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  1. Pictures of my new APS blow off valves
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  4. street killer
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  11. STS oil pump?
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  14. Oiling the turbo
  15. Oil Pump?
  16. Who want's 8 rib tensioner pulley's?
  17. how far can I push my 60lbs injectors with FI
  18. PA racing K member with the APS TT
  19. Anybody tried mounting a blower like this?
  20. 10-12lbs of boost fuel system upgrade?
  21. Turbo selection, please help!
  22. Planning to get truck coils, round or square?
  23. duel 2.5 inch pipe
  24. looking for charts of boost from idle to redline of procharger or other supercharger
  25. Need some Help with my build!!!
  26. Won't idle
  27. 5.3 vs 6.0 manifold
  28. Supercharger question
  29. APSs warranty police GOOD or BAD ???????
  30. Thank you
  31. How many of you are DD your FI cars?
  32. TT APS GTO Dyno Results
  33. 4" downpipe guys come in
  34. 408 + ?Boost? for 600 - 700 rwhp
  35. D1SC & maf?
  36. newbie needing help!
  37. Turbo and MS4
  38. FI FUEL plumbing question
  39. Proper Adjustment for Vortech Race Bypass
  40. Solid motor mounts?
  41. Finally Mounted My FMIC
  42. 427 Warhawk For Boost Setup?
  43. FMIC Relocation Project (PICS)
  44. Electric Vacuum Pump from SSBC
  45. iron block for boost.....6 bolts per cylinder
  46. most power made on stock 6.0l short block
  47. which torque converter for FI? Planning 650 whp
  48. Roots sc for LS1
  49. Let's see those FI under the hood pics....
  50. New Motor and blower
  51. Crappy Vid Of LT1 Roots Blower In Action
  52. UMI K-member with CUSTOM turbo setup pix wanted
  53. lq9 block, missing hole for j bracket mount
  54. Vortech?
  55. LT4 valve springs with FI?
  56. Procharger getting quieter
  57. Testing out the APS twins and BOV's
  58. Question for APS!
  59. HP potential with 408+2.8L twin screw?
  60. Aluminum 6.0 head for turbo?
  61. strongest factory gen3 block?
  62. STS problems help!!!!!!!!
  63. another crank pinning question
  64. cam choice for sts
  65. E boost 2 routing for twin turbo's
  66. G5X3 cam with turbo good or bad?
  67. Procharger question - space it takes up?
  68. Using my APS washer fluid tank as meth tank.... who can modify for me?
  69. Aps Kit?
  70. Review my plans please.
  71. sts turbo tailpipe problem
  72. intercooler restrictions
  73. A few turbo questions
  74. couple turbo spec ?'s
  75. Whipple 2.2L
  76. TurboCharging my 89 GMC Sierra with a 5.3
  77. Purchasing D-1SC Tuner kit for Stock 98 F-Body. What else do I need?
  78. newb turbo Q
  79. Kmember question?
  80. Do i need to rebuild my turbo?
  81. Turbo Blankets...question.
  82. lq9's under the curve
  83. who all has 370 FI
  84. Finally, 700+ rwhp stock LS2 = BOOM
  85. Remember this car ????
  86. Speed Inc. procharger F1A results 800rwhp
  87. Anyone running the .........
  88. How much boost is Safe?
  89. Anyone else blow out freeze plugs?
  90. Turbo ls1 help
  91. boost with 5.3L heads
  92. New project...big one Need advice on Magnuson
  93. Intercooler charge pipe technical questions
  94. Corvette Roots S/C on T/A???
  95. Foxbody Mustang 5.0 with TTI T61 Turbo ... how fast is this guy?
  96. good piston rings & head gaskets kit to rebuild 5.3-5.7L ?
  97. Heat wrap
  98. Does anyone have a running ST80 setup or will I be the first?
  99. Procharged 408 build questions?
  100. Forge -bov & Actuators Incon
  101. Wanted:Piston ring part #
  102. How many of you procharger guys hit 800rwhp with a 347?
  103. Turbo Damaged in Shipping?
  104. 10-Rib C5 Novi 2000 Conversion.. Video, Pics Coming..
  105. Frustrated
  106. Can you use 317 casting heads on a 3.90 bore LS1 motor?
  107. Mondo Pics on Twin Intercoolers Wanted
  108. 8 rib conversion for my truck. anyone?
  109. affordable a2w cooling pump
  110. looking for pics of procharger installation
  111. Magna Charger Headers Exhaust ????
  112. Procharger question!
  113. Wideband O2 Sensors?
  114. Need help, sponsors chime in too, wanting to build/buy forged 347 longblock
  115. OFI Kit - oil drain
  116. 383 stroker and S91 turbo??
  117. Oil Regulator for turbo oil inlet
  118. Check it out! Borg Warner 85MM
  119. Will there ever be a roots blower mass production system for the 98-02 Fbody?
  120. Remove Maf...........Procharger
  121. Advancing Cam for decreased SCR?
  122. Procharger guys!
  123. What point are new pushrods needed?
  124. Turbo Piping and Intercooler inlet/outlet sizes
  125. Magnusson specialist needed
  126. side gapped plugs
  127. Help
  128. Build A New Setup And Could Use Some Ideas....
  129. turbo mounting location possible problem?
  130. intake for a fi
  131. spohn k-mamber. aps build
  132. gasket questions
  133. My build - Lots of pics
  134. another 03 chevy truck twin turbo.
  135. spring for my wg?
  136. Sts
  137. Balancer?
  138. Check out the Caddy CTS-V we are building. Naturally it has an ATI ProCharger!
  139. What rockers and lifters??
  140. maggie
  141. Finally getting close to completion-pics
  142. How much more timing can/should you run with 9:1 compr.?
  143. 4150 style tb
  144. misty vapors coming out of pcv breather
  145. What is safe boost for this setup?
  146. hiding a front mount
  147. Turbonetics Failures?
  148. Turbo Question?
  149. gear selection advice
  150. This can't be good...
  151. ATI Procharger users
  152. Lsa for turbo
  153. CR for big boost...
  154. Good vendor for procharger?
  155. How much H.P can this turbo support
  156. question for sts snorkel kit users
  157. Got a new toy!
  158. running vette procharger setup on f-body
  159. Aps F Body Price?
  160. twin 60-1's
  161. New numbers
  162. Dual inlet intercooler for single turbo?
  163. S85 to S88 Turbo Setups come on in please
  164. Stock MAF w/ screen better for STS setup?
  165. Turbo Truck 11.29
  166. INCON intercoolers verses APSs intercooler
  167. Time to mod the vette..QUESTIONS!
  168. Looking for a good d/d setup for my procharged 408
  169. what is better for the LS1 Turboed or Supercharged?
  170. street tuna this is 4 u
  171. APS C5 ZO6 twin turbo system with forged 346 engine
  172. oringed motors your experiences please
  173. Anybody in here running twin 420Ls on a daily driver FI setup??
  174. Main girdle
  175. Huge A/F change above 5500rpm..
  176. Gears
  177. Procharger Mounting location?
  178. Do I need a new cam?
  179. Stock LS1 Block to boost or not to boost?
  180. New Blower is here!
  181. LOW Profile Twin Screw IS POSSIBLE?!?!
  182. LT1 FMU fuel rail connector help!
  183. Vanishing Oil Issue
  184. second ring end gap smaller?
  185. Will this cam work?
  186. 2-STEP on my car???
  187. Max boost for compression
  188. meth tank location
  189. 370 turbo build
  190. turbo oil drain line size
  191. Vic. Jr or GMMP intake???
  192. LT1 F-body inlet air tube assembly
  193. Meth tanks
  194. What head gasket?
  195. Magnacharger
  196. 1000hp radiator for a street car?
  197. Coil Pack Poll
  198. 6.0L Turbo Build
  199. Turbo 5.3l
  200. a PCV layout for a boosted engine
  201. Dual widebands necessary with BS3?
  202. Heads For STS Turbo Setup
  203. Blower Party at CDNPERF!!!!!!
  204. BMR K member for APS kit
  205. What Comp Lobe are you using on your FI and why?
  206. TB question
  207. Help! Only seeing 9.5psi Boost with 15psi Wastegate Spring??
  208. Need Help Asap....
  209. Which AFR heads for 4.010 bore?
  210. Oil Return line Los Angeles area
  211. Please help, What size V-band
  212. Thanks Joel
  213. Oval TB and Intake?
  214. Turbo help!!
  215. check it out!!!!!!!!!
  216. Which rods for 1800hp?
  217. Question on spooling time
  218. What motor for twins
  219. methanol input needed
  220. Max rpm without drysump?
  221. Another New Turbo Build
  222. sts kit
  223. Turbo Setup
  224. Best electric boost controler
  225. Bored and fustrated with my car... thought I would post this vid.
  226. twin turbo info needed
  227. question for a procharger
  228. Help With a turbo build!
  229. Twin Turbo 2008 Z06
  230. Which Stat.?Single T76 C5 Vette
  231. New to FI, opinions on this combo
  232. bigger or smaller cu if going to max out turbo
  233. Supercharger question for ya guys
  234. help me spool faster
  235. shopping for turbo flanges got a question...
  236. Turbo size in mm?
  237. Eaton/Magnuson TVS 1900 & 2300?
  238. K member swap
  239. is it worth getting a larger throttle body?
  240. What happened to JMs thread on the APS intakes?
  241. Choice of spark plugs?
  242. Kenne Belle Pics
  243. S/C and H/C Combo Input
  244. Shop recommendation
  245. STS Information and Build Progress
  246. Ohio Forced inductions
  247. #7 Lean, Solution to re-route rear vacuum source
  248. LQ9 iron heads? Big boost and no head lifting?
  249. pre-turbo oil filter, any rear mounts run them?
  250. once oil passes turbo seal, need to be replaced?