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  1. e85 turbo guys, need help.
  2. 50mm wastegate on ebay kit??
  3. need opinions on the route i should go
  4. anyone try flexable intake duct (pre turbo)?
  5. Which gear would you run?
  6. Turbo & Gearing
  7. new best at the track tonight with aps turbos
  8. Old New PB 9.71 @ 141.21
  9. highest boost on P1SC?
  10. super charger location w/Fbody accessories
  11. msd boost a pump 2351 (inertia wire?)
  12. Critique my turbo setup please!
  13. Two ports but many vacuum hoses--Vic Jr.
  14. Forced Inductions Parts sources
  15. guys who've gone from MP to T-Netics BB come in.
  16. Truck manifolds WITHOUT moving alternator. =)
  17. Video of '98 C5 with ATI ProCharger D-1SC
  18. Lemmme see your installed meth kit
  19. PTS/PTK/Ebay turbo kit plug wire issues.
  20. Keating TKR claims fastest production car in the world title at 260.1 mph
  21. I need some of you guys expert help PLEASE!
  22. APS Dyno Results - 91X rwhp / 95X rwtq
  23. Turbo Car Interest?
  24. wastegate adjustment screw
  25. Shortblock questions
  26. Boost limits of mildly built 5.3
  27. Plans for Catch Can Setup
  28. Non-metal FI Intake/Charge Pipes
  29. Finally started working on Big Tire Turbo car.
  30. Finally finished my procharger D1 install
  31. New dyno on meth
  32. How to choose gear ratio with current setup?
  33. My head is spinning!!!
  34. Trans Am front mount turbo/rear exhaust Q?
  35. I just put a MSD 2-step in
  36. Finally started the twin turbo project!
  37. Turbo A/R vs Elevation vs Spool time affect
  38. The infamous Turbo whistle...
  39. pully question
  40. What gears?
  41. Tru boost setup help
  42. Which gauges are you guys running?
  43. FI Cam spec review
  44. remain turbo or go N/A?
  45. STS Turbo setup - question on Cats
  46. open downpipe
  47. LS2 or LS3 which one for boost?
  48. Professional products typhon intake
  49. not getting enough boost question
  50. 2nd stock longblock into the 9's!
  51. Is this the correct fitting?
  52. Just a few teaser pics
  53. paul major crashes bad!! Pictures and video!
  54. Is an L92 block ok to run under moderate boost?
  55. What valve covers and what catch can?
  56. Help with LS3 air build!
  57. whats really needed?
  58. Hot side Fab Construction questions
  59. Discussing "PSI" should be a ban'able offense...
  60. New to Turbos
  61. Meth injection??
  62. 5.41@125 with a 1.24 60ft on radials with a APS kit on formula
  63. New Best with the Ebay kit! 10.64@129
  64. blow off valve question
  65. boost sensor for LM-1
  66. 5.3 nova swap
  67. LS2 402 or L92 418?
  68. Anybody use a JGS Bov?
  69. Sts guys
  70. ***Cartek C5 Vette 8.98 at 158 (Video)
  71. Rpms to spool Turbos..Any spec sheets?
  72. How much are those mods worth??
  73. Maximum boost.
  74. Need help identifying procharger bracket, QUICK please
  75. Turbo M6 to Auto Swapers come inside!
  76. headstuds
  77. Procharger guys, boost vs. gearing
  78. ECS 347ci Novi 2000 Stock LS6 Heads/powerglide ran 8.7@154mph
  79. what kind of power do you think this turbo motor will make?
  80. Budget build info wanted
  81. My vert turbo camaro project
  82. New 1/4 mile best today
  83. F1C siezed on me today. Anyone send their blower in to Procharger?
  84. GT4202 LS1 camaro goes 10.55 @ 130 new PB
  85. New best 9.04@154!!!!!!
  86. My 5.3L truck manifold DIY turbo setup
  87. What cubic inches for d1sc
  88. Thinking of selling your K member for the new BMR APS?
  89. AN radiator hoses?
  90. Question for the tubular turbo manifold guys
  91. Should I dump my 243s for 317s?...
  92. Help me choose turbo setup!
  93. Cablebandit new best.
  94. 434 with L-92 heads?
  95. Another great night of racing at PBIR. New PB.
  96. Heads: 317s vs 243s
  97. Tapping oil pan
  98. Phil Thomas runs 4.70 @ 164-one bad LSX
  99. Turbo LS based Fox bodies?
  100. BBC vs LSX blocks
  101. Intercooler ambient air flow TRANS AM
  102. What Should I Build?
  103. What can I replace my MPGT45 with thats bigger??
  104. Front mount intercooler LSxTurbo S10
  105. what intake!
  106. Ultimate Street Car (On A Budget)
  107. LMR new drag radial car ever come around?
  108. procharged t/a 7psi.. question.
  109. Best motor for boost
  110. LS1 ECU & Coils on my Turbo LT1
  111. Best price for 80 or 88mm????
  112. Building Headers 101
  113. Ok to run open DP for tuning?
  114. 98+ camaro intercooler mounting?
  115. 402 F1 Procharged, what oil?
  116. Need a 6 rib procharger pulley<3.85
  117. Exhaust Set-up with 3.5+ downpipe?
  118. Vid of my cars 10.001 run on Pass Time
  119. Procharger help
  120. Renegade 116?
  121. New Edelbrock TVS Superchargers at Sema
  122. looking for a good fbody turbo kit
  123. Project Turbo LS2/350z begins.
  124. Kyle's KY-Turbo Tube Header T4 Hot Parts "Non A/C"
  125. Looking for Single T76 or T78 Kit for 04 GTO
  126. Back in the 9's and it isn't cold here yet.
  127. C6 LS3 maggie install
  128. Twin turbo'ed Rat Rod?
  129. 3" downpipe on pt88?
  130. 402 and d1
  131. fuel pump recomendations
  132. looks like my car is going to be on pass time
  133. Radix Magnacharger + Heads + cam ?
  134. A few questions on what size bov, wg, and intercooler for t76 street car?
  135. 42lb duty cycle of 115% at only 0.5bar - possible?
  136. made new inlet piping for my f body ls1 aps turbo kit
  137. 5.3l dish volume??
  138. Anyone make a prefabbed hotside using C6 Manifolds
  139. What switch panel for tbrake, 2step, and line lock?
  140. Help! AFR 225cc. What springs???
  141. Would you run this cam?
  142. Will the Bmr turbo k-member work with an OFI kit?
  143. please help
  144. Spark Plug/Oil for my setup?
  145. Twin Turbo
  146. Questions on a 5.3L Vortech SC build up
  147. help with pulley vs RPM
  148. Please suggest timing curve on WOT
  149. Breaking up in the higher rpms?
  150. Oil out of dipstick tube question
  151. manifolds/headers to keep A/C
  152. at what boost level does GT-60 turbo max out?
  153. Anyone have a 6 rib Procharger Idler pulley?
  154. Who is running 10psi (or more!) on a stock LS1
  155. 2in arh
  156. Pics of new BMR K member for APS guys with install pics
  157. Turbo & Lingenfelter GT11 Cam??
  158. Few FI questions
  159. backed up my 9sec run(TT Typhoon)
  160. Quick manifold question?
  161. rx7 5.3/TC78, 9 sec pass
  162. what rings? stock ls1 7-9psi
  163. Intercooler piping help
  164. Road work = Doom - help!
  165. APS Kit goes 8.57 at 154.47
  166. Air to water intercooler for twins
  167. hobbs switch... which one to use?
  168. New video's of my Turbo SS!!
  169. Steve Turley at Orlando
  170. Intercooler... What one?
  171. procharger
  172. diffrent radiator placement????
  173. car overheated, weird cooling fan issue
  174. What block to run for FI
  175. 60 trim vs 67 trim
  176. Thiking about switching power adders
  177. Headers on FI cars
  178. D1SC F-Body Kit Question.........
  179. Video 9.71 @ 157 C5 427 TTIX 6 speed
  180. How much vacuum do you make at idle?
  181. Steve (BLNLS1/RX7) goes 9.72 right off the trailer Wednesday night at Muncie Dragway!
  182. Speed density and auto transmissions hear maf is needed or transmissions get damaged?
  183. Denting the downpipe..
  184. L92 w/ GM cts-v s/c?
  185. 2002 Z06 cam in 402FI???
  186. Starting the maggie install on my SS
  187. 38mm or 44mm TiAL Wastegate?
  188. if you havent seen a 91mm T-4 turbo (trick or treat)
  189. Third gen 5.3 guys lend me your knowledge
  190. EPP LS1 F Body ProCharger Cog Drive & Assembly Directions
  191. Custom Rear Mount Questions
  192. do you really benifit from ported heads with FI?
  193. Supporting mods for 91mm turbo
  194. Magnacharger vs Procharger
  195. ...Just got my STS tune numbers : )
  196. single turbo header?
  197. turbo/ procharger preference daily driver
  198. Direct Filter for D1SC
  199. Turbo Cam Basics...
  200. custom cam for tc78 370 setup what do you think?
  201. Good place to buy turbo???????????
  202. ls6 or tr224 on a turbo 5.3?
  203. 02 sensor question
  204. How To Hook UP Manual Boost Controller On STS???
  205. questions about aps tt kits
  206. Heatshielding for motormounts, lines, wires, etc..
  207. Last chance for vac kit and free torqe arm
  208. Sts guys, little help please
  209. EPP FI cam users inside please..
  210. Truck manifolds, stock k-member and 4" downpipe?
  211. Help with build
  212. A/C heat question
  213. 1300rwhp Vette
  214. What do you think of these manifolds for turbo?
  215. Am I the fastest APS car???????
  216. Is it safe to use stock IAT sensor? Can it react fast enough?
  217. So im thinking about boosted.
  218. port matching Victor Jr. manifold?!?
  219. KY-Turbo Inc. is Sponsoring LS1Tech "again"
  220. where can i get turbonetics gtk's
  221. Radix Magnacharger
  222. Edlebrock pro flo xt
  223. Snow nozzles in a TNT power ring!
  224. 5.3 turbo guys in here plz
  225. Maggies here ready 2 b on fbody
  226. do i need to brace the turbo flange?
  227. car vs truck accessory location with turbo?
  228. TT Typhoon 9 sec video
  229. A/A intercooler to support 1000rwhp? Will eBay 4" unit support this....
  230. C6 exhaust manifold flanges
  231. What turbo for lq9/4l80 in 4700lb car?
  232. AIS meth kit summit line lock
  233. Highest Horse Power Numbers using a ProChargers D1SC
  234. Stock LS1 with 317's
  235. carbed 5.3 turbo??
  236. Is anyone else liquifying the poly motor mounts with truck manifolds?
  237. Install instructions for QMP turbo kit or TTI Street kit
  238. FI cam selections???????
  239. might have an alternative for the F body aps guys with bunk turbos
  240. New best 9.133@154.97!!!
  241. Rear mount turbo can I run headers?
  242. Radiator Supports
  243. what belt size for my procharger pullys?
  244. Help Choosing Turbo
  245. STS kit anyone?
  246. SOOO close to the 9's
  247. New inlet hat is in
  248. TT LS1 typhoon single digit pass!!
  249. Critique this cam for blower application
  250. f body guys looking for turbo headers