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  1. '63 Nova Turbo Build - Input Wanted
  2. ls6 intake or victor jr
  3. Anyone use a Edelbrock Pro-Flo XT with boost?
  4. mpT70 67 impala
  5. what comes out of your catch can?
  6. domed pistons for future S/C power adder
  7. GARRET TURBO ????s worth using?
  8. Anyone tried the LS9 ZR1 camshaft
  9. New Intake & Fuel System?
  10. gm 12615136 2bar sensor
  11. My flipped manifold mustang build
  12. Machine shop says a 408 isnt good for boost...
  13. Time for new set up. Mid 10s were fun... But..
  14. keep twin high flow i/c's or upgrade to fmic
  15. F body Intercooler mounting idea's
  16. RR-Stage 5 LS3 A6 570rwhp
  17. What intake manifold? PT88+22psi
  18. Need a little guidance
  19. Procharger 408 ported 317's. ?????
  20. procharger
  21. machine shop in northen ca ?
  22. Legit 8 sec street car
  23. what is this help please.
  24. spark plug wires for coil relocation
  25. Stock bottom T76 guys come in
  26. which sponsors sell turbo cams
  27. Reducer Coupling HELP!!
  28. FMIC build
  29. What is a basic bolt on s/c kit?
  30. Tell me what you think???
  31. Budget 347 forged bottom end. build or buy?
  32. Finished my Setup (truck manifold kit)
  33. alternator relocation bracket
  34. 71 chevelle LS3 turbo build
  35. Lt1 turbo setup...
  36. What pushrods to use in my turbo 5.3?
  37. Probe FPS pistons?
  38. Traction... Check..
  39. Where to mount a FPR for return style system?
  40. Largest Procharger to fit...
  41. map sensor wiring help
  42. Loss of traction AFTER launch... weird pulsing vibration on decel...
  43. Need help guys
  44. To achieve 500-550rwhp
  45. World's fastest Ebay Kit!
  46. A/W IC water lines
  47. Need some type of guard or shield for my ATI race valve
  48. Procharger piping replacement
  49. What belt for SDCE with 4.25" pulley
  50. AES Racing Engines FI Shortblock, longblock sale
  51. FMIC Build Help Needed
  52. need help turbo header
  53. Thinking about Procharging
  54. Need Gaskets
  55. TTI upgrade
  56. Turbo Woes
  57. got the kit coated
  58. boosted fuel pressure regulator
  59. Supercharged M6 guys (and girls?)...
  60. LMR Twin Turbo C6Z makes 1153rwhp through Auto!!!
  61. Finally Got Dyno #'s With Maxed Out D1SC
  62. need some suggestions on a 408 FI build
  63. Procharger and MS4
  64. LQ4 or LQ9 heads on my LS2
  65. High Flow LSx Injectors All Flow Matched
  66. quad turbo lsx powered sand car video
  67. A few Procharged L92/LS3 questions...
  68. SBC turbo needs help
  69. Running 20 psi around 4300+
  70. sts kit failure?
  71. KY-Turbo Inc. T4 A/C Header Setup
  72. Boost/ Power limits of ls7 and l92 heads
  73. Procharger Oil?
  74. oil drain return front mount ptk clone
  75. Himni Racing
  76. 3 bar MAP - install Qs
  77. procharger and cam choice?
  78. STS on Convertible? Please come in!
  79. Supercharged LT1 ???? need help
  80. anyone running a turbo on an lt1 please come in..
  81. where to tap into for water lines for TT incon kit?
  82. Will an atmospheric wastegate dump make more power?
  83. Procharger Setup LS1
  84. C5 hot section
  85. magna charger or slp supercharger???
  86. What size injectors
  87. supercharged ls1 t/a
  88. bettor or worse vacume source's?
  89. GM Boost solenoid
  90. Where to buy 2 bar map>!??!?!
  91. 427 Twin Turbo LSX Dyno Video
  92. remote radiator fill setup
  93. Holset HX55(72mm) single setups out there????
  94. Would running way rich cause the motor to idle high after boosting
  95. WTF 92mm TB wont bolt to Edelbrock Elbow
  96. Holset turbo sizes?
  97. Those with stainless works tube headers.... Plug wires?????
  98. How much boost can I run with a 402 and twin 58's?
  99. Procharger belt part number??
  100. my home built gt-88 setup
  101. Choosing a cam... 365 or 403, daily driven
  102. Re-Re-Re-Re-did my turbo kit
  103. whats what for turbo kits?
  104. powerdyne supercharger
  105. 918853 ATI pulley; does it have A/C?
  106. New Procharger and the fuel is running rich HELP!
  107. Intercoolers
  108. Help - Alternator Relocation
  109. 01 Camaro SS APS - track results
  110. found some procharger inlet goodies
  111. what's the max boost I can run on a STS 60mm turbo
  112. New Record for my 99+ Procharged Truck
  113. aem true boost on twins
  114. Supercharger Q?
  115. Accessory interchangeability with diff procharger set ups?
  116. YSI or 80m turbo
  117. Re pinning an LT1 for a 12200411 ECM
  118. Victory JR.
  119. Procharger twin intercooler installation
  120. dragon race engineering whipple?
  121. looking for a good F1A procharger inlet/filter for f body
  122. Finally got my BOOST heads pics.
  123. Install new clutch before tuning or wait?
  124. 1.85 RR on a StS turbo car?
  125. What gauges do I need?
  126. Did i mess up the rear main?
  127. F-body oil pan blockoff plate
  128. map sensor #
  129. max power 70mm
  130. best way to go about supercharging
  131. Best working/looking turbo blanket
  132. How to convert PS lines to AN and run aftermarket PS fluid cooler?
  133. Feed size for TC78
  134. add another map sensor or replace it?
  135. Turbo 3:90s how bad will they hurt.
  136. 396ci LT4, YSI and 15lb of boost dyno result :(
  137. single gauge pod
  138. Spark Plugs and Wires help
  139. Poll - Oil press gauge?
  140. New LSX376 "Boost Ready" ???
  141. 2 bar or 3 bar?
  142. is this the 2 bar map sensor i need?
  143. Turbo TA about there...
  144. dei titanium wrap with silicone spray
  145. Belt size
  146. 1900 or 2300
  147. G5xB
  148. Clarity on 2-bars and 3-bars
  149. My single turbo Build. My Design. (w/pics)
  150. Which Snow Methanol Kit
  151. gto aps tt changing exhaust system retune??
  152. good turbo kit for 6.0 lq4??
  153. 2004 gto ls1
  154. FAST wide band help
  155. WG piping question
  156. Looking for Vetical rad pics.
  157. 23 psi from a D1sc, up from 15 psi, yet no improvement in times...WTF!
  158. Got The car running...have a few problems.
  159. wastegate and tubo vaccum lines
  160. cam question
  161. is this 2 bar map / bap sensor ok?
  162. ETP 225 Heads...Need spring info asap
  163. Cooling Fans Shutting Off
  164. My 347 build complete (56k=death)
  165. 6.0 spark plugs
  166. AES 317 6.0 Heads full machined castings
  167. Meth Injection on STS Kit
  168. alternator relocation belt size
  169. Best budget forged bottome end?
  170. Forged 347 what cam and turbo?
  171. Which LT1 radiator for my '98?
  172. Jgs wg
  173. Progressive boost for the street.
  174. Oil check valves..good idea in cases of oil flowing back from oil pan into turbos??
  175. Lsx Tall Deck Street Build
  176. Lt1 turbo headers
  177. PCV check valve help?
  178. 2-Step knobs - assistance
  179. radiator for turbo setup
  180. Maggie intake S'ploded - BOOM
  181. Turbo K member
  182. rearmount help, having slight problems
  183. anyone else run pre-turbo meth injection
  184. Stainless Works turbo headers in an F Body
  185. Project: GXP-TN20
  186. Have any of you installed an MSD BTM??
  187. My Turbo SS vs Whipple Cobra vs N/A Z28, T76 Gto vs N/A Z28.
  188. 91mm t4 finally home
  189. Boost leak = Backfire => Question
  190. Vid of my build and dyno video
  191. car insurance for our high dollar cars
  192. turbos too big?
  193. Twin Turbo 99 Camaro with all the amenities
  194. Thought I'd Try Here.
  195. pro turbo kit??????
  196. Quick question - 6 Rib Standoffs?
  197. Help me choose my fuel pump for turbo set up!
  198. LMR Twin Turbo Corvette runs 8.64 @145mph FIRST PASS!
  199. Nitrous with turbo
  200. STS Turbo Discussion
  201. Anyone need any stainless truck manifold flanges???
  202. low boost on p1sc
  203. ET ? with a gear change in my front mount car
  204. rear gear question with turbo
  205. LMR's 09ZR1 makes 810rwhp and 816rwtq!
  206. WTB Stock LS1, LS2, LS3/L76 Ls7 Injectors
  207. victor jr intake and elbow help please
  208. Should I turbo Now or wait????
  209. how you guys checkin for leaks in ure tubing?
  210. Can I measure boost here?
  211. Best way? - Cross over pipes to Manis
  212. Turbo Shock Set Up
  213. Video of my cars drivability and and spoolup with new 3" piping
  214. Alc injection and nhra rules..
  215. exhaust size for maggie122 on 5.7L
  216. F1 ls1 set ups
  217. MP 112 on LSX376?
  218. Really quick teaser vid of the new setup on the highway
  219. Turbo manifold with v-band question
  220. STS Cat Delete or Replacement?
  221. turbo with stock map sensor?
  222. G-FORCE 1069 HP Procharged Vette (930 RWHP)
  223. Procharger bracket question...
  224. LS1 Camaro Turbo 101 - Turbo Kit Photo ID
  225. looking into procharging the 408
  226. Bob from EPP
  227. 9.0-1 compression tfs heads and 15lbs
  228. Advise?
  229. What cam is better 4 a sts rear mount?
  230. What size turbo is this?
  231. Quick Question
  232. please dont call josh@kyturbo right now....
  233. Recomendations on roots-type chargers
  234. Blower Cam w/ good MPG? YACQ
  235. anyone around 750rwhp with LS2 cam
  236. Eboost2 guys and particularly aps guys where did you mount the ??
  237. Rebuilding my LS2 with Maggie 112 questions
  238. Wanted aps upgraded inlet hoses prefer pair ,dealer or not dealer fine.
  239. FAST 102mm CATHEDRAL pics or compare vs old one for boost
  240. procharger guys.
  241. Lets see your lt1 turbo setups
  242. a/f r on the 2 step
  243. ATI balancer acts like it's installed to far?
  244. pinned crank
  245. Intercooler Questions
  246. turbo track time
  247. Anybody running a EPP FI cam in a 5.3
  248. Pics of Turbos Located in Battery Location
  249. Part number for GM(cobalt?) map sensor for 2.5bar programming(hp tuners)
  250. F1A pully change/hp increase, belt size