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  42. ATTN: PA k member with out manual rack and 4' dwnpipe
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  44. 642hp/ 577tq :)
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  46. GMHTP Mag 35th Aniversary SS Vert - questions
  47. tranny help!!!!
  48. Stock LS2 2005 GTO with ATI ProCharger D-1SC and Kooks Headers runs 11.58@122.24.
  49. Hey Guys!!!
  50. which heads
  51. Sleeper Project
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  66. ice box install
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  81. Whipple & F-Bodies
  82. APS TT Forged Numbers.
  83. Procharger ?
  84. s/c dress up
  85. Truck Manifolds on a GBODY
  86. Hobbs switch psi settings
  87. New best 1/8 mile MPH last night - at 5000' DA
  88. To boost, or not, on my AFR 402?
  89. So what's the difference if I switch to YSI from T-Trim?
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  91. Question about LS7 gasket on a Ls1 block?
  92. New driveline for my ProCharged C5
  93. gen tt and a 4l80e
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  95. werid question...(meth kit related)
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  100. Intake set up for big single turbo?
  101. APS TT Setup in F-Body, All input is welcome!
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  103. Compression Experts-What's comp with stock LS6 heads and -2cc Diamond Pistons 347 LS6
  104. Dumb ?
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  106. Magnuson dyno question
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  109. Official STS Thread
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  111. STS ?'s
  112. Well the motor is here.
  113. which supercharger for my lt1
  114. Procharger guys what radiator are you using?
  115. can head studs be used over and over again?
  116. Belt Slipping......
  117. F1 is on!
  118. Need knowledge on Rapid Motorsports ability to build quality 346 forged LS6 motor!
  119. How are Diamond Piston Rings and Scat Rods for 700rwhp blown D1SC LS6?
  120. Damaged oem crank nose from blower drive?
  121. dissapointed with 2.8 kenne belle on 408
  122. Which single Turbo for 6.0L iron. S88 or smaller?
  123. Need opinion for D1SC cam for 402ci
  124. how fast has a STOCK lsx been FI
  125. turbo/procharger with a carb ?
  126. turbo auto vs 6 speed DAILY DRIVER guys
  127. Best price for Wilson cast elbow
  128. No, No, No, No, NO!
  129. Ordered my first turbo today! GT-K 850 What you think?
  130. how well would an sts turbo work in a single front mount
  131. PCV Hardware and Routing for Supercharged C5 - Will This Setup Be Effective?
  132. F/I Cam experts-Stick with LS6 cam or 224/230, 114 lsa for 346 forged LS6 D1Sc motor
  133. Supercharged Lt1
  134. Mti Clear Lid W/ Powerdyne
  135. Blower Belt PN
  136. 8s with a 347??
  137. 14-15psi...D1SC or F1A??
  138. what piston would you guys recomend for <18 >8 psi
  139. need fmic for sts firebird
  140. and now for somethimg completely different..... OFI install!
  141. Anyone making Novi 2000 brackets yet?
  142. Oil Issues HELP!
  143. should i coat the pistons or not?
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  145. Just a bought a 2.8L Kenne Bell
  146. Need ProCharged LSX Help (cam and boost)
  147. Not everyday you see one of these!
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  149. Procharger Bypass Valve Question
  150. Can some of you procharger guys help me out...?
  151. New Updates at KY Turbo and Performance.
  152. Which balancer are the big turbo guys using?
  153. stock motor need help
  154. Procharger Problems...STILL!
  155. seeing knock, poping head gaskets, tried many things, need help, 1000+rwhp
  156. STS guys running straight spring
  157. Opinions on these spark plugs please
  158. What will make a big cam work?
  159. Whats happend to gen tt f body guys?
  160. Finally hit >10# of boost on my T-trim from S-trim Upgrade
  161. Custom 76mm Turbo GTO setup
  162. Anyone Have Any Experience with a GT4202?
  163. Where are you making full boost?
  164. 797 RWHP APS Twin Turbo GTO Hits the Rollers
  165. New toy
  166. 4.38" to 3.9" pulley?
  167. Is S the designation
  168. Can I get away with an internal WG?
  169. best alternator relocation bracket for turbo setup
  170. Piston question?
  171. Did Synergy go under?
  172. Does anyone know if the Procharger F1A fits on the F Body with the Be Cool Radiator?
  173. Synergy twin kit, 717 hp...
  174. Supercharger for my '01 Z28 Camaro
  175. Anyone have any idea how much to fix turbo?
  176. help with magnacharger
  177. Knock under boost when ECT higher than 215F
  178. need .81 turbo housing! i have .96
  179. meth or intercooler or both
  180. Motor Build! With Pics!
  181. WTB 80MM to 96MM Turbo
  182. Changed wastegate springs, need some advice
  183. Sts
  184. COS 2bar, IAT & ECT multipliers
  185. Another OHIO BOYS Win!
  186. APS C6 ZO6 twin turbo system pics and install instructions
  187. im curious about some of your FI tunning rituals
  188. MAF-Keep it or ditch it! Explain why=>
  189. what do u guys mean by "spools by 3500rpm"?
  190. My APS TT Install Thread
  191. Pics of oil return off turbo into pan or timing cover??
  192. APS TT blow off valve
  193. Can i run my oil return for turbo to a valve cover?
  194. 402 twin turbo mistake ?HELP!!!!
  195. turbo tech worth??
  196. HCI vs. APS Twins
  197. Building the ultimate turbo LSX---head Q's
  198. For the love of god...can we make a turbo cam sticky?
  199. Turbo Cam
  200. d1sc on a torquer v3 cam car?
  201. Cat issue with STS?
  202. Using airconditioning as an air cooler?
  203. TT Truck Manifold Kit! (18psi)!
  204. Is bigger better?
  205. which cam to go with???
  206. Turbo guys suggestions please
  207. Forced Induction
  208. ofi radiator and overflow for sale
  209. HELP!! Cant rev my engine more than 5300rpm
  210. ati pinning kit
  211. Electronic boost controller recommendations
  212. APS TT Kit, Setup
  213. Turbo'd the wifes truck
  214. SX88 Dual Ball Bearing
  215. ditched my darts for l92
  216. Whats really needed in the FI world?
  217. any one using a ported fast 90 with a procharger?
  218. 350 whp from sts!?! thats all!?!?
  219. LS1 Magnasun Supercharger!
  220. Install Of Aps Twin Turbo!!! Kwikss
  221. lost low end
  222. Teaser video of Whipple 3.3L in C5 Z06
  223. oil return idea
  224. Who has 4" TB cast elbows? And some meth questions...
  225. performance products intake
  226. What size TB for carb intake w/elbow?
  227. YSi compressor map.
  228. Professional produvts intake and throttlebody
  229. New Best ET/MPH Worst 60 ft!!! 9.670/145.83
  230. meth vs nitrous
  231. S80 versus S88 on 408
  232. lt1 turbo ,can it be done
  233. New PB with F1A Procharger
  234. Need opinion on used D1SC Procharger
  235. IC for STS kit..mounting by air dam
  236. HPM TTiX 347 Dyno Results
  237. Superman09 track results
  238. APS f body install thread, tips,tricks,pics,etc.
  239. MAF problem!!!
  240. Reliable DD: P1SC vs. STS Help me decide
  241. Who has gone with a Custom Turbo??
  242. OIL + SMOKE out of DOWNPIPE= not cool
  243. How is everyone printing out the APS turbo Guide?
  244. Can I reuse intake and valve cover gaskets?
  245. Pro's and con's of running COgs on the street
  246. Saturation Intercooling
  247. F.i.???????
  248. Heads up on Hardcore....
  249. 50mm tial BOV what spring?
  250. Time to tune and boost my 98. What MAP? Still using MAF