotating assembly
  193. Tuning a Turbo car on a non load dyno?
  194. LS1 Supercharge intake roots style 6-71/8-71
  195. PCV Confusion
  196. F1C/F1R on 6 Litre Iron Block?
  197. E.t?
  198. boost and lt1
  199. Oil lines for turbo
  200. At what power level do you need to change cylinder heads?
  201. Chosing between Forced Induction, and Natural Aspirated motor
  202. How fast on pump gas?
  203. FMIC fab work!!??
  204. Need help!!!
  205. intake tubing for forced induction?
  206. need help installin meth kit.
  207. Turbo To Supercharger
  208. ati plastic plentum, how much boost can it handle?
  209. Dart heads with FI
  210. Lingenfelter cam ques?
  211. need help on what turbo cam to get and where??
  212. Quick and easy question.. cooling fan connector.Please identify this connector.(pic)
  213. The 500 RWHP mark has finally been hit with the V6 Fbodies!!!
  214. Custom Forward Facing headers done
  215. Attn: New trick for FI FMIC?
  216. please post your turbo or procharged or supercharged track video here!!
  217. Help Wanted! Best blower for ZO6?
  218. How does a wastegate work?
  219. What Sponsers....
  220. what size pump/tank for TT air/water IC
  221. Have a new Project now.
  222. What clutch with a turbo?
  223. does anyone make one ????????????
  224. STS Turbo Pics on SS Camaro...
  225. Twin T-70 camaro dyno results
  226. Price on a setup
  227. thearded iat?
  228. Twin T-61 Mustang Project Complete
  229. Which Headers/Y-pipe for STS?
  230. Big Stuff 3 VS HP Tuners on turbo 403"
  231. Turbo(s) or ProCharger???
  232. Need intercooler tubing or header tubing? We can mandrel bend you whatever you need.
  233. Final build list for FI motor
  234. Removing chrome for ceramic coating?
  235. What Size Springs
  236. boost ?
  237. boost psi
  238. Who actually looks at compressor maps???
  239. Unconventional Cam Choices
  240. What size piping and WG/BOV
  241. T-trim and YSI ??
  242. damn Hi-Flo!
  243. A couple question
  244. question for you weldors/fabricators
  245. STS gains
  246. Intercooler
  247. exhaust question
  248. GTO twin turbo...
  249. Ls7 Supercharger
  250. APS C6 intercooled twin turbo tuner system - $6995 inc door to door freight