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  1. Opinions on this kit
  2. My new turbo exhaust, and the neat old muffler
  3. What head gasket size do I need?????
  4. T76 Turbo dyno results in...HELP! Need a diagnosis...
  5. intake leaks...
  6. How long would one expect the head unit last on a Procharger D1SC
  7. Max Power of Stock 346 TTi
  8. should I go STS or Procharger?
  9. gt 47 88mm
  10. How much?
  11. The firechikn is alive, finally.
  12. Procharger P1SC
  13. RFI: Samples of cam overlap
  14. GT47-85 question
  15. Dyno tomorrow on T-trim 383. Any predictions?
  16. BOV,wastegate sizing help
  17. Sts
  18. Bad heat soaking on upper intake piping
  19. Anyone notice new 6.0/6.2 MLS gaskets are 5-layer??
  20. Kenne Bell f-body?
  21. FI motor without FI
  22. Procharged LT1 383, what injectors?
  23. Procharger rebuild(EPP)
  24. Help needed... cam and injectors for Turbo Project
  25. What are everyones thoughts on compound charging?
  26. high mileage boost?
  27. Need second opinions on BIG Whipple build
  28. deck thickness on heads
  29. Correct intercooler
  30. hay Bob @ EPP thanks!!!!!(pics)
  31. Pic's of Steve Verplank's Mazda RX7 from Superchevy at OPR/ATI booth this Summer
  32. restrictor plate on vortech, will seals live ?
  33. 8.5 psi D1sc results @ GaFBody Shootout
  34. need help and info on this turbo?asap
  35. Radical boost spike 41psi!!!
  36. BMR and UMI Please come in
  37. Fixed small leaks, and holy sh*t
  38. Procharger
  39. Twins location in an f-body. Starting to brainstorm new set up
  40. how does this sound?
  41. Intercooler install instructions??
  42. Got my 8's with the ttv6
  43. Single Digit Midget M6
  44. what goes where?
  45. Need some advise so I can make a decision
  46. Boost and lifting heads!?!?!?
  47. Home built Hot Parts Come on In!
  48. FI Newbie question
  49. Remote/low mount turbo oil pump
  50. Snow Performance Boost Cooler ?
  51. Horsepower gains from pounds of boost.Weird question
  52. STS Questions
  53. anyone want to guess what my car will make
  54. Boost Leak
  55. finally getting the hang of driving my car
  56. Crap...FP blowing fuses again....getting too hot I think...
  57. Silver Dollar Raceway "Results"
  58. How meth affects current tune? And how to fix boost spike?
  59. so i was bored today and fabbed up a different alternator bracket
  60. Those with a Vortech V-9 G-trim
  61. C5 procharger bracket?
  62. stainless steel vs mild steel vs aluminized
  63. Front O2's?
  64. Gen tt turbo kit
  65. TTi Street Kit question ?
  66. Supercharger rebuild?
  67. Shaft Play Question...
  68. questions on what i need for safe twin gt30's
  69. Need help with a seal on a procharger..
  70. building 383 forged ls6, what compresion?
  71. f1 procharger?
  72. Gauge Install pics on my 408/T88 Build
  73. PCM for turbo car
  74. anyone use a autometer 4376 boost gauge?
  75. Red Carpet Turbo Kit ????
  76. "Flex Joint" & Scav. Pump Q's
  77. who has experience with a whipple/kb on an ls1? not an fbody
  78. Really good Boost question.
  79. Boost Vs head gaskets or??
  80. Nitrous with turbo?
  81. Forced Induction and 76GTS Turbo!!!
  82. How to keep car cool with IC infront of condensor?
  83. some turbo Q's(turbo gurus welcome)
  84. How to attach 4" pipe to D1SC inlet?
  85. expansion joint
  86. Ran 9.3 at 144mph today at Bristol.
  87. Whats your timing free revving and under load
  88. Noob BOV Q?
  89. in-cabin intercooler
  90. I think Las Vegas is one of the worst drag racing facilities in the US
  91. *** Cartek Turbo Cam and AFR 225 Heads 4 Sale , Track Proven 9.3 at 149 ***
  92. *** Big-Bore Boost Pistons 4-Sale ***
  93. what's my compression & how long will this setup last?
  94. Ported heads and bigger cam or don't bother?
  95. procharger question
  96. EGT's on gas turbos
  97. Anyone port the head chambers to drop compression.
  98. GT47-88 vs GT55-91 question
  99. opinions on these turbos for a 408
  100. Anyone have their car feel slower after getting more traction?
  101. 450hp turbo ls1
  102. Kb Blower
  103. double keyed crank
  104. Turbo Oil Drain Back Question
  105. Fuel for FI
  106. Anyone heard of Q16 Fuel?
  107. Turbo Guys come on in!
  108. Decreasing spool time with tuning
  109. Two TT cars + 3800da + bad track prep =
  110. Radiator Cap Question
  111. Why do superchargers give positive displacement?
  112. STS Turbo Tuck
  113. supercharging a stocker
  114. Couple FI questions.....
  115. hoow much boost should i run with this combo
  116. quick question
  117. Ideas on how to change current tune when adding Alky?
  118. water-to-air leakage problem
  119. Regret
  120. New Product: GT45F and GT45FX Non-ball bearing now available
  121. Need Manual Boost Controller Directions. (Turbonetics)
  122. FI kit for 496 (8.1L)?
  123. Vortech SQ trim users inside please
  124. anyone know a place that sells or has done hot parts for large frame turbo C5 kits?
  125. Electric Turbo?wtf
  126. Looking to get a TT system
  127. Testing our GTO Gen-TTR Intercooled Twin Turbo System
  128. MSBC-1 user help
  129. Explanation for oil line restrictor?
  130. Screened inlet hat pics on a F1R?
  131. Aftermarket heads worth it?
  132. 918s hold moderate boost levels?
  133. Need some help on a NASTY project
  134. Cam Selection
  135. Newbie turbo questions
  136. S91 408 TH400.. Need new cam specs..Or do I?
  137. Winning streak broken,but new best e.t.
  138. Some H/C Rear Mount Turbo dyno results FINALLY...
  139. Accessory belt rubbing with ATI
  140. So who has the fastest...
  141. latest progress on my Magnuson MP122HH setup
  142. O-Ringed Block: Head Question
  143. ETP Canted Valve Heads and Billet Intake
  144. 2XXX hp LSX Build Pics
  145. Does this concern anyone else?
  146. Old School car/ new technology
  147. I need your opinions guys
  148. Anyone NOT running an IC?
  149. Hit 140 MPH today, TTi Race kit
  150. High static compression and forced induction
  151. Need Incon Install help please
  152. Everyone Welcome - NA$TY-TA JR!!!
  153. STS without downpipe ok?
  154. New motor and turbo kit,blowing smoke during decel.
  155. turbo ls1 advice
  156. Thanks Canada !
  157. Innovative Turbo stole our turbo!
  158. Possible causes of leaning out?
  159. STS Owners with wrapped exhaust, 2 questions
  160. Large Turbo > Thermostat Housing
  161. Base Tune For A F1a 402 Setup W/bigstuff 3
  162. T76 Turbo. Stock LS1
  163. Sts Instant Rebate?
  164. Twin A2W intercoolers Vs 1 Big A2W
  165. low boost...lag...general bs to pass the time
  166. Any pics of T6 Thumper setups with truck manis?
  167. what springs for sts kit?
  168. MP T70 power rating? Can't find them anywhere?
  169. Help with supercharged plug gaps!!!
  170. Flex piping for turbos?
  171. Does anyone know where to get alt bracket
  172. My LS1 GT-47 240sx
  173. Finished Turbo crossover pipe - single or twin 44mm gates??
  174. best combo for a D1SC Z06 vette
  175. Engine swap question.
  176. Vortec
  177. Finally made some 2007 hits, 9.44@144 and 1.35 on DR's
  178. building my own CAI
  179. Who running DARTS with their single behive PSI springs on boosted application?
  180. STS Experts advice needed!!
  181. Who sells nice flex sections for turbo app.
  182. TRT Intercooler for STS kit Installation
  183. procharger d1sc oil problems?
  184. Quick boost referanced regulator ????
  185. Looking for head/intake suggestions for D1SC
  186. S88 turbo
  187. is it true ?????
  188. oil pan/bellhousing integrity.
  189. EPP Banner Contest $50 gift certificate
  190. Any TT sts F-body guys?
  191. Suspension
  192. what mass air meter should i use?
  193. My own '99 Hugger Orange Z28 is finally getting put back together!
  194. STS and Cats
  195. New turbocar out and testing...
  196. procharger ?
  197. Cant find 4" to 3" silicon 90 for turbo inlet.
  198. COMP 232/240 .595/.608 115LSA RPM Range?
  199. polished p1sc for corvette for sale cheap!
  200. use my ported ls1 heads or go stock 317's
  201. head gaskets?????
  202. Head Gasket - 370ci, O-Ringed 317 heads
  203. Times and RWHP. Big build
  204. Dyno Pegged @ TTI
  205. EST 1/4 mile
  206. Need better T-bolts. Spring loaded? "Constant-Torque"?
  207. Waste gate vlv
  208. twin gt42 76mm
  209. Iron 420", Dart 225, D1
  210. 317 heads any good or go w/ aftermarket?
  211. LS1 Turbo Kit on a LT1??
  212. LS2 or LS6 intake?
  213. SPEED INC. @ drag week
  214. Thoughts on a PT91 vs. GT47-88?
  215. The Red Rocket is ALIVE!!
  216. Max boost for a stock MAP sensor
  217. Charged and Stroked
  218. Oh yes. It's my turn, PCV + STS + No Oil Pan tapping
  219. Need Help??? Remote mount turbo leaking oil out exhaust?
  220. Question... Twin Turbo truck manifold kit with AC.... thinking...
  221. Procharger+Roadracing?
  222. F2 Procharger C5 L92 and E85= 1000+
  223. Pegged the Dyno.
  224. Ohio Boys Record Breaking Video!
  225. Would changing my exhaust effect my tube (A/F)?
  226. D1SC,....Loosing Boost at 4K rpm.
  227. Ohio Boys in the 7's and another Win!!!!
  228. 750 WHP LS1 Turbo LS1 build
  229. STS Turbo kit near gas tank???
  230. Paxton S/C Severe Whining??? Help
  231. whats a good gap for 10 psi on TR6s
  232. Lt1/4 Fi
  233. ordering oil feed lines right now... have couple questions
  234. Intercooler HELP!
  235. New Dyno numbers @ 8.5 psi
  236. pyrometer gauge or EGT
  237. Vacuum Boost Manifold?
  238. Threaded IAT pt #?
  239. Idler Pulley for D1SC and Service
  240. Dead MAP?
  241. 88 Degrees 4200DA shakedown run with the Speed Inc street kit on the Hawk.
  242. what do you think
  243. Will this be a good setup?
  244. Looking for a Specific Boost Piston
  245. E Boost 2, help fast
  246. Boost Leak Pressure Tester 2.5
  247. Ohio Boys! Damn!!!
  248. Epp Rocks!!
  249. Meth blockage
  250. Who's pushing big power & low ETs w/ 6.0L heads?