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  1. Max power on a P600B
  2. Virginia Speed forced induction engines
  3. Forged pistons on stock rods Hp/TRQ limitation?
  4. budget twin turbo 6.0 questions
  5. APS passing smog in So-Cal
  6. turbo question??
  7. what rear gear is best for turbo's
  8. Stock LS2 + boost + spray?
  9. Stock cam or Xfi 292
  10. best intake for forged ls2 w 317's d1sc
  11. Updates on our TT C5 Z06 w/ short Vids..
  12. Holset Diesel turbos
  13. Looking for TC76 rear mount results
  14. What's the difference in truck manifolds and camaro manifolds
  15. poll do it your self or a shop
  16. STS??? APS??? opinions and advice wanted
  17. Boost Bleeding Off = Bent Intake Valve?
  18. is this normal for a blow off valve?
  19. Auto or manual for a procharger
  20. Blower cam 346
  21. DIY TT piping
  22. Looking for yellow silicon hose in 1 1/4"
  23. HSRK on ProCharger?
  24. turbo cam
  25. tell me what you think...
  26. maf to sd step by step what do I have to do?
  27. anyone SC and 60#Siemens using LS1edit?
  28. How much overlap is wanted with a blower vs turbo?
  29. GT-55-94T vs FI98X
  30. Whats the highest boost on 2bar setup?
  31. wantin a bigger motor for my turbo build
  32. Out with the Old in with the New!!!
  33. A few turbo questions
  34. Why am I not making any boost?
  35. Heat wrap for rear mount turbo help please!
  36. gauges
  37. Boost leak symptoms and speed density.
  38. heat issues, coolant/tranny/oil....Help!
  39. D1SC on Ebay...Question
  40. wastegate sizing
  41. To turbo or not to turbo that is the question
  42. Anyone use the AEM Meth kit?
  43. 7 seconds...FINALLY!
  44. 5.3 and s480? yes/no?
  45. Cheapest d1sc kit
  46. My99 problems questions, ideas..
  47. 2010 camaro- procharger finally got it right for the fbody!
  48. Oil feed and drain on wrong side?
  49. HOLSET HX-35 DIESEL TURBO. need help ASAP!
  50. how much can stock ls6 handle
  51. which procharger headunit???
  52. cheap turbo build??
  53. Help with PBV on on procharger kit.
  54. PTK/Ebay Kit Belt Issues
  55. The best place to measure boost
  56. MAF Limit
  57. intercooler piping?
  58. where is the ideal place to measure boost?
  59. Will this turbo work?
  60. Got my F3/Geardrive today...Pics!
  61. do i change motor oil when i go turbo?
  62. L92's and boost
  63. Confused on Speed Density pish posh..
  64. need powerdyne bd-11a parts list please
  65. What's everyone running for a coolant overflow?
  66. quater mile times
  67. New aps lg upgrade pics
  68. vortech sq9 pulley change
  69. Mahle Pistons?
  70. 403 l92 turbo build advice needed.
  71. Vortech's new VTS twin screw blower... will they make kits for vettes and camaros?
  72. New FANTAZ Video!
  73. PCM learn mode for SC and 60#inj tune
  74. My KYTP GT47-88 Manifold kit
  75. MSD8733 Launch controllers available!!!
  76. ***power difference with compression help ASAP***
  77. changing head gasket. need help picking
  78. Anyone have the fenix999 alt. bracket? What size belt do I need?
  79. busted 90mm FAST intake
  80. Bottom support for vertical mount rad setup?
  81. Solid motor mount and rubber tranny mount question
  82. Not a GM Platform but a GM engine with TT
  83. D1SC & short belt mod on an F-Body
  84. Back-firing out of the exhaust
  85. Can some share me some hptunes for similar setup?
  86. procharger set-up
  87. What spark plugs for a 9.8 to1 boost 427 motor ?
  88. New Turbo exhaust
  89. ati j-bracket good enough?
  90. sell fast intake or not?
  91. Low boost HELP!
  92. Manifold mounted supercharger with drive in front and inlet straight into the back?
  93. Turbo vs. Supercharger help
  94. Complete ATI ProCharger/EPP LS1 F Body D-1SC Kit On Sale!
  95. gtm tc78 vs t78 vs precision 78gts
  96. Different Way To Ask The Q
  97. C5 front mount w/a intercooler
  98. Twin Turbo 434 LSX Corvette
  99. TurboD Lt1
  100. Anybody mind taking a look at my Idle Airflow table?
  101. results from modifying and re-tuning my rear mount
  102. Manual boost controller (sponsors?)
  103. Single Plane or Stock intake on LT1?
  104. APS allternate mass air pipe?
  105. Octane Booster
  106. thread size on sts checkvalve?
  107. best place to purchase a set of stainless header flanges and any primary size sugest?
  108. Video walk around lsx 434 tt
  109. Realistic price for my motor/blower setup?
  110. can 5.3L heads be used?
  111. how interchangeable are meth kits?
  112. Solve a dispute between me and a buddy
  113. Procharger BPV problem?
  114. My 370 buildup (for F1 procharger) WARNING: long post & lots of pics!
  115. Wide band bung?
  116. intercooler on single t70
  117. turbo oil return on front timing cover?
  118. Fuel drops 5 psi
  119. E85 and meth injection
  120. Want to replace Procharger 16" Fan
  121. Twin Charged, Compound boost with BW S475 Turbo and TVS 1900 Blower On A Truck
  122. Over heating with a verticle griffin. Anyone else??
  123. What gears to run with T76
  124. Already bought two turbos, now I think I want to go bigger
  125. Help with turbo oil connections?
  126. STS / cam question
  127. More power needed !
  128. Found a boost leak...
  129. anyone have video of their atmosphere WG?
  130. Turbo question
  131. Got my car tuned...questions...
  132. Another option for the puller fans
  133. Vortech T-trim Upgrade
  134. Switching exhaust setup for FI
  135. Need to quiet the car down, a LOT! My idea in here
  136. throwing belts
  137. POWER from a D1
  138. New to F1 section need injector help
  139. LS1 92 Z28 swap... which turbo?tc78? BW s475?Ideas?
  140. Just curious as to how much weight a Procharger setup adds?
  141. Can't go WOT
  142. Eating map sensors
  143. duramax diesel turbo on my ls1?
  144. Could my cam Really be Hurting me?
  145. How much hp can a stock ls1 handle safely on 93 octane?
  146. Feels like throttle slams shut.
  147. Help me figure out what is holding me back.
  148. what would good heads be for FI
  149. Guys with FI cars!
  150. Drilling holes in MLS head gaskets ?
  151. Cats to catless throw off tune???
  152. New alternator bracket
  153. D1SC Question
  154. How to determine What Size Turbo I have?
  155. Procharger Question
  156. NINETRES in NHRA??? 144mph??? Oh yes.
  157. High Comp & Boost
  158. Need some help please!!!
  159. The new 2010 FORD SHO
  160. looseing boost
  161. Piston Talk
  162. Started my turbo build! PICS!!
  163. FI + spray
  164. Good crank for supercharged application?
  165. Big Red Race Valve Placement?
  166. Stupid Question
  167. Wanting to go S/C. Looking for some input.
  168. Anyone running Precision 6262's??
  169. Radiator question
  170. Which cam for sts turbo
  171. Confusing O2 readings, need expert opinion
  172. LMR Twin Turbo Corvette Dyno Vid!!
  173. roots vs twin screw
  174. Twin MC76 turbonetics turbos for sale!!!!!
  175. Is my wg 2 small?
  176. Who's best to get a Custom Intercooler from?
  177. Opinion on custom 76mm Turbo set up for my 2010 Camaro
  178. FMIC on Vortech instead of Aftercooler
  179. 5.3L Boost questions?
  180. WG Dump Question
  181. Gforce Engineering's GTO Turbo build
  182. Burkhart's Dog Days of Summer Sale
  183. 347
  184. Project NIGHTMARE for LSX Shootout!
  185. Head gaskets
  186. Vid 1st crank 434 LSX TT
  187. Turbo with a 6 Speed?
  188. no Boost
  189. If I hit the rev limiter under boost will it blow?
  190. Who runs with no intercooler?
  191. Wiseco GFX rings good?
  192. Can anyone give me an idea what some parts are worth (parting car)?
  193. turbo guys in here need help
  194. EPP Front Mount F1A Air Inlet
  195. 98 f-body 2bar conversion wiring pigtail?
  196. Powerdyne supercharger??
  197. Belt for P1SC
  198. New APS Upgraded Turbos
  199. Fastest 60 Turbo F-body
  200. Speed Inc TT LS Typhoon 1/4 mile video
  201. 317 heads or 243s
  202. want to see what material you all are using for your turbo setup
  203. How much boost can I run and how is this cam?
  204. f1r procharger questions?
  205. blower got crazy loud
  206. alittle different turbo question
  207. smallest procharger 8 rib pulley?
  208. will it fit?
  209. cam help!!!
  210. What would you do?
  211. FI question
  212. 8-Rib Gates Belt
  213. Vid-1st crank of LSX 434TT
  214. Wastegate(s) question
  215. Which turbo(s) would work best for me?
  216. wtf do i do for a turbo exhaust?
  217. What size pushrod to buy for boosted 427 with TFS245 heads
  218. HP limits of 317 heads
  219. boost with procharger
  220. Main bearing wear with a supercharger
  221. t88 seized t4
  222. Forged 347 + Meth + D1SC.
  223. Blow-Off, Pop-off, Wastegate on a SC Engine
  224. Wideband questions,opinions..observations..
  225. stock LS1 psi?
  226. Thinking about getting heads what CR should I got for
  227. HELP: changing a2w too a2a need help to kinda understand it and do it
  228. Turbo Newbie!!
  229. need help with fuel system/boost referenced regulator
  230. interchangability between GTO/Fbody Prochargers?
  231. eboost2 install tips and tricks and pics???
  232. Rule 3700 pump part 2.
  233. Eagle or Callies crank for FI?
  234. Vic Jr or LS6?
  235. Intercooler piping
  236. LT1 vs LS1 Procharger kits
  237. We're getting ready to hit the track with an F-1C on the EPP Camaro
  238. The Trickflow 245 heads what the intake runner height and width
  239. Anyone running one of these?
  240. Anyone have results after adding methanol w/NO tuning?
  241. which heads should i go with?
  242. Backyard turbo
  243. Meth color?
  244. Should i trying a EFI super victor or victor jr with new motor ? whats needed to run
  245. Aps guys who are running front sway with spacers come on in!
  246. Is my Impeller Screwed Up?
  247. Which head gaskets for a 427, LS7 or LS9?.(
  248. Budget Minded 500whp (LT1)
  249. Please help design a F1r pro charged ls3
  250. Wideband Placement?