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  1. Truck intake fuel press reg options
  2. Procharged Stock Shortblock LS6
  3. big power p2w and comp?
  4. Boosted Ls3 intake ?
  5. 862 Head Gasket Options?
  6. need help with torqe converter. bolt together
  7. Turned up Boost! Made no more power..why?
  8. What is the best exhaust manifold gasket?
  9. RUNNING boosted 4.8/5.3 guys
  10. dumb MBC question
  11. Finally, goodbye DUMPS!(pics)
  12. boost with stock ecu
  13. Lsx Turbo Stang
  14. Divided T6 or no?
  15. Twin PTE BB 6766 or Twin TC76's
  16. turbo advice needed
  17. 88mm turbo 5.3 blow thru camaro
  18. tahoe needs some help
  19. Truck manifoldkit with stock k member?
  20. Boost ?'s for 5.3
  21. 2012 update!
  22. pcv check valve
  23. E85 vs. Meth Injection D1SC Stock Bottom End
  24. c6 z06 Manifold flipped turbo set up
  25. Air/Fuel Ratio Display-Auto Timer [3830]
  26. Need help finding a turbo cam
  27. MP112 kits?
  28. Getting ahold of Trick performance?
  29. Verdict on LSX iron block.......are they good or what?
  30. Stock LS1 H/C/I vs. A&A S/C kit
  31. Big power REAL street cars- check in
  32. Wastegate or Wastegates?.....
  33. Pt88 370 SS Camaro
  34. Race Proven Motorsports Video Series!!
  35. What converter on a D1SC car?
  36. Max HP on a P1?
  37. 1000 HP Stock Bottom End - Unleashed Performance Turbo C5
  38. Twin Turbo Setup ?'s
  39. Has anyone tried pushing an LY2 to it's limits?
  40. low profile V-band flanges - where to buy?
  41. Procharger oil
  42. 5.3 short block with 6.0 heads
  43. FI-88x ?? anyone?
  44. 900+RWHP Recipe
  45. Question about vortech install?
  46. 7psi on spring, 15psi w/2psi on top of gate?
  47. Smog-able turbo cam for 5.3L with good fuel economy
  48. Procharger install problems W/ pulleys
  49. Borg Warner S410 turbo?
  50. lq9 twin turbo smooth intake
  51. Lysholm Twin Screw on my Dailey
  52. poor mans belt wrap question??
  53. Velocity stack for Large frame 6" inlet turbos???
  54. Are -16 lines enough
  55. Turbo "bark" sound?
  56. Lets Boost it to the Moon.
  57. Converter?
  58. Turbo Recommendation for Wrangler
  59. G-FORCE fastest 09 and up CTS-V boost only video!
  60. **Late Model Racecraft Twin Turbo Corvette 1466rwhp**
  61. Might be a dumb question
  62. Truck manifold gaskets!!
  63. Anyone have a bmr turbo k member with umi solid motor mounts???
  64. Which intercooler is better?gto procharger intercooler or a garrett 12x24x4
  65. LS6 Spring Limit....
  66. Can the aster bracket be used with the meziere waterpump
  67. 5" downpipe folks. Please bring your pics inside!
  68. Thinking of going rear mount... Few questions
  69. What model is this "Garrett
  70. Boost controller and wastegates on blower cars
  71. e85 afr on a procharged car 11psi.
  72. Boosted 5.3:will these heads fit and work
  73. turbo kit?
  74. another what oil would you use
  75. 11:1 to much for boost?
  76. H/C with D1SC questions
  77. Non-intercooled e-85 info needed.
  78. Spring upgrade
  79. How much hp will stock ls3 injectors support?
  80. Select Turbo Size
  81. Hawks Third Generation?
  82. 69 Chevelle LQ4/T56/S475 build!
  83. Please help needing it bad....
  84. What MAF are you running
  85. keyed pulley vs pinned
  86. I have a problem
  87. Catch Can for boosted applications. Review inside
  88. First F1R LS to the 4.70's!
  89. D1 procharged ls2 800 hp 80lb injectors, which fuel pump should I go with?
  90. E 85 cooling
  91. Maxiumum agreeable boost with a blown LS2
  92. Got in the 9's in my LTD, JY 5.3
  93. Looking for a hot side
  94. Need help choosing new turbo cam
  95. Bottle fed or Boost fed???
  96. 50mm Cog Belt Issue
  97. Time for an overhaul... FI or NA my best option??
  98. timing
  99. Quick ?- Use LS6 cam for L92?
  100. 5.7 vs 5.3 vs 5.3
  101. Main Bearings and HD Clutches
  102. Pros and Cons to 2 bar vs. 3 bar map??
  103. Does procharger oil fill need to be exactly at 12 o'clock
  104. A2W big dogs inside!!! Cell placement pics/question
  105. meth kit, post pics of your meth installs!!
  106. A2W mounted in front
  107. Procharger D1SC TSP228R Dyno
  108. Procharger GTO MPG
  109. eBay turbo kit
  110. Can I use those N2O heads on my FI 408ci shortblock ?
  111. What rear gears with 4L80E?
  112. Wide Band Sensor Placement
  113. testing backpressure at header
  114. What gear with 80MM T56?
  115. I did my own engineering here.. this won't overheat my scavenge pump right?
  116. headers for nova...
  117. LT1 D1SC setups?
  118. LSX390 with TVS2300 Over 1000 HP
  119. LNC-003 on M6 turbo car
  120. Most Power Ever Made with a TC series?
  121. procharger guys still running the twin intercoolers chime in...
  122. What spark plug to use at 10 lbs of boost
  123. Radiator for Turbo motor
  124. LQ4 Block vs. LS1 Block
  125. intake temps on your turbo setup on straight pump gas.
  126. 1 bar map sensor?
  127. spooling a turbo with nitrous
  128. stock ls1 power handling?
  129. alt. brkt on pass. head
  130. Too much oil to turbos????
  131. Nothing on my supercharger pulleys line up
  132. Yes, another 5.3 build question...
  133. How much boost will a 7" crank pulley and a 3.4" pulley make on a D1 sc procharger
  134. Race Proven Motorsports Dyno Day April 21st!!!!!
  135. ARH/Farks Supercars 2010 Camaro 9.33 @150 mph
  136. Anyone still running an OFI kit?
  137. 1/2 inch head studs, yes or no
  138. C5 manifolds for turbo kit??
  139. Boost help with LT1 and Powerdyne please
  140. My twinturbo redo/build using 2010 camaro exhaust manifolds
  141. Who sells 4.5" vband assembly's???
  142. Vacuum pump on turbo application
  143. Borg Warner
  144. Kennebell ?
  145. Co2 Leak, any input?
  146. will this cam work with a boosted 5.3
  147. Turbo question........
  148. TC78 boost and hp numbers?
  149. Oil Feed for PT88
  150. Head choices
  151. bunches of questions!!!
  152. In dash gauges
  153. TWINS feed/return tips please...
  154. l92 set up or ported 317's?
  155. Crankcase Pressure removal with vac. pump?
  156. .0015"-.0018" main bearing clearance - iron block
  157. Aero Force
  158. Chromium nitride vs steel top rings
  159. Cam advice - ProCharged L76
  160. need room for my standup radiator...can i remove a section of the headlight bracket?
  161. looking for pullies for a 122 maggie
  162. Does this even sound fair?
  163. 6L turbo cam. How big before clearance becomes an issues
  164. All hail
  165. Gen IV 5.3 LH6, which ON3 for me?
  166. Is this oil pressure feed reliable?
  167. open to any advice on pushing my combo to the max..
  168. which will live longer?
  169. would you buy this boost controller
  170. Need help identifying this Turbo
  171. Whats the best PCM for boost?
  172. problems with running a TVS1900 on milled heads?
  173. 3.3 Whipple vs F1R 8psi?
  174. how to go sd with a 2.5 bar map?
  175. F-Body Turbo Manifolds - Which Will Fit?
  176. G-FORCE/Calhoun TT Mustang 20 & 28 PSI Dyno Video! 2250+ HP
  177. Turbo converter..anyone pick up mph going to a tighter converter?
  178. Oil drain through front cover?
  179. How are they not pushing water??
  180. Vortech Tuner, Vortech guys inside.
  181. Want a Procharger Setup for your Fbody?
  182. Those of you with alt. relocation + FPR ... what rails are you using?
  183. How to prep a 6L for Turbo
  184. Garrett p/n 8980658543 what turbo?
  185. Going for 9's
  186. Max effort 5.3 build: need a set of cylinder heads!
  187. Turbo header kits
  188. any street cars run without thermostat?
  189. my lt1 hit 28 psi of boost today. waiting for the dyno
  190. Why #7?
  191. Does the 3bar (12223861) map fit on an l76 or ls3 intake?
  192. Vengeance built C5 Z06- 879RWHP/749RWTQ- RHS 427/A&A YSI- Pics/Video/Dyno Inside
  193. anyone do a front fed rad?
  194. Need some suggestions on a quick spooling twin setup for a 4.8
  195. downpipe/ exhaust size?
  196. Where is the best place to pull turbo coolant from off of the stock radiator?
  197. Race gas on stock bottom turbo 5.3...any benefit over pump gas??
  198. What should it run?
  199. what oil pump and timing chain are people using for turbo set up.
  200. 05 CTSV LS6/Whipple charger NEED YOUR HELP
  201. On3 BOV
  202. Looking to upgrade my ST80 T4
  203. 427ci/F1R/TH400 vs Rear gearing !!
  204. stock LS1 boosted. Heads Cam?
  205. What spark plug?
  206. Twin TC78's over kill for a 370?
  207. do i need a bigger wastegate or different boost controller?
  208. 110mm Maf
  209. When is an oil cooler needed?
  210. Rear mount fellas. Please come in!
  211. Please help...turbo for towing
  212. Is a blow-through setup reliable with the stock MAF?
  213. Turbo headers that fit Accessory drives?
  214. Updates on KY-Turbo Shop for those who have been asking about progress on customer's
  215. 9 Sec pump gas w/meth Stock 6.0 mustang
  216. 5.3l and gtk1000- when will I max the turbo
  217. approximate costs for 1200 whp motor build
  218. 240sx 4.8l turbo build and turbo selection
  219. Which gaskets with 1/2" studs
  220. Throttle body and Elbow Question
  221. What size oil restrictor for 76mm journal bearing turbo
  222. ***253.1MPH Texas Mile Video Inside***
  223. Premium: E0 vs E10
  224. Turbo vs Blower & Where To Get One!
  225. What boost will this combo make?
  226. question on mp112 on 02 ss
  227. 9 sec stock short block LQ4 in full size 4x4!
  228. Turbo Oil much?
  229. My 99 T/A APS TT Build
  230. ***TX Mile Record to LSX community**
  231. New custom front mount turbo kit, KEEPS AC!**Dyno Results Added**
  232. any turbo guys use gm ft cover & sbf distributor?
  233. Procharger guys, what weight motor oil are you guys using?
  234. Whipple Crankcase, PCV, catchcan setup.
  235. Supercharger Heat Soak
  236. truck mani turbo
  237. what is everyone running for engine oil for the turbo cars
  238. Turbo Silverado Build Tips?
  239. **Will the 5.3 turn T6 turbo??..
  240. which valve springs---- i have 3 choices
  241. what pistons?? Wiseco? Mahle? Diamond?
  242. need some help
  243. bed mount turbo with tonneau cover?
  244. Maggie+Meth?
  245. cocked steering wheel after tubular kmember install
  246. Need help deciding on heads for F.I.
  247. LS2 Cam Good For Boost?
  248. Magnuson mp112 feedback??
  249. Will I be out of injector?
  250. EPP Blower cam?