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  1. Sts
  2. what heads to get?
  3. T-70 with MS4 idle vid
  4. D1SC Power Potential????
  5. twin screw fbodies I need your help...
  6. need to make quick decision.
  7. Finally Get To Post Up My Boosted 427
  8. My new ETP 255's
  9. Opinion on heads and intake
  10. Magnacharger dyno results
  11. what lifters have you guys used with over 16# boost?
  12. head ? before I put it back on the road
  14. turbo question?
  15. Killing motor at end of 1/4 mile run to read to prevent turbo coking?
  16. 03 Cobra owner thinking bout comin back**Have some questions/need help
  17. Will this setup work (twin turbo 347)
  18. kenne bell AND MS4?
  19. Question for the turbo guys
  20. Help posting Dyno Graph.
  21. Got the new setup on the dyno
  22. 4" DP Question
  23. 10 new sets of front mount intercoolers are ready to ship!
  24. Garrett TMF55
  25. Is it possible to get a twin screw curve with smaller twins?
  26. few turbo LT-1 questions
  27. SonofaBish's Twin Turbo Trans Am results
  28. Best rings for FI build?
  29. thoughts on the TU3 for a 408 / PT88
  30. Help with Turbo selection.
  31. dynoed today..need bigger injectors...
  32. anyone else have their intercooler under the car?
  33. My $350 Mod with pics
  34. APS Turbo kit
  35. S76-S88 or twin 62-1's or GT35R's
  36. would this turbo work for...
  37. Blower cam difference for L92/L76?
  38. compression ?
  39. 5th trip to the dyno, wish me luck
  40. LE2 355 with a P1-SC procharger?
  41. Blowing off and still surging - BOV too small?
  42. **** New Setup-CARTEK 402 + 88MM Turbo ****
  43. Anyone know how much horsepower stock LS3's are making with a ProCharger on pump gas?
  44. Exhaust 3"-4" benefits?
  45. PTK/S kit users, question.
  46. piston rings
  47. Garrett GT series nomenclature
  48. Anyone used STS kit > underhood?
  49. Intercooler
  50. Single breather?
  51. 550-650whp w/logs&twins... What turbos?
  52. FI Motor Build Questions
  53. NEw with turbos
  54. STS 6 speed GTO goes 10.964 @136MPH w/ video!
  55. Procharger/LQ9 boost/pulley question
  56. supercharge or turbocharge
  57. Anyone use one of these?
  58. Another Question
  59. Kenne Bell owners???
  60. Got my intercooler on!
  61. i need a hobbs switch!!!! where?
  62. LS7 Roots Style Supercharge Available?
  63. LSX Turbo Project First Passes Inside
  64. Trying to decide 347 or 383 with my D1, need your input
  65. supercharger????????
  66. finally got some bugs worked out and hit the track.
  67. Venting Crank Case
  68. Need a good turbo kit website
  69. Any one else get a new best at Byron this weekend?
  70. need help. wilson manifold
  71. Boost question
  72. Any sponsors stock heads ?
  73. LT1 & V1: how do i install this oil feed and drain?
  74. service vehicle light is stuck on no m.a.s
  75. Update on no boost issue!!
  76. New heads...........
  77. Just about to turn the key on F1A LSX 427
  78. Gen-TT close to 9s......
  79. Procharger Help
  80. Air Fuel Confusion
  81. New BEST ET & MPH
  82. Wastegate recomendation
  83. coupler sizes mix and match
  84. New Diamond LT1 Turbo Pistons arrive ...
  85. WTB C5 Intercooler
  86. Question for Bob @ EPP
  87. where to tap into oil pan?
  88. Who has the best price for a NW TB?
  89. Can you still buy Wilson elbow w/ raised letters?
  90. STS owners post your results
  91. Items required to swap from ATI ProCharger F Body six rib kit to eight rib kit here
  92. Ordering some meth/water for injection kit but need to know size of ww tank size...
  93. stock LS1 heads worked to 70cc?
  94. Procharger guys. Qs on sepentine belts
  95. Small Cam results with Centrifical blowers
  96. stock cam vs boost cam in stock motor
  97. Procharged Ls1 Evo!!
  98. Single Turbo question for my 67 camaro
  99. Pics of your front mounted turbo and radiator
  100. What radiator and fans used in the verticle relocation?
  101. Just got my F1 ProCharger installed
  102. 500rwhp on GM PCM?
  103. Oil Lines
  104. im looking for a blower cam
  105. Maggie and new pistons!Need to balance all the internals?
  106. 347 with a gt47-88?
  107. One week TOO LATE!
  108. procharger with 6 or 8 rib belt
  109. Aeromotive Pro series fuel pump for sale
  110. Turbos and the A4
  111. 500 rwhp stock bottom
  112. forged 347 w/ 9.5:1 & boost?
  113. Car is finally done
  114. lt1 intake
  115. 427 + D1 = Hot headers
  116. Leaving the FI World
  117. so lets say
  118. Turbonetics...customer service.
  119. Been really thinking about buying a turbo kit...
  120. Looking for a big used turbo
  121. Money race video inside.
  122. Fastest rear mount F-BODY (Not Vette)
  123. turbo kit, 25.5 chassi for sale!!
  124. Vapor/smoke from breather?
  125. TTP Built 427ci LSx, TTiX Turbos, Prelim Results @ 4500rpm
  126. PTE Turbo Sale!
  127. Calling F1 people..
  128. Where to get AMS1000
  129. Supercharges belts
  130. What type of turbo is everybody runnin...
  131. Accel Super Coils
  132. TWINS: hot side balance
  133. is pinning the crank part of install
  134. Any FI results on L92/LS3 heads?
  135. FI engine tolerances??
  136. Turbo parts ready for ordering!
  137. APS install notes
  138. Lots of Black smoke???
  139. Head gasket thickness with F/I
  140. Just got my D1SC!!! Any advice??
  141. this look legit?
  142. remote turbo setup?
  143. OK guys....I need the FI experts to help me out
  144. fastest pass at memphis
  145. How do you tap an oil pan for -10 AN fitting?
  146. Having Belt Slip, will the SDCE set-up help?
  147. Close but no cigar at Memphis
  148. Any F Bodies with F1's out there?
  149. Teflon tape?
  150. Stall/Trubo question...
  151. What tensioner are all the FI guys running?
  152. Procharger d1 -cutout or catback exh
  153. Boost question on my new supercharged lt1...
  154. ***Serious LSx Shootout Issue***
  155. NemesisC5 "Boosted & Cruzin" Video
  156. Boost Block
  157. twin turbos
  158. New best MPH
  159. Congrats Tom Kempf LSX Drag Radial Win
  160. Air to Water Core
  161. Gzm
  162. Belt size with SDCE kit?
  163. Finally got the Nova to the track
  164. Boost Capabilities
  165. Moving your compressor housing?
  166. Cant attach pictures of belt sump pump syst
  167. Smoking really bad thought it was rings but found oil in the intake
  168. ***Exhaust/Procharger Question***
  169. What SHOULD my boost #s be
  170. Congrats mightymouse LSX True Street Win, Congrats Mike Brown Overall Win
  171. PAGING FI crew....race cover question
  172. sts help
  173. Is there any 9 sec STS cars?
  174. Belt Slip Part 2
  175. Quieting a bypass valve??
  176. Who makes boost enrichment and timing retard devices?
  177. Ok head gaskets ,head studs for up to 20psi on my planned 408 6.0 iron block
  178. Could a bad bov ruin a turbo???
  179. cool parts pic
  180. t-76 .96ar S-trim!
  181. 300m Christmas In October !! (corvette)
  182. headers for supercharged motors.
  183. Let the Memphis talk begin...
  184. keying the crank?
  185. warped t6 flange from welding
  186. bmw m6 vs 04z06
  187. Procharger Store Now Open!!!!!
  188. Ohio Boys...BOTH RUN 7's in Memphis
  189. Ran 180mph in the standing mile last weekend!
  190. Fastest procharged???
  191. Anybody use casper's Volt Booster ?
  192. EGT's & Boost
  193. Procharger guys with meth- what timing are you running?
  194. Ptk
  195. what size wastegates for...?
  196. O2 location and no muffler straight off the turbo
  197. compression question
  198. F/I and crappy 1/8 mile times
  199. To do H/C? or not to do H/C?
  200. Carbed EFI manifold or F.A.S.T. 90/90
  201. New Magnacharger dyno numbers
  202. Boost peaks and then falls off...NEED HELP
  203. Which should I run for my FI setup???
  204. Stock LS1 + MP T70?
  205. Supercharged LS2...Can I lower compression and up boost?
  206. D1Sc with forged 346 capable of 750+rwhp?
  207. Is a Ported 90/90 set-up worth it for FI?????
  208. Race Setup and Drysump
  209. Okay guys you have always helped me I need it again
  210. collector size
  211. Procharger questions
  212. Vortech g trim??
  213. How much boost can it handle?
  214. New Magnuson Superchargers
  215. need to replace gauges. what are you using?
  216. higher boost plugs and bp7efs crosses to...
  217. ? for Procharger guys
  218. Aps kit arriwed
  219. GT30Rs w/ 403ci LS2 - Can't make LOW boost?
  220. A/F gauge playing?!
  221. Need help with turbo selection
  222. curious where someone would put a PTE94 on a C5 vette?
  223. Bov Help Please Incon Tt !!!!!
  224. No more racing for the Red Rocket
  225. How bad is the 6-rib
  226. Superchargers for dummies
  227. CAS GUYS...what cam and heads to get?
  228. The source of my wierd idle and low boost!
  229. Turbo fasteners: Stainless vs 8.8 vs ??
  230. ? for u fI gurus
  231. Pulley size?
  232. How much boost will a Magnusson make on a 402
  233. hi iam new here so there might be a post for this and iam sorry if there is
  234. No Power.
  235. Need help selecting heads
  236. Compressor Map Sticky?
  237. It Lives
  238. where are you guys getting your multi vac source??
  239. Belt slip?
  240. Pic needed...lt1 block grinding to accept an F1A
  241. Home made catch can
  242. TT Hawk ran 9.2 at 146mph at Bristol today.
  243. 06 Jon Moss Edition RST w/rotrex
  244. HKS SSQV Bov
  245. BOV positionon INCON TT
  246. what spark plugs please
  247. The Turbo Firebird wheelstand...
  248. Will a torn wastegate diaphragm cause low boost?
  249. Considering LS1 turbo install - pointers?
  250. Blower/Head combo?