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  17. Intake manifold
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  22. Looking for some forced induction advise..
  23. Timing Chain Stock 5.3 twin turbo's
  24. are cometic head gaskets repressable
  25. Just a feeler... Whats it worth?
  26. Twin Screw LS
  27. help with a little blowby not alot
  28. M6 gears
  29. coated bearings?
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  31. need help
  32. Put my car on the rollers today, timing/plug question
  33. Swapping EPP (brutespeed) cam to what?
  34. 07 avalanche 5.3 valley cover/magnacharger
  35. Spark plug insulator tip broke?
  36. Stick with LS3 shortblock or go iron?
  37. External Waste gate and boost control ?'s
  38. Truck manifold collector gaskets
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  40. Procharger P-1SC kit for 98-02 Fbody for sale
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  42. journal bearing turbos...what size feed? restrictor? using HP Melling pump
  43. KY turbo kit?
  44. stock shortblock madness! D1+Nitro daves plate kit= 864 rwhp
  45. Does any re-use the manifold flange from the trucks?
  46. Wanting some input/advice! Thanks in advance! FI 370/TC78 setup
  47. Advice on a Forged LS6 build I'm planning, if you would be so kind
  48. 4032 good for 15psi?
  49. Stock TB or Aftermarket
  50. ProCharger Rebate Program!
  51. oil issue with turbo
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  54. Help with lifters
  55. procharger + nitrous question...
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  58. Turbo size comparison
  59. Those with F1C Prochargers... what intake are you using?
  60. Made it KCIR, 11.8 at 134 mph.
  61. Pinning crank?
  62. Ohio boys Mike Brown wreck at Imports vs Domestics at MIR
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  66. Turbo build
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  70. oil out of breather
  71. Supercharged, or not?
  72. How much CFM will keep are cars cool?
  73. Finally got to track.. Vids. E85 questions also
  74. Testing Eboost2 ??
  75. RMCR High Mount YSI Set Up
  76. SC guys take a looksy
  77. Finally!
  78. RHS new 225 heads any info?
  79. Modular Turbo XT80 Turbo!!!!!
  80. Help with my rear mount setup
  81. p-1sc in ls2 questions
  82. anyone using gapless rings for FI?
  83. Timing chain
  84. Another Vic Jr. Question
  85. What oil and weight are you guys running?
  86. Meth injection on Volkswagon diesel
  87. New Turbo kit I'm building
  88. First FI Build! Stock-ish 6.0L +
  89. upgrading t4 turbo
  90. Thinking of ditching the twins and going KY turbo kit???
  91. Blew vacuum line off valve cover...etc
  92. Anyone have a 101mm Thumper compressor map?
  93. Question on BW s400-75ett
  94. Hinson hot parts?
  95. TVS2300 Boost question
  96. Starting my LQ9 build, please come in and advise!
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  98. New to the super charged world
  99. Help me understand turbo compressor maps.
  100. Pt76gtsh billet or non billet for 293ci
  101. Copo camaro supercharger
  102. Turbo sizing help?
  103. God Speed single turbo kit
  104. 2 12' Derale pushers on a griffin rad
  105. TV2300 in a LQ9 4 gen ?????
  106. what heads to run
  107. HKS green "mushroom" filter... anyone used one?
  108. which plugs
  109. Boost Leaks at Intake Manifold Gaskets
  110. Still in mock-up and already want to upgrade
  111. what bearings/rings/gaskets and clearances for rebuild
  112. F1a or F1c
  113. Exhaust flow/size/restriction for a blown 402ci??
  114. Is it better to weld or Tap...Oil pan!
  115. STS Setup wiring..HALP!!!
  116. my corvette in costume
  117. All Pro Heads questions
  118. do i need a power steering pump?
  119. Anyone runing different ac condensors?
  120. piston recommendation.
  121. twin ls1 plans?
  122. procharger timming
  123. whats up with my dyno numbers? peak hp at 4600rpms
  124. **Late Model Racecraft "Twisted" Package Video Inside**
  125. How hot does a turbine housing get?
  126. Beginning my winter 5.3 turbo build...
  127. Question about keeping A/C.
  128. 370 s91 th400 with a 3400 stall?
  129. Hotside Group buy 10 needed
  130. How would this cam do in a turbo application (tsp tsunami -235/240 648"/609",111 lsa)
  131. Good..Bad...Good.. 347 PT88 12psi Dyno Results
  132. Some new times with the Turbo Fox body
  133. Satan z31
  134. stock fans on a griffin radiator
  135. Modular Turbo PS line kit installed.... on a PROCHARGED car... (pics)
  136. ported ls6 heads or different heads?
  137. Who sells Stainless T4 flange to 2.5" pipe assy?
  138. cheap procharger
  139. 5/16 or 3/8 Pushrods?
  140. Sc 1995 firebird
  141. LQ4 Procharger Build Question
  142. gusset plates or not?
  143. procharged f1 ls2 killed the thrust bearing
  144. My build thread - TC78/LS1/sedan from Aus
  145. got car back today, traction is an major issue
  146. C6 Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger Install
  147. d1 or Turbo?
  148. Questions about my turbo oil drain
  149. any pics of enclosed procharger race valve
  150. leaking oil
  151. LSX 427 radial RX3
  152. turbo 5.3
  153. maf confusion
  154. what 72cc factory head for my 402 on 15#'s max?
  155. LS6 vs LS9 cam for S475 turbo LQ9?
  156. Which IAT sensor for turbo setup?
  157. Has anybody done a roots blown LSx?
  158. who's the dickhead closing people threads for nothing?
  159. lowball me on what this set up might make
  160. TC78 fitting sizes
  161. Having tuning issues with vortech V1 setup
  162. Splitting the Intake Pipe
  163. 94 383 SBC to 5.3 PT76 Build Thread
  164. Adding an intake spacer for clearance?
  165. Looking for dual 4.5" IC's
  166. Thinking about using PRC LS3 heads for a moderate boost application (15-25 psi)
  167. Dual 38mm wastegate placement
  168. fmic question
  169. Supercharger question
  170. Any "small" 5inch mufflers for downpipe?
  171. Using proportion valve on front brakes to build boost w/out t-brake?
  172. is a 600+ turbo car good for a DD?
  173. PCV drawing and question
  174. T4 or T6 Flanges
  175. purely out of curiosity.... 750rwhp...
  176. how much power are u making with only one ati side pin?
  177. D1? Or P1?
  178. CAM Selection what would be your choice?
  179. Opinions welcome - my turbo build
  180. Tell me if my parts list is good or not?
  181. Ball bearing or journal bearing? is it really worth it?
  182. Gm high-tech supercharger wastegate what do you think
  183. turbee or not turbee
  184. Turbo gears
  185. How much power on '05 LQ9 rod bolts
  186. Start with 10 PSI?
  187. Turbo and emissions?
  188. Stock Shortblock Shootout updates and competitors thread.
  189. Advantages of going 5.3 over LS1
  190. good heads for procharger?
  191. Our latest Turbo F-Body accessory
  192. Guys running LS7/9 head gaskets...
  193. A4 with STS build
  194. How much power will this fuel system handle?
  195. whats needed for tt build
  196. a few gear questions (2.75)
  197. Valvespring choice
  198. 408 PT88 Turbo SS Camaro vs 364 Procharged G8 GT
  199. Cool weather & boost !!
  200. Pushrod Question 5.3 w/stock heads
  201. 91 Octane vs/ E85
  202. FI and stock ecu, wiring in a swap?
  203. APS C5 Corvette System - Scavenge Pump Issues W Smoking
  204. Placement of BOV???? DILEMA
  205. My twin turbo vette went up in flames
  206. Whats the record for F1R LSX?
  207. guesstimate my HP
  208. Real Boost and Horsepower Limit of a Stock GM LS Engine
  209. Boost lt1
  210. ARP Head Studs/LS9 Gasket?
  211. 408 Pt88 Turbo SS Camaro vs 408 S85 Turbo SS Camaro
  212. how much power will I gain?
  213. I am bored...ummm now what?
  214. How much boost will 42 lb injectors hold
  215. What i need for a F1C procharger to fit.
  216. Tech: Wastegate position sensors
  217. A4 boosted cars in here please
  218. 9.46 with a tc78
  219. Ok do's and dont's. Replacing Procharged Ls1 with Ls3
  220. Should I run my master power t70 with an lq4
  221. Boost Controllers
  222. Who sells LS7 intake flanges?
  223. Procharger Fuel Management Unit Question
  224. LS6 intake to LSXr Intake what bumps in power have folks seen?
  225. Fan Combinations for FI Cars
  226. Help me with cold side piping size
  227. Turbo or stroker?
  228. 69 Chevelle Engine Mount bracket?
  229. lq9 procharged questions
  230. Pics of a CAS twin turbo
  231. What parts in my parts list here are overkill on a 15psi single 70mm 4.8 turbo truck?
  232. What head gasket?
  233. rebuilding car, what should be done with motor out
  234. Pics of my soon to be turbo'd LS1!
  235. should i ditch my procharger setup and go turbo?
  236. Is turbonetics 10975-bb too small for my setup??
  237. Autolite AR3911 plugs and 15psi+. Anyone using these?
  238. 317 issues
  239. 4.8 w/317's
  240. Looking good for a 2012 LSX Series...
  241. How much can a stock LQ4 take?
  242. Help me turbo my LS1 jet boat...
  243. Dual bov for twin turbo build?
  244. Oil how to
  245. Front mount turbo with a/c almost complete PICS
  246. 3" vs 2.5" crossover pipes....LETS LAY IT TO REST!!
  247. Whipple in a camaro
  248. max psi on stock heads?
  249. 5.3l turbo build
  250. Stock Bottom 5.3 Selection for 15-20 psi - mileage?