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  1. H/C Change pics
  2. Blower Header Delimma-Educated Input Requested
  3. Whipple kit
  4. My Turbo Project Has Started
  5. Eboost 2 reading low
  6. in trouble
  7. Factory feed line 'T' return size? Pic inside
  8. Procharged GTO -- Oil Leak?
  9. Got the car running and driving
  10. V8 RX7 Sigle turbo build
  11. bolt hole size T76
  12. I need help
  13. 06 GTO with an 402/ATI ProCharger F-1C being built at EPP
  14. Warm start up issue.
  15. wastegate reference issue
  16. ISO - HP Tuners bin for my car
  17. Who eliminated the STS PCV system and used a catch can?
  18. Turbo Question not for a ls1 though
  19. Twin turbo car making high pitch sound...need some help
  20. which block for big turbo power.
  21. Aps Dyno On Stock Bottom End, Trans, Clutch Etc...
  22. supercharge candidate
  23. sts guys come in!!
  24. What Bypass Valve?
  25. Vacuum sources
  26. Turbo Advice?
  27. Twin T-70s
  28. Ohio Boys and Tom Kempf
  29. meth and afr questions
  30. Quick ?'s about LS1's and F/I
  31. Has anyone done the magna charger from LM
  32. Where to get alt. reloc. bracket!
  33. BS3 vs 3 BAR factory computer
  34. FI EZ 94mm BB turbo?
  35. Ac mounting with turbo kit??
  36. Need Help!
  37. Blower Motors & Headers
  38. Short update on my Formula
  39. What do i need?
  40. ST80 problem....poop.
  41. ET LS7 41" or AllPro LSW
  42. Cam Power zo6
  43. How badly will a 3" exhaust choke my setup?
  44. MAF and turbo kits
  45. Manifold ?
  46. Buy FI set up or a C6 ZO6
  47. aps intake duct
  48. APS, little things
  49. Turbo In Battery Location??
  50. Twin 76 build.
  51. D1SC rebuild cost??
  52. Thanks To Shawn!!
  53. TIG welding hotside question.
  54. APS kit: EGT bung in driverside EGR cover?
  55. TVS Pickup (video)
  56. PCV with FI
  57. TRT is no more
  58. STS oil pump and fuel pump question
  59. Forged 347 piston Ring Question
  60. Official: STS Turbo choice thread.
  61. edelbrock intake elbow??????
  62. seeing 9 1/2 #'s with stage 2 snow meth kit 50/50 mix. safe???
  63. Question about getting new setup to the dyno?
  64. wastegate questions
  65. RevXtreme Sheetmetal Intake packages!
  66. To good to be true?
  67. O F I C6 Single Turbo Release!!!
  68. APS charge pipe came off oncesusp loaded
  69. has anyone had problems with spark blowing out with a msd digital 6??
  70. GMC Syclone/Typhoon pistons?
  71. Could I get away with 15psi?
  72. Project Pewter Turbo install
  73. wicked 1 dyno and track video
  74. CheaTR cam and P-1SC?
  75. Car not wanting more timing or boost issues
  76. Vacuum line routing ?'s
  77. spark plugs for high boost
  78. STS kit, Oil all over engine bay!
  79. Another stock bottom end APS Dyno tuned and on the road
  80. Eboost 2 with a twin turbo application
  81. TT/408 GTO Finally fired up
  82. Home made rear mount turbo ?'s
  83. No maggie for now
  84. where to order from?
  85. OFI did you run plug wires?
  86. 809 rwhp CTS-V we built for Bob Johnson is featured in the Aug issue of GM High-Tech!
  87. 02 Z06 STS 42lb max RWHP?
  88. Looking for some exhaust housings.
  89. who sells procharger pullies?
  90. need some cam help.
  91. Why truck manifolds with EGR ports should be avoided?
  92. Day 1 Build Ebay Kit
  93. Best street setup
  94. Lost ALL oil pressure idealing on rack????
  95. Got the firehawk on the dyno
  96. So i did the LT1 radiator swap.impressions
  97. stock bottom end
  98. Got some new toys today
  99. Supercharger
  100. 370 iron block build....few questions.
  101. Late Model Racecraft 08 Procharged Mustang Pics!!
  102. GT4088R or GT4508R
  103. 700 Rwhp??
  104. budget upgrade?
  105. STS Meth kit a progressive sprayer?
  106. Couplings for 30psi?
  107. Main belt drive idler w/ Procharger
  108. the white chicken is back
  109. What Size piping for custom Y for rear mount
  110. stock 4.8l with turbo est. hp
  111. What are high HP guys doing for traction?
  112. Header Wrap Question?
  113. Procharger clocking
  114. Need some sts Turbo help!
  115. Turonetics 66mm rebuild or t76
  116. 1dirtyZ V3.2 build (F2 procharger , 427, etc. )
  117. Can I get a TTi street kit review?
  118. a2w intercooler
  119. Puller fans on Intercooler
  120. Eaton TVS R2300
  121. Boost Project..... Anything Else I Need To Add to The List?
  122. IAT readings
  123. questions on an unknown cheap turbo kit please give advice
  124. How thick is too thick?
  125. APS install: Steering linkage too short with BMR K-member??
  126. BOV and BPV the same thing...
  127. 76mm Chevelle hit the rollers
  128. Which plugs for e-85
  129. Heads for my boosted 408 Darts or different?
  130. Rear Mount double wrapping, Bad Idea
  131. Anyone Here running Master Power Turbo?
  132. What happened to"Stops making power after 4800rpm on dyno!! " by VINCE
  133. Whats up with the APS turbo upgrade?????
  134. FI on a old pontiac BB selecting a turbo?
  135. Which turbo? Forged 347
  136. Moroso and APS
  137. cost of APS Extreme Performance Intercooled Twin Turbo Kit
  138. What all do you have to do when putting a F1 on?
  139. What FMIC should I get with F1A?
  140. New Pics of my STS kit
  141. STS turbo kits
  142. LSA Supercharger ?
  143. T76 60# mototrons at fault?
  144. Cometic phuzion gaskets
  145. TTi street kit goes 10.74@127!!!
  146. Turboshaft?
  147. turbo oil return line
  148. EBOOST 2 questions
  149. Do people here actually search?
  150. reverse rotation prochargers?
  151. Max boost on regular 4-bolt heads?
  152. speed incs sc1 cam
  153. procharger FMIC
  154. Need some help with a decision.
  155. drill front of oil pan??oil return turbo..
  156. LSX supercharged swap into a mustang. Anyone have any pics or info?
  157. MPT-70 on vortec 350?????
  158. Weird O2 sensor behavior (and they're new!)
  159. too much boost!!!!!!!!!
  160. Up the boost?
  161. Intercooler Piping?
  162. It's Official.. out with N2o Injection.. In with F/I
  163. LT1 2 bar MAP sensor part number?
  164. Gagin interest on OFI base kit
  165. EGT's
  166. Does Altitude affect boost pressure?
  167. preping 317 heads for blowthru
  168. Inital Turbo LSx numbers from Tempest Racing 1100hp/13#
  169. do any sponsors sell a tt kit but
  170. Is my IAT too high? Do in need a better intercooler?
  171. The Poor Mans ls1
  172. o2's and maf replacement recomendations?
  173. STS AND What muffler are you running?
  174. Twin Turbo Oil recomendations
  175. difference in turbo size
  176. What will max out a D1-SC?
  177. Simple question...
  178. Akerly & Childs rings
  179. To Boost PVC Or Not To?
  180. Got the car (Finally!) Now diagnosis-Advice?
  181. Pics of OFI radiator and fan setup?
  182. somewhat of my supporting parts list for SC
  183. having trouble keeping filter hat on procharger after fmic and bringing rad forward
  184. Newbie + Boost
  185. 3" Aluminum doughnuts...where?
  186. what boost levels for 408
  187. Thinking about going FI (STS Turbo)
  188. APS car overheating
  189. Cooling Fan Questions
  190. Round Stock for Bracing
  191. Where to find tr8s???
  192. APS. litte things.
  193. 347 or 383 for FI and stock block
  194. Here is a new type of stock engine failure! 749whp and this!
  195. best block and cid to turbo
  196. lt1 running 10 lbs boost?
  197. piecing together a turbo setup
  198. Wanting to go Turbo but I have some ???
  199. lt1 ?about front mount Air2Air
  200. D1 with stock (241) heads?
  201. relocating alt.?
  202. epp fa1 fmic kit question?
  203. Where did you put your injector driver?
  204. Fighting Knock 1 to 2 degrees
  205. Had to lower my sway bar
  206. 408 Rotating Assy
  207. turbo 6.0
  208. what size wastegates to go w/my twin 70's? are 60mm too big?
  209. Turbo Guru's inside please...
  210. turbo lt1, rev limiter at 4,800 when hot
  211. Is it ok to have IAT sensor before BOV?
  212. turbo 96 firebird progress
  213. blown 383
  214. 3.4 Whipple Build
  215. APS 35th BUILD has to all!!be redone!!
  216. H/C LS1: Procharge-able?
  217. Just curious...What kind of times are the APS TT cars running?
  218. 317 heads vs aftermarket
  219. vortech question
  220. Need some idea's
  221. 1,000 RWHP Twin Turbo LSx
  222. Guys with 6.0 liter Iron blocks and Prochargers
  223. Need question answered about a LT1 rad???
  224. t4 gasket questions?
  225. Crank pinning?
  226. Turbo Sizing Question
  227. Thinking of Changing my setup
  228. can a regular mortal change one turbo seal?
  229. SDCE Tension
  230. Need Help S.o.s(( Aps)) Guys !!
  231. Need help with what setup to run
  232. Accufab throttle cable is now loose!!
  233. Looking for a little help w/OFI cold piping
  234. F1A or F1C for 427 LS7 F Body
  235. Just fired up my APS 35th LE today
  236. BOV swapped but getting more boost
  237. What boost can I run with a 98 pcm using HP tuners?
  238. LSXtreme Trans Am jumps into the 8's
  239. valve springs
  240. Prime New motor
  241. Turbo Fbody = worst investment ever!!
  242. Add Nitrous or go with bigger Snails?
  243. OFI hot parts group buy
  244. What Cars/Trucks use pusher fans?
  245. APS inlet drivers side hose rubbing issue???
  246. Will Procharger make enough CFM??
  247. Finally got the vid of 9 sec pass 408 pt88 pump gas 13 psi
  248. Building my own rear mount setup
  249. any one using the alky control methanol kit?
  250. Value of a Turbocharged LS1/T56 fbody???