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  1. TTI turbo kit oil return and general questions!
  2. Is this cam okay for FI?
  3. Vertical Rad Washer Reservoir
  4. alternator relocation
  5. Fastest Stock CI LS1?
  6. Mahle Pistons for Blower ?
  7. Someone overlook my build, critique heavy please
  8. wastegate that fits ptk clone kit
  9. D1sc to my new pt88 truck maniflod build
  10. Which to run on a budget?
  11. Turbo with Nitrous dyno numbers
  12. Radiator support for FM turbo systems
  13. Rear mount gto build. :) LQx REBUILD TO COME
  14. a4 transmission cooler lines relocation ?
  15. Who has a lt1 with a sts t67 turbo.. What are your hp numbers
  16. what size wastegate for 78GTS
  17. cam help with my lt1!
  18. Procharger F1 for 346?
  19. FI w/ ram air? TMIC w/ ram air?
  20. Good turbo cam?
  21. LY5 5.3L suitable for boost?
  22. Which is the best meth injection system
  23. EPP FI cam + 5.3
  24. It's Alive...and running great!!! DYNO VIDS UP
  25. 1 5/8 primaries with supercharger
  26. Boost Controller
  27. lightweight flywheel w/ procharger???
  28. GTO and F-body owners: Front Entry Cathedral Port Whipple kits
  29. looking to S/C, would like some info please
  30. Anyone using an intercooler like this.
  31. 12.808 @ 104.39 in the express VAN
  32. Anyone running Virginia speed turbo manifold
  33. Starting a turbo build need some advise
  34. Who has over spun their D1? I've talked to 3 techs at Procharger w/3 different answer
  35. Old Story - Single or twin for me?
  36. Ignition for 383 procharger build (LT1)
  37. Pick out my S/C cam for me! (LT1)
  38. worth it or quit being a cheap a$$
  39. Question for everyone
  40. want pics of stainless works down and forward turbo headers.
  41. Having problems picking blowoff valve spring as Im right in between numbers?
  42. Victor Jr. users inside!!!!!
  43. Turbo: oil feed source?
  44. Where is Bob from EPP? Ordered a part 3 weeks ago, still nothing...
  45. Game over!!!!!
  46. Race Proven Motorsports 667RWHP Cam, ARH, A&A C5Z!!
  47. Precision VS. Turbonetics (billet vs. TC)
  48. HPE 440lsx F1R
  49. APS Turbo Question
  50. HP gain w/o inlet pipe
  51. Benefits of Meth Inj. when running big fuel system, race gas, air/water intercooler
  52. which TB for boost?
  53. TC78 Dimensions
  54. budget ball bearing turbo?
  55. How much do I gap my plugs for my 5.3 turbo
  56. 304 stainless coating or wrap?
  57. is this a waste of money????
  58. Tall deck RHS block...
  59. anyone runnin 10.50 or faster with a M6?
  60. STS Concerns
  61. Another 1,150+rwhp street car by Speed Inc.
  62. Thinking about side the front...
  63. Edelbrock 2008-10 Corvette Test Vehicle Wanted
  64. Stock untouched heads and 834/694rwhp/tq???
  65. Turbo Experts: T72 question
  66. multiple problems- do not know what to do
  67. Front Mount Turbo w/ A/C
  68. Aluminum downpipes
  69. largest fastest spooling turbo, 364 engine, ptk kit
  70. Uncage the Rage!!! RR-Forged LS7 w/ ECS 2200 876rwhp "Z06Beast"
  71. where to buy vband for masterpower turbo vband outlet
  72. 69 Camaro, 410" LSX with Procharger F1C
  73. turbo 400 or 4l80 for my F1A
  74. Procharger Pulley install?
  75. Smooth Idler and J-Bracket?
  76. looking for tc78 or better
  77. Procharger torque specs?
  78. lets see those alternator relocations
  79. Front mount intercooler location and bracket
  80. Turbonetics contact & website
  81. To those with steel piping
  82. Which Supercharger for a C5?
  83. Sts
  84. Anyone running higher boost, E85, and no intercooler?
  85. Ls1 worth boosting? or 6.0l swap? Turbo size?
  86. does it matter where the 317's come from?
  87. ZO6 cam kit...install it or sell it?
  88. which turbo?
  89. Oil people are running with an STS
  90. Who wants to make some serious horsepower?
  91. Would there be any benefit to portmatching 317s to the exhaust manifolds?
  92. Camaro SS supercharged radio bezel
  93. How much PS! is robbed when using a intercooler?
  94. Got a summit gift card, wanna help me spend it?
  95. speedinc tu3 turbo cam?
  96. Truck Manifold ID
  97. I know Powerdyne sucks but can I intercool or meth it?
  98. Exhaust Manifolds...
  99. SD tune help. Car will not start.
  100. Jet Coating Hotpipes? TQ V2 cam good for Boost?
  101. AIT sensor
  102. why the huge price difference on s480s from different companies?
  103. Is there any difference between map sensors
  104. tired of sts crap
  105. Cutouts and 02 sensor placement
  106. New adrl xtf vette
  107. Exhaust flange supplier
  108. 317 heads vs. 862 LM7 heads
  109. LQ4 bottom end BOOSTED?
  110. Holeset turbos
  111. Confused about FPR choice
  112. thunderracing cams for boost?
  113. Guys running dual walbros with 2nd on hobbs switch
  114. o2 sensor(s)?
  115. 2 step for ls motor
  116. How will a TC76 perform compared to an MPT70 or MPT76?
  117. Some questions for you turbo/boost tuning masters. please have a look.
  118. Meth or intercooler or both?
  119. F1C Procharger for 410" LSX build
  120. What size are meth nozzles?
  121. wastegate hookup and fpr line
  122. Dino or syn for first start up?
  123. T70 or T76?
  124. Newb to boost, plz help with build basics
  125. Compression ratio dilemma
  126. To or Not-To... Stock internals turbo build
  127. If you are STS and Stalled please come in
  128. Help with eboost vac lines
  129. Fabricators - looking for hot side design tips
  130. Boost wont go over 6psi ?
  131. New PB
  132. best pusher fans
  133. Not an LSX but still FI Turbo Mach1 dyno graph
  134. Which cam for turbo 416??
  135. Got some Procharger questions
  136. How much boost with this produce?
  137. pyramid rings with L92 heads???
  138. 383 LT1 SR cam 88mm turbo HD VIDEO part 1
  139. Lsa Heads ?
  140. Cam Advice...
  141. What do I have to do to communicate with someone at Reichard Racing
  142. Turbo Upgrade - Selection Questions
  143. LS2 Turbo build
  144. 98 turbo c5
  145. Oil in the intake - help!!
  146. 106mm turbo .
  147. procharger build?
  148. how much psi would it take...??
  149. What turbo for a 402 sts rear mount
  150. Another Poll
  151. D1SC or T-trim V3
  152. My Trans Am truck manifold 76mm turbo build
  153. Factory style 3 bar map sensor
  154. Highest HP out of a ZR1 to date!!
  155. guess horsepower before dyno Round 2
  156. FI procharged LS1 question
  157. Where to get forged 5.3L Pistons
  158. Ninetres 10.5 Twins Build
  159. Wiring help...
  160. Schedule 10 1.5" vs 16 gauge 1.75" for headers
  161. IAT sensor placement
  162. No Boost- duel internal wastegates
  163. mass air & turbo?
  164. AFR, Head studs with my procharger build
  165. Future Turbo build........need advice
  166. Brand new turbo and stuff for sale!
  167. EPP blower cam or ECS cam???
  168. truck manifold build info
  169. Boost valvetrain question...
  170. My high compression LS2404/D1SC build
  171. turbo cam?? Need some advice
  172. Cam Pros Please help with 220/240 .610-.610 blower cam
  173. Procharger Relocate Brackets.
  174. tti turbo kit question
  175. Best foundation for 600 whp turbo build? LQ4? 5.3?
  176. What coatings are you guys using?
  177. Hot side plumbing
  178. Better off with stock displacement LS2, or stroking it to 402 for twin 62mm turbos?
  179. Dynojet Wideband2 vendor help?
  180. What Cam ?
  181. throwing engine belt with procharger
  182. 221/221 .561/.561 114+4 turbo cam?
  183. sts pump resistor
  184. Fastest 346ci and T4 record?
  185. lt1 vortech trying to put it on an ls1
  186. have you ever ran a turbo with a nicked or bent wheel?
  187. STS oil feed line?
  188. Ring? Chromemolly VS plasemolly
  189. 67 Nova twin turbo build
  190. F1-C 403 Vette boost problem
  191. concerned about fumes(downpipe routing)
  192. Procharger Exhaust Setups
  193. master power sizing
  194. 311 Cfm 2.02/1.60 63cc 243's or sell em 4 stock 317's
  195. Big thanks to josh@kyturbo!!!
  196. gt47 lag on 403?
  197. what manifolds would you use...
  198. F-1A or F-1C for 370/TH400/4200 stall GTO
  199. maggie questions
  200. How much is install??
  201. Help with crank pinning question.
  202. sts installation manual?
  203. F13 cam+boost? Also sts ?'s
  204. Turbo size precision 6765
  205. Inline Fuel Pump for alki injection kit???
  206. Race Proven Motorsports Fastest C6Z Build, 4L80E, TTIX,LSX!!!!
  207. lt1 MAF position (turbo set up)
  208. Synergy 2 step please help!!
  209. boost with stock e38ecm/maf
  210. max boost on a 4 bolt head.
  211. Is a t4 flange turbo kit worth getting?
  212. Boost/Power increase from pulley change? D1sc 346 ci
  213. 370
  214. Any sponsors here Fab turbo headers that curve up and forward ?
  215. Will aluminized steel work?
  216. Turbo size 383 stroker front mount
  217. A few questions about supercharger
  218. Boosting octane
  219. Is a 67mm too small
  220. Streetcar??
  221. crank size
  222. Those that ditched PS cooler w/front mount..
  223. wide band o2 placement
  224. 347 in the 5's ?
  225. What's the diff between LG's G5X2 and EPP's Blower cam? Same Dur. & Lift
  226. EPP Blower Cam owners inside!
  227. any blow thru carb guys here
  228. turbo for a 408 built short block with 10.8:1 cr
  229. LT1 D1sc only making 9 lbs.
  230. remote turbo and boost controller placement?
  231. Video: Novitec Rosso Twin Supercharged Ferrari F430 by Titan Motorsports
  232. Wrap on coated mild steel hot side?
  233. Need a bmr turbo k member
  234. optimum compression ratio for 1 bar/14.5psi?
  235. Higher power and torque and stock rubber engine mounts.?
  236. Picked up LS9 Head Gaskets - Pics and info inside
  237. Magnacharger cam
  238. sponsors/members- post how turbos/centris/roots go together with pics?
  239. Alum. 402-vs-376 for D1 & Twin Intercoolers - Which would you choose?
  240. Best intake mani for boost??
  241. Cheapest Place for an STS System for an LT1
  242. need turbo info
  243. Few questions about my procharger setup...
  244. turbo questions (stickies read)
  245. turbo 6.0 cam???
  246. Cometic guys come in...Copper spray or no?
  247. turbine position rotation question
  248. PT4000 and turbo
  249. First drive car cuts out! log inside.
  250. fellas with oringed block.....