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  1. on3performance 44mm wastegate springs???
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  13. need a custom flange made
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  16. woohoo !
  17. question:5.3 with top mount s/c
  18. Any pics of windsheild washer resevoir used for methanol injection?
  19. how much boost in a diesel KIA
  20. Need Help with cooling issue F1A and iron 408
  21. Turbo E85 heads versus compression help.
  22. Thinking about going rear mount
  23. e85 and fi guys come in
  24. GT 91 v band outlet
  25. whats the best thing to add to a WtA intercooler to keep it cold??
  26. something i learned today
  27. Boosted 5.3s What rwhp are yall making with what setup?
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  30. Fuel Pump Recommendation Changes
  31. Will this turbo work for RM?
  32. 460" Gear driven F1 procharger ....
  33. F-Body Instruction Manual for "Ebay" Turbo Kits!
  34. Any turbo guys with 4000 stall TH350 here?
  35. Reducing compression, do it with heads or pistons?
  36. Anybody Use for CNC?
  37. Which t6 turbo for lq4
  38. 3.70 or 3.55 for Turbo LT1
  39. dumb questions for a noob to real racing
  40. new to turbos lots of?s
  41. 700hp ls1 hybrid
  42. What spring do I need for my 50mm tial bov
  43. CXRacing Intercooler. Who is Running these and Power?????
  44. stock shortblock+E85; how much timing?
  45. Question about BOV and STS Turbo Kits
  46. Vacuum/Boost plumbing
  47. how good of a boost cam is this
  48. exhaust size and no muffler post videos
  49. need to order two turbos asap. who has them?
  50. MAP sensor question
  51. Flashing SES code scanner not pulling code
  52. TC 67 vs TC 76
  53. Throttle body slams shut
  54. Lets talk faster spool
  55. Boost loss due to improved exhaust.
  56. Got my Daily into the 9's Build Thread
  57. Thinking about adding a wastegate to my setup. D1SC...
  58. F1A Who is using 4" IC piping?
  59. rear turbo guidance
  60. 99 ss rearmount setup questions...
  61. 2013 Shelby GT500 Dyno #'s
  62. ModularTurbo/CBR F2 Twin Turbo kit install
  63. Final question about relay/hobbs wiring
  64. D1sc vs n20
  65. Any casting issues with 317's?
  66. LS1 vs LS6 intake
  67. Congrats to SuperDave, Pro Mod win with a LSX!!!
  68. Turbo guys with A/C, how are you keeping it cool?
  69. Is two of these enough for an L33?
  70. **980hp Trail Blazer SS By LMR**
  71. 9.52 @ 147 Stock bottom end ls6
  72. Electronic boost controllers?!?!
  73. p1sc used priced?
  74. best intake for forced induction
  75. AES 398 - Turbo Size
  76. Vette featured in GM high tech this month!
  77. Help me plan my Turbo Build
  78. Does anybody have a rear turbo set up in 2004 gto?
  79. Intake advantages in turbo application?
  80. Fastest Turbo Blow-through Setup?
  81. Josh@KYTP needs our help!!
  82. Need to add a crank pin?
  83. what takes to convert from gasoline to alcohol??
  84. meth injection or alcohol injection
  85. 3 psi gain?
  86. 383 lt1 with afr heads- head gasket? asap answer please
  87. Octane question
  88. Turbo Size question
  89. Turbo cam choice?
  90. supercharger help
  91. Need help finding spark plug, TR7 alternate?
  92. HOT SIDE temps........curious how high they get.....
  93. What Size intercooler pipe??
  94. looking for pics of fuel line routing to and from FPR
  95. Finally made GM High Tech and Cover!!!
  96. On3 Turbo guys.....
  97. GT91 or HP91 T4 .96 AR Garrett availability help please...
  98. e3 plugs and boost... Anybody doing it?
  99. F1A procharged WS6 in GM HIGHTECH
  100. My LS1 finally dumped me
  101. MSD 8733 2-Step w/Turbo
  102. Who's boosting L92 heads?
  103. Any Fox Bodies Using C6 Exhaust Manifolds?
  104. LT1 Turbo went to the track tonight...
  105. aes 390, d1, someone help please
  106. Do I really need a mondo or big red bypass..
  107. TFS 220 heads
  108. 2005 lq4 crank bolt part number?
  109. Twin Turbo Oil-Less Rear Mount 2010 SS by Unleashed
  110. 63 Turbo LSX Nova Almost Done!!
  111. 92 Camaro turbo lsx build 51k original miles
  112. Any FI members going to Ocmd car show this weekend?
  113. MSD 7562 Programmable Boost Controller
  114. Does my turbo need to be rebuilt??
  115. Started on my twin turbo build. Pics inside.
  116. Which aluminum 3" vband are you using?
  117. **LMR TX Mile Corvette Pics**
  118. What's needed to piece together a D1SC kit?
  119. LS2 block VS 5.3 for boost.
  120. Inlet Hat Gains
  121. New Supercharger for an LS3
  122. New turbos and headers Pics added!!
  123. F1r tbss!!!
  124. How much boost LQ4 w/ 243's
  125. Boiling fuel or cavitation in boosted application?
  126. Pusher fan install question..
  127. mishimoto vs cxracing intercooler
  128. Overboosting, can't figure out why
  129. Supercharger efficiency?
  130. callies stroker ARP 2k rod bolts?
  131. LS 408 BUILD UP, Could use some input.
  132. 2 bar map sensor tweakin out?? wtf
  133. Update on my KY turbo build..since break in.
  134. Billet valve covers. Who has in stock and can send now?
  135. 2005/5.3 head bolts which arp's to use
  136. 02 Z06, 370, YSi, yadda yadda
  137. Ideal DCR / SCR for centrifugal setup
  138. Which valvesprings? S475, 5.3, z06 cam
  139. LS3 TT questions....
  140. Favorite BOV??
  141. 3 bar map thats fits in stock ls6 intake inside!
  142. 202.5 mph Standing Mile Run in my 1000+ Rwhp Turbo Camaro - Video inside!
  143. 370/F1A dyno results on pump gas
  144. Bypass valve mounting/install question
  145. 317 heads valve?
  146. Ford Alternator on a LS1 motor?
  147. Huron Speed Turbo Kit Spring Sale LAST CHANCE - Ends 5/13/12
  148. 1/2" heads studs question?
  149. WTF is wrong with my car
  150. For those that always ask will 317's make power. 1000+ inside w/ vid
  151. ls1 or lq9
  152. Boosted going to single 2200CFM shrouded fan... HPTuners.. what to set fans to?
  153. Cam Help
  154. ATI/Procharger rebuild help
  155. **LMR's ZL Stage II 675hp Package Video Inside with Track Results**
  156. Supercharger installed at one place.....
  157. Engine Damage at 16PSI
  158. 450" Topped with Mozez heads/Marcella and a 118mm: 1352rwhp-15# boost
  159. Build ideas for 450-500hp with single turbo?
  160. Magna Charger
  161. boost referenced regulator in the trunk ?
  162. Finally done, and slightly disappointed...
  163. 4.8 t6's only the beginning....
  164. Help! Turbo sizing for 5.3 - Specs inside
  165. ebay t88
  166. to stroke or not to stroke, that is the question
  167. I need to buy a wire harness, need input
  168. 317 heads on turbo build
  169. Turbo oil feed?
  170. Procharger guys 1 7/8 headers or 2
  171. Precision Turbo went bad twice in 3 what?
  172. standing up the radiator
  173. Best converter to help launch on T70's
  174. The classic 'will it hold!'
  175. Trying to figure out witch heads to use on a turbo 4.8
  176. Magnafuel 4303 feed it with -12 or -10 ?
  177. Stock ls1 turbo+ nitrous
  178. Sound performance T4 Quick spool valve
  179. LQ4 Turbo Build Thread
  180. question for who use the Griffin Rad.27.5x15.5x3
  181. New fuel system,2 bar MAP, and E85. Car starts but wont idle..
  182. Front cover oil drain with truck front accessories
  183. Turbo ltx guys= best head gasket
  184. Is anybody using Probe pistons in their FI engine?
  185. How much more power do y'all think I will make?
  186. Best head gasket for high boost application?
  187. 370 C6 Manifold A/C build Precison 7675 CEA
  188. Pics of intecoolers and piping for twins
  189. noob ????
  190. 65 chevelle drag car which 0n3 do i use?
  191. What is everyone running for a boost reference fuel reg?
  192. Opinions on cam grind...
  193. 76mm turbo 5.3 3rd gen TA WOT runs @ 5 psi
  194. Electronic boost controller
  195. SO, im going turbo and know nothing about it, come inside
  196. Boost guys to Atlanta!!
  197. LS9 gaskets with L92 heads?
  198. ***Late Model Racecrafts 650hp ZL Camaro Package Inside***
  199. ?s on Nitromethane with Methanol Injection
  200. AFR 245s in stock? Needed for ProCharger F1C build
  201. 70 Chevelle LM7 5.3 swap with a Turbonetics T76, Videos on page 10
  202. G-FORCE 427 LSX F-1R Procharged 2011 Camaro SS!!!
  203. Need advice: WTB boost motor...will this work?
  204. Homebrew Alt. Relocation Idea.....
  205. 5.0 Ford to 5.3 ls swap, can I break even.
  206. mbc ok to put in car?
  207. 5.3 (LH6), which ON3 for me?
  208. Pressure drop across intercooler
  209. Intercooler Help Please
  210. air to water intercoolers
  211. 76mm OIL-LESS Turbo LS1 Miata Track Video!
  212. Anyone use the Obx turbo headers?
  213. 2011 SS Auto, Sleeper Package 561rwhp. ZL1
  214. What a day!!
  215. powerloss between 30 and 100 intake temps?
  216. JY5.3+LS9cam+s475+22lbs of boost in a 88GT
  217. help me reach my goals
  218. G-Force 427 LSx F-1C Procharged C6
  219. Huron Speed, on3 turbo, and 5.3 dyno results with vid!
  220. Let's play, "What's that in my oil pan?"
  221. FI head/cam question
  222. AMS1000 and Map sensor wiring
  223. Looking for input on stock displacement ls1 m6? Anyone with a Huron Speed Turbo Kit?
  224. were to by borg warner turbos
  225. Just Another JY 5.3 Build......
  226. Moran injectors on E.85
  227. Need help...head gasket issue
  228. One Guys Garage 71 Nova, twin 66 5.3, 8.82 at 153.
  229. 1200 rwhp Dyno Vid and several runs at Texas Invitational
  230. drag radial turbo build thread
  231. Our LT1 Track project?
  232. ECU advice
  233. A few e85 turbo build questions
  234. Junkyard engine guys
  235. any new or majorly revised true street builds?
  236. 2 gt2871 ball bearing turbo set up for sale
  237. whos got the fatest turbo aluminum block LS motor
  238. Unleashed Stock Bottom End Turbo C5 - New Best...10.26
  239. Bolting on PRC 215s, Couple Questions :)
  240. Oil smell from catch can set up...
  241. turbo ltx guys-how r u standing up your
  242. Turbo cam
  243. Stock rear, how much can it take??
  244. Bill's 99 TA LSx/F3 procharger
  245. Avalanche 5.3 V2 Vortech kit on 2002 LS1 Camaro
  246. New spark plugs required for 7-8 lbs boost?
  247. Catch can vs breathers vs header evac for PCV on FI LT1. Discuss.
  248. Procharger on a high compression motor..
  249. F1A-390ci-E85
  250. Turbo Cam ???