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  1. Engine break-in with Procharger
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  3. PT88 or PT8884 CEA???
  4. hobbs switch placement?
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  7. Modern Muscle
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  13. What year 4.8 or 5.3?
  14. Looking for a turbo system for my 08 silverado hd
  15. T-72 5.3L what A/R?
  16. how mutch power does a fast intake give
  17. Wide band loc
  18. what ring gap?
  19. How many daily drive
  20. First shakedown runs... RGV TurboTruck
  21. new to turbos
  22. Oil pressure loss...
  23. Procharger pulley recommendations
  24. Backpressure on 6765's
  25. Hate to do this but... "which one?"
  26. STS turbo Evap/pcv delete ??s
  27. My 2000 z28 FRONT MOUNT turbo build step by step
  28. which intake gasket for lq4 boost?
  29. procharged f1a joe gibbs silverado
  30. MP112 height difference?
  31. head & intake ?
  32. Need build opinion with stock stuff for boost!
  33. ?s on ARP torque specs
  34. Best boost piston, wiseco vs CP
  35. Single or twin turbo 4.8?
  36. Air to Air again or A to Water?
  37. My D1SC will be here on tuesday!
  38. sts turbo install q's
  39. What do I do?! Should ports match on a supercharger intake manifold?
  40. Procharged LT1 build
  41. Turbo LSX in a 2000 Saleen S281 Mustang Build...
  42. What size vacuum/boost lines for Hobbs switch and Bypass valve.
  43. front mount pictures & video's
  44. Bob @ brute speed parts??
  45. Porting LS3 heads, Fast 102, 2 inch exhaust questions?
  46. Sorry for the STS thread but its back
  47. ac lines and c6 mani kit?
  48. D1-SC with 3.7 pulley, only 4 psig!! Fast intake problem... maybe! Hypothesis...
  49. WTF did i break???
  50. TVS 1900 or 2300 for ls1 gto?
  51. noob starting soon, need help and pointers on a single turbo build
  52. Power steering line kit options???
  53. question about stock ring gap.
  54. HPS Rear Mount Turbo T/A #'s
  55. Does meth go bad?
  56. what boost controller ?
  57. Motor running too hot
  58. Procharger fan -> spal fan
  59. Turbo pistons for a 5.3
  60. Anyone here boosting on Prc STG2.5 5.3L ?
  61. question for those who used their washer tank for meth....
  62. will s480 work for my goals
  63. Looking at boost
  64. What is my turbo kit worth?
  65. ProCharger Price Increase Coming August 22: Order Now and Beat the Price Hike!
  66. LT1 stay MAF or go SPEED?
  67. LT1 Turbo Help
  68. New PB in the turbo Firehawk
  69. Intake elbow
  70. Any venders here or reliable places to buy Tial MV-R44 wastegates??
  71. AEM TruBoost doesn't hold low boost
  72. LS3 or maybe ls2 conversion guys any problems with PO327 knock sensor code?
  73. what blower to replace my v9 with??
  74. procharger guys. post up your ETs
  75. Aps TT HELP
  76. 2011 CTS-V 2 door coupe pic/vids
  77. Turbo Sizing???
  78. excessive crankcase pressure????
  79. Help identifying a supercharger bracket
  80. LT1 just some advice for a D1SC not a build thread yet sorry
  81. I need turbo 5.3l efi advice !
  82. What PSI spring to start with?
  83. Whats you procharger set up?
  84. recommended bearing clearances and ring gaps for turbo motor: 1000rwhp
  85. Engine didn't last a summer/ new build time
  86. keyed lt1 hub???
  87. procharger ducting q's?
  88. My Build - 2002 TA 408 - Twin 67's
  89. supercharged or all motor?
  90. Procharger j bracket install
  91. New setup runs 5.81 @ 123 HD video inside :-)
  92. intercooler
  93. new pb and lifted a head 9.03@146 updated with pics
  94. Limits of sdce and aster
  95. 5.3L Monte SS
  96. Thanks Ohio Boys
  97. ? for tubo guys running the 1/4mile in the 9.5 to 10.5
  98. 20+PSI and stock Brake boosters?
  99. Where to place wideband on downpipe?
  100. 383 sbc to turbocharged 5.3 swap questions
  101. Twin waste gate setup
  102. Virginia speed build...
  103. who has the white trans am in the current gm high tech?
  104. what do you guys think?
  105. 60mm Eboost2 mount for trans am
  106. High miles and boost
  107. going forged now have some questions
  108. 16lbs on a 2 bar map?
  109. Heads and cam combo!! for D1SC pls help!
  110. Wha size turbo
  111. Vortech vs procharger
  112. bad placement for oil return pump?
  113. daily drive turbo fbody
  114. Starts Then Dies Immediately - Intermittent
  115. Truck manifolds with V-Bands
  116. Procharger 8 rib belt woes
  117. Should the supercharger "free spin"?
  118. lsx block question
  119. help with procharger setup, adding bov
  120. 3.9 k1 crank, k1 6.098 rods, what pistons
  121. What power are you making with your 6.0, and how much boost did it take?
  122. procharger guys need help
  123. Gapping for boost
  124. Can somebody let me know the proper A/R?
  125. Help fix my c5 frc with a vortech
  126. midframe 78 made it in now need some input!
  127. Supercharger + boost leak? plz help!
  128. Ok fellow auto aps guys what are you doing for trans cooling..?
  129. Help me read my TR6 spark plugs
  130. need help!!!!
  131. m112 on ls1
  132. Filter Screens?
  133. 1/8 results turbo lq4 PICS&VID!!
  134. Altenator pulley issues
  135. Pushing water through copper HG
  136. looking to buy p1 d1 or f1 !!! suggestions
  137. Pin crank from front or side with ati dampner?
  138. Oil Scavenge Pump ... Anyone Tried This One
  139. Turbo smoke?
  140. Getting weird knock
  141. KY turbo Build: Stock Btm End
  142. few questions
  143. Built shortblock but from who???
  144. Those of you with FMIC that removed "bumper support"
  145. What happened to LM Speed?
  146. What kind of HP numbers can I expect?
  147. What should I dyno?
  148. Ebay intercooler and HP
  149. What cam?????
  150. Seat pressure with XER cam with boost at 20+ pounds?
  151. anyone here with a garrett gt budget turbo with a 1.23 a/r looking for a 1.08?
  152. Ideas for street strip build with an f1
  153. In the 10's on 8lbs with videos
  154. how much boost?
  155. super charger trade
  156. fixed exhaust leak, no boost
  157. Maggie vs Whipple 4th Gen Fbody
  158. IATs with painted factory intakes????
  159. My Z06 Transformation Video
  160. Paging Nashville Tennessee
  161. Supercharged under 9 psi?
  162. blown 5.3
  163. Vortech Power cooler question...
  164. Any videos on procharger enclosed race valve?
  165. making boost but still making power?
  166. Decided on a D1SC. Few questions about the setup
  167. Turbo specific oil system?
  168. Looking for dyno graphs or results on 370ci PT88 combos.
  169. Let me see where you relocated your cruise control box to...
  170. fouled plugs
  171. EPS 234/246 with boost?
  172. Thoughts on my wastegate placement?
  173. ls2 corvette whipple kit
  174. Work In Progress: '98 F-Body TVS2300
  175. Procharger or turbo on 6.0
  176. 98 camaro ss will this procharger kit fit my camaro
  177. Turbo LT1. What max coolant temp is ok?
  178. IN need some advice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  179. rea mount turbo, change oil weight?
  180. 3.905" forged piston help?
  181. Vortech v1 mount question!!!
  182. Turbo piping question
  183. New fuel pumps: What do you guys think?
  184. Throttle body placement, how does it change when...
  185. Post your PCV system pics
  186. Anyone have their catch can hooked to their exhaust?
  187. Procharger + LT1 w. HotCam?
  188. KY Build
  189. I need to relocate my vertical PS lines to clear crossover/DP - question
  190. Any turbo'd stock 5.3l mpg results available ?
  191. Intercooler Questions
  192. P1sc-1
  193. lunati stealth cam
  194. Hurting rings??????????
  195. 62 bel air turbo 5.3 project
  196. Twin turbos on a LS3/LQ9
  197. BOV or NOT?
  198. weird bov?
  199. Turbo Notch 5.3 build
  200. LS2 Procharger Owners Manual
  201. Hot Rod Magazine Turbo Test
  202. Just an update on my build
  203. lsx 396 vs lsx 427?
  204. Truck manifolds seem to have warped
  205. help can i make a merge pipe out of a Flomaster Y collector
  206. I have a sneaky idea on how to have a T6 AND a T4 turbo mount on the same crossover!
  207. HPS 1005RWHP-RHS 427/F2 Cog C5 Vette Dyno
  208. 98camarod's twin turbo build
  209. My turbo build. 5.3/t56 with a GT45
  210. help with fuel system
  211. got a 5.3 and wanting to turbo
  212. anyone catch the Hot Rod article on the 1200hp 4.8?
  213. 04-07 CTS-V Procharger questions?? (GTO Procharger Kit)
  214. How many turbo'ed Ls1's running oil coolers?
  215. Full Boost....when?
  216. Lowering IAT's
  217. Turbo Help and Advice
  218. spark plugs
  219. how to install anti surge valve?
  220. Cracked Oil pan from wheelie first outing. Setup adv needed.
  221. Any interest in 6-71 through 14-71 blower kits?
  222. Steve Morris ProVolute
  223. What gauge (thickness) stainless tubing should I use?
  224. Finally a video of my D1SC with front mount.
  225. Follow along as Vengeance Racing assembles an RHS 427/TVS 2300 C6 Z06
  226. LT1 Camaro Intercooler help.
  227. Trans Am Intercooler Options
  228. Victor Jr and elbow on a C5
  229. Modifying Procharger j bracket? Good idea?
  230. I'm not sure how I managed this, but . . .
  231. 5.3 bore to 5.7 then turbo, or stay at 5.3?
  232. FI sensors?
  233. josh says ~4 weeks ill be joining the FI'in fun.. KY turbo!
  234. Are there any companies making a sealed supercharger similar to the Powerdyne?
  235. Best way to mount pusher fans?
  236. Made it out to the track for some test hits **New Updated 9.114 @ 151.8
  237. Boost gauge t-fitting question
  238. which map sensor to use for a big turbo lt1
  239. Ls1 drilled crank vs 6.0L solid?
  240. finished a few things this week pix inside
  241. Should I take out some fuse on injectors so can prime up engine for my new turbos?
  242. What heads and headunit question
  243. Which Block?
  244. truck intake or ls intake for a 5.3 and 75mm turbo
  245. STS fuel problem
  246. rear mount feed line...where to buy?
  247. first time to the track, surprised myself!
  248. Some Advice Would Be Nice
  249. 1991 Nissan 240sx T76 LQ4 with T56
  250. BOV & WG Vac Lines