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  1. TT TBSS Vs Turbo Foxbody
  2. V7 YSI rebuild
  3. truck intake/FPR question
  4. Need help! What A/R to go with?
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  7. breather
  8. first time supercharger owner
  9. Root Charger
  10. Vortech Oil supply line options
  11. Help me choose a cam 5.3 with a s480
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  13. Please help me find this video/thread!
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  15. Turbo 5.3
  16. A/C system
  17. 91' Notch 383/PT88 in time for TX2K12
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  19. how hard can i launch her?.
  20. obx vband clamps any good?
  21. LT1 to LS1 swap. Whats a decent turbo ls set-up worth.
  22. Powerdyne brackets
  23. Whos made the most power/gone fastest with the EPP FI cam???
  24. LS9 Head gaskets. Dry install?
  25. Switching up the combo....F1R time!
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  27. Pcv and breather Junk
  28. my ls2 cobra is almost done...
  29. Help With my Twin Turbo 5.3 Build/Swap
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  31. LQ9 twin turbed!
  32. can you over blower a motor?
  33. What breather are you using?
  34. Zturds Stock 09 ZR1 goes 10.42@134mph first time out on drag radials
  35. SCREAMIN SEMEN GMC 5.3 Turbo Swap
  36. new build ideas
  37. Help me with my procharger setup
  38. spark plug gap
  39. Meth injection..Pre Turbo or Post turbo??
  40. What Seats for Drags/Daily Driving?
  41. Taking out oil level sensor?
  42. 1957 Cadillac. Twin 3076R 390ci
  43. D1SC Procharger for 02 WS6
  44. BOV Placement...Who's Right?
  45. cant get manual boost controller to work
  46. HX55 Too large for rear/mid mount setup?
  47. 5.3 w/ z06 cam and BW S400?
  48. best turbo setup?
  49. oil restrictor
  50. stock 5.3 TT build: THE GRENADE
  51. How long will it last Stock LS2 pt7675???
  52. Back on the road.
  53. procharger finally on!
  54. air inlet temp sensor
  55. LQ4 S480 Build
  56. Stock Long/Short block record contender
  57. v1 to v7 ysi
  58. gearing for S/C SBC
  59. Drivers side head alternator bracket?
  60. 4.8 stock block build
  61. Failure analysis leads to rebuild along with a cleanup.
  62. Restarting the build thread... forged 76mm front mount
  63. quick spool valve,,,, anyone used this
  64. Will This Be a Good Cam For a Turbo 5.3?
  65. looking for big power, you thoughts needed
  66. Updated first post, Pick apart my turbo 5.3L build
  67. DKT Precision 6766 turbo's for my APS kit.
  68. heads for a 383 turbo motor?
  69. 370 GT91.... 8's or bust build
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  71. turbo drain hose angle
  72. Fast 102mm Intake Vs Holley Hi-Ram Modular
  73. D1 Install Help?
  74. Ls6 intake vs Vic jr intake with arrons elbow
  75. Bad MAP?
  76. Belt slip on Maggie
  77. Mechanical or Electrical boost gauge?
  78. intercooler basics..I promise I did search first
  79. 1000RWHP capable blower kit for C5 Corvettes
  80. Who has filled their blocks? Come on in....
  81. STS Universal Turbo Install Cost Please Help!
  82. ls3 block or lq9/4 block
  83. 68 turbo nova build update 11/10/12 10.56 @128mph
  84. help me pick a cam
  85. Aluminum block.........who has done it? Need opinions.
  86. Procharger, and combustion chamber size determination?
  87. Yes, another "what turbo thread"
  88. 370+F1 Video
  89. What turbo??????
  90. MPGs with FI
  91. Car Craft Ls Series Power
  92. Which turbo for a 5.3- GT42-76 or Precision GTSHP PT-76 CNC Ported or PT88
  93. E85 plugs for 15psi boost
  94. more stroke vs more bore with a turbo
  95. Critique and help my build
  96. Need advise on my L92 block. Twin turbo build
  97. Need wiring diagram for 2 step and trans brake wiring
  98. Turbo build list, looking for help/opinions.
  99. Anyone with a Lt1 vortec bracket.....
  100. 317 heads on stock bottom end?
  101. Lean spike as I enter PE (and knock retard) any way to combat this?
  102. Procharger Hex Standoff Question
  103. Turbo size on stock bottom end 6.0
  104. First drive w/ vid!!!! 76mm turbo 5.3 3rd gen TA
  105. 3" down pipe with stock k-member and mounts?
  106. Huron Speed 98-02 Fbody turbo kit RED WINGS sale!
  107. whats a good electrical boost controller
  108. -another- Speed Inc. TT Typhoon build
  109. Show me your FMIC
  110. Is it 100% necessary to have a turbo brace? (PICS ADDED)
  111. "Cenotaph" aka "Tow Mater" sleeper rat rod build
  112. New build cam ideas???
  113. Ls9 heads, any leak issues? and what intake?
  114. Aftermarket Radiator
  115. insight on pre turbo build...all suggestions welcome
  116. what size bolts for procharger fan shroud
  117. Wideband Sensor Placement
  118. S480 vs 7675 pte
  119. Estimated gains from ported AFR225 heads & 3" Catback on single turbo 347ci
  120. Race port springs
  121. C6 Manifolds Vs SS Turbo headers
  122. Valve spring suggestion for turbo LT1
  123. E85 plug gap?
  124. Opinions on 6.0 build
  125. PT76 non-billet vs billet
  126. Turbo build advice
  127. wat do u think guys
  128. MAF tunes vs SD
  129. 25.3 Turbo Camaro Build
  131. Those with meth injection, how do you set pump pressure? (video inside)
  132. source for mandrel bent tubing
  133. Twin Turbo Air they rob HP?
  134. alright need help
  135. Wideband Help please
  136. fan belt size?
  137. air inlet temp sensor
  138. Got my custom FTI cam in.
  139. Custom boost cam recomendation
  140. ***A New Direction For My Procharged Lt1 383***
  141. 5.3 Turbo First Start - Valvetrain Noise
  142. am I on the right track?
  143. CX racing turbo blankets anyone?
  144. Ls1 modular turbo any good?
  145. Yet another, how's this cam? thread
  146. intake manifold for a 370, truck manifold turbo setup
  147. TSP 408 w/ D1SC 11:1 intercooled and meth injected!
  148. 408 Single turbo build. Need Input
  149. intercooler question
  150. (2) Race bpv vs. Mondo or Big Red BPV
  151. Will the pt7675 work good with a stock Ls2 couple ?????
  152. Can I use a roll pin/spring pin for pinning my crank with a Magnacharger pin kit?
  153. **ITS ON Ohio Boys**
  154. Video: 370ci X275 88 in a 94 Silverado :)
  155. Oil Pan Question For BMR Turbo K Member Users!
  156. Blower cam
  157. LT1 catch can recommendation
  158. No lift shift
  159. Help me decide... 78 or 88 on a iron 6.0
  160. Results: Stock Bottom & D1SC numbers today
  161. Let's hear what bov and wastegate your using!!!
  162. Vacuum
  163. Calling everyone using the y2004k turbo
  164. Comp oil-less turbo sizing for rear mount
  165. map question
  166. thinkin about a turbo :-D
  167. custom cam for procharged ls3
  168. Turbo Lt1 ???????
  169. Lq9 370 w/ pt-88 turbo
  170. Looking for someone to port and flow match my l92 heads
  171. 63 Nova X275 Build 410" LSX 88mm
  172. Incon parts?
  173. 91 camaro twin turbo 5.3
  174. Polydyn or Swaintech coating?
  175. bullets on rearmount
  176. 2 or 2.25 pipes for street build
  177. Should I build a 346, 370 or 408
  178. Procharger 6.2 silverado
  179. Ati dampner? Do I need it?
  180. Heater box delete question
  181. delphi 3bar map
  182. CHECK you new LS9 gaskets
  183. Re-ring for turbo?
  184. forged 370 single turbo set up questions
  185. 2 Step Tuning
  186. Need help lq4 twin turbo build
  187. Ring choice TT LS3
  188. Desired sleeve thickness for F/I build?
  189. Need advice for turbo setup
  190. how much boost to go 130mph on a stock ls2?
  191. turbo kit question
  192. electronic boost controller not working right need help!!
  193. What size turbo's???? ls1 twin turbo build
  194. Questions on Twin Precision sc6162's Someone Please HELP!!!
  195. Charge Temp Bias / HPtuners
  196. How to tell if my car is on SD or MAF tune??
  197. 02 and wide band placment?
  198. where to buy turbo?
  199. best solution, stock style return system on ls swap
  200. Another JY LQ4 build in progress...
  201. Questions about this turbo kit
  202. need some questions answered
  203. 6.0, Twin Turbo, Garrett 57's, 880cc, HP Tuners stock ECU, 838torque, 883hp. 91/meth
  204. Will I make enough to run high 5s, low 6's?
  205. help finding a intercooler kit
  206. 30th Anniversary 370 Turbo Build
  207. Lines too close to manifolds?
  208. pulley and belt question
  209. need help on shortblock 370-408
  210. Need help with LS2 Build! Please come in..
  211. yellow springs with boost
  212. Stock LS-7 heads with Vortech V-7
  213. Frontmount
  214. Need a silicone coupler, can't find it
  215. Where to Find New Turbo Unit
  216. ms4 with d1 procharger?
  217. Decisions..Pt88 or twin 6265's??
  218. FI 427 sleeved aluminum
  219. Synergy 2-step Instruction
  220. Anyone using Aluminum rods with FI?
  221. Turbo Gear 3.40, 3.50, 3.60 or 3.70 ?
  222. lq9 swap procharger problems
  223. Turbo Size
  224. 383 LS1 S475 and METH INJ, advice/opinions needed PLEASE
  225. my twin turbo upgrades and reorginizing it thred
  226. boost cam??
  227. bad ass 4x4 build. opinions wanted
  228. Stock turbo 5.3 9.80s MP76....... S475
  229. Pro charged
  230. Time to make some decisions
  231. Rods for 1k+ RWHP
  232. Supercharger pulley wobble
  233. Another Rear mount build, but it was coming anyway :)
  234. Precision compressor map
  235. which pully d1
  236. Anyone running 50/50 (washer fluid) w/success?
  237. meth injection instead of IC?
  238. I want to go fast GDI!!!!
  239. Wire feed M.S. V band flanges to truck manifolds?
  240. Down Pipe routing and UMI Road Race K-member Question.
  241. Why do people think a turbo cares about engine RPM?
  242. Looking for used f1 head unit
  243. L76... Rings? or go forged now?
  244. Catback With Turbo?
  245. would you sell mt twin turbo kit for a huge single
  246. 933 RWHP YSi 2011 Camaro SS
  247. TU1 cam too big for my 5.3?
  248. How much 2" wrap?
  249. on3 76mm turbo on lq4
  250. cooling fan question