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  1. 800rwhp 800rwtq
  2. Belt size when using truck manifolds and relocating the alt up top ?
  3. Do turbo's cause widebands to jump around?
  4. Broken Valve Spring??
  5. simple question
  6. Carb Intake/ Elbow throttle cable?
  7. How would a turbo do with my motor?
  8. LSX block work moving forward
  9. Im new to turbo help plz
  10. does anyone know how to get in touch with OFI??
  11. What to do about breather, brake booster, and PCV?
  12. who has the best price on stainless mandrel bent pipe?
  13. Difference between trims.
  14. 3bar sensor, how do you keep it plugged in the intake under boost?
  15. Who would be best to spec a cam for sts?
  16. Bore + stroke + Boost = ?????
  17. VP Race Fuel. 14% HP Gain?
  18. I Got Screwed By Vortech Today!!!!
  19. more ofi results
  20. On the Rollers Again.. Better...
  21. Need turbo selection help for TT corvette.
  22. Any prep work?
  23. t-66 with stock motor for 550 rwhp. or suggestions on turbo
  24. What effects have you seen from changing the rear gear ratio of your car?
  25. Max Power with Stock ATI Intercoolers
  26. Need intercooler tubing or header tubing? We can mandrel bend you whatever you need.
  27. what do i have here? unknown turbo.
  28. bmr k member install how hard ??
  29. Highest fast intake psi on forced induction cars?
  30. Anyone running e85 yet?
  31. Turbo Auto vs Turbo 6 speed from 40 to 160mph??
  32. Turbo boost and low gearing question
  33. anyone know if a Torquer v2 will work with Turbo??/
  34. Any site sponsors selling D1SC's?
  35. TTi Street Kit goes 11.08!
  36. Anyone seen this happen before?...
  37. T70 w/ T3 Flange on Stock cubes
  38. twin roots blowers
  39. sts kit
  40. The latest project
  41. possibly a sill noob question
  42. 06 Silverado 5.3 Question
  43. Questions about piping and welding for hot side...
  44. F-body Roots blower and meth injection questions
  45. Car back fires while Entering boost
  46. Need Help Asap!!!!
  47. are the ATI s/c's really loud?
  48. LSX = How much Boost?
  49. got my 9 second daily driver back friday
  50. please help 408 turbo ?????
  51. Where to tie in boost reference for fpr and gauge???
  52. STS on a 6-speed?
  53. Ls1 twin turbo
  54. Incon People Inside
  55. kenne bell ??? is this quite possible??
  56. 408ci Magnacharged Cam?
  57. ??? about f1 procharger..
  58. Help with procharger
  59. boost and fuel pressure sgague install
  60. Will these heads work OK for FI?
  61. want firebird fmic pics
  62. Vortech supercharger
  63. Pete's "Nu Breed" '69 Twin Turbo Convertible Camaro
  64. How Can I Make This Inlet Pipe?
  65. pulling timing based on elapsed time
  66. Twin turbo trans am build
  67. Large Turbo - how to support it?
  68. Now THIS is a turbo.
  69. Turbo cam selection
  70. Synchronic Wastegate
  71. magnachargers?????
  72. Running Diesel Turbo on LS1
  73. Turbo CHEVY Silverado 4.3L V6 (ideas)
  74. F series prochargers?
  75. LS6 intake, and what throttle body?
  76. Anyone running a T3/T4 twin setup?? Incon?
  77. Track Results of 2.5" insulated exhaust for rear mount setup
  78. Weber Racing Equipment FI Sale. Shortblocks, Precision Turbo, and Acceleronics
  79. Would you run a Incon kit w/no filters?
  80. Procharger Oil Leak
  81. Turbo Build
  82. Anyone have numbers on there PTK setup
  83. Calculation for Compression Ratio?
  84. Help..on a custom turbo system
  85. high iats during normal driving?
  86. Biggest cam compatible with FI??
  87. CI's, CR's and boost affect timing?
  88. Incon kit up for inspection
  89. Need to go from a tial bov to a recirculating type..
  90. Sdce???
  91. where is your procharged lsx making peak HP?
  92. stock camaro/TA heads with blower
  93. HELLFIRE rings?? How much BOOST
  94. exhaust wrap
  95. how much hp can a stock ls1 take?
  96. Boost Gauge Installation help
  97. Ring gap different with FI rather than N20?
  98. EXPERT HELP NEEDED - What twins for my setup?
  99. Inlet turbo ducting....PICS
  100. Jets for meth kit
  101. My 02 SS Magnacharger/h/c/exhaust/suspension build
  102. need some turbo fitment help with my 3.8
  103. whats a used procharger worth???
  104. BEST T4 FLANGE TURBO on the market
  105. PC STS Pipes
  106. o2's for Forced Induction?
  107. wanting to trade my 98 GTP for LS1 F.I. kit
  108. LS1 vs. LS6 intake and few other questions
  109. 2000 gmc sierra 5.3
  110. APS dyno numbers on my 05 GTO :)
  111. Help-need to reduce power-bigger pulley or less timing?
  112. Can anyone ID this turbo... STS haters beware!
  113. Radiator dimensions?
  114. Gen-TT LSX Boost Proof Fuel Rails
  115. Cavalier Remote Setup
  116. What wideband to tune turbo car?
  117. Stock suspension record going down!!!!
  118. who has side exit exhaust?
  119. New Et Record For Turbo!!!
  120. 6 bolt heads listing
  121. need to find 3tenths in the quarter.....
  122. FI and fuel
  123. Blower Belt instalation?
  124. boost within the system, SC.
  125. Does this look like a 10sec. pass?
  126. Paging Incon people need some info please.
  127. Twin Turbo LS7
  128. how do is the best way to get oil to turbos
  129. How much power will twin 2.5" IC tubing support?
  130. anybody have any exhaust wrap left over they want to get rid of cheap?
  131. Mean Turbo TA...... Pic's
  132. In need of some advice, switching from n2o to turbo....
  133. v band clamp question
  134. Procharger
  135. Did your Procharger change in sound as it broke in?
  136. OFI low/med boost results
  137. Need some help for the Magna Charger!
  138. Gen-TT: Our Twin Turbo LS1 Drift cars
  139. 8 Rib Torque Specs
  140. converted to 2.5" exhaust on my rear mount
  141. Well I'm famous now, sort of ;)
  142. problems making HP upstairs on a procharger
  143. Procharger oil... is there an aftermarket alternative?
  144. MAF or SD with a Procharger
  145. STS heat retention
  146. I think I hurt it bad
  147. sts LT1 turbo top speed
  148. found a turbo in my garage
  149. MAF reading high???
  150. 885rwhp/814rwtq-little CDN 347 and F1R, need more fuel!!!!
  151. procharger resluts!!
  152. Ninetres car finished! Video inside!
  153. Single GT-K 1000 turbo 383
  154. turbo LT1 or LS1?
  155. Need help finding a reducer for my blower setup
  156. Any suggestions on why my car mississ and stutters???!!
  157. APS twin turbo
  158. More progress on my turbo kit...56k get some dinner
  159. Instructions for ATI Balancer Pinning Kit
  160. Exile MSBC-1ET01 from Turbo Technology
  161. OFI--need my a/c stuff
  162. New parts
  163. balancer spin on crank?
  164. Experts chim in please
  165. I NEED F1SC for camaro
  166. Is this normal
  167. Cutting the honeycomb for an intercooler...
  168. SDCE Tensioner problem (tensioner cocked)
  169. ideas please, Kp, and other FI gods
  170. I officially have twin turbo's "thank god theyre on"
  171. Need New Plugs: Which Ones (D1SC Procharger)
  172. boost calculations.
  173. Is this all i need??
  174. What turbo?
  175. Temp Sending Unit Placement!
  176. ST-series T4 turbo
  177. All-pros arrived!
  178. Complete Incon Kit ... how much?
  179. Guys running large injectors (83 or bigger) on stock computer...
  180. A FEW TURBO ?'s
  181. Blower cam: LS6 vs. 224/228 114lsa
  182. APS C6 ZO6 intercooled twin turbo dyno vid - 620 rwhp @ 6 PSI
  183. Cooling problem update: "F" you, EWP....
  184. Air/water intercooling
  185. high sided idler pulley
  186. What shortblock would you pick for boost? 7k max?
  187. those who cut the license plate filler on T/A
  188. How to test for boost leaks.
  189. Best heat shielding metal material?
  190. 3 bar sensor & electric boost gauge sensor the same?
  191. heres a video for FI guys
  192. scavenger pump low mount turbo ?
  193. *** Pics of new C5 Vette Rear-Mount 88mm Turbo ***
  194. Going FI need to lower Comp ratio
  195. What a real muffler for a turbo car looks like
  196. Procharger Rebuild?
  197. Any way to tell if knock is false or real?
  198. big cam?
  199. Turbo kit???
  200. Turbo Oiling issues. NEED HELP!
  201. New MT91-98 turbo
  202. Nitrous and Boost....
  203. What size injectors with new APS turbo kit. Plus other ?
  204. HKS dealers?
  205. bad bypass valve
  206. Compressor A/R
  207. Cooling success with A/C on Procharged street duty combos
  208. Just a quick preview of my first numbers.
  209. If your on the fence about APS....
  210. The Mighty S95
  211. spark plugs update
  212. procharger hat
  213. How close is your FMIC to your airdam or radiator core support?
  214. F1C is SICK!
  215. What stat you runnin'?
  216. Procharged D1 Install
  217. Home built D1-SC part 2:fuel & grill (pics)
  218. Twin STS's?
  219. F--- this car. Still running hot.
  220. STS Help
  221. Vortech blower pullies
  222. On average what kind of timing are the turbo guys running?
  223. Final Dyno #'s For Now!!!!!!!!!!
  224. Is this set-up going to crack?? (pics)
  225. Converting to a YSI or T-trim
  226. turbonetics' turbine wheel
  227. TFS 225'S or AFR 225's
  228. My Magnacharged SS almost done
  229. Ran my TT 01 SS at the track tonight
  230. L92 w/ intake and boosted 6.0-408
  231. Mahle -16cc users...
  232. blow off valve
  233. Nitrous or D1SC....
  234. How to mount fogs on a TA with a fmic
  235. Custom Turbo X-over pipe
  236. Help! Supercharger ??'s 2000 gmc 5.3
  237. Anyone who knows about supercharging a 5.3?
  238. What size turbo do I have? GT45
  239. LT1 Ram Air box w/ vortech supercharger... possible???
  240. Pics of my EB2 dual solenoid to dual Tial gates install.
  241. My poor stock replacement head gaskets
  242. Downpipe of Epic Proportions Mockup..
  243. how much boost for LT1???
  244. Vacume Manifold
  245. Can I make it work?
  246. twin turbos
  247. Forged motor already
  248. How to tell A/r on a T76??????
  249. Syngery 2 step wiring
  250. 2 step help