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  1. first pass in the camaro
  2. Governor
  3. Question about Long Tubes..
  4. Any LT1 guys running Torco gear oils?
  5. Manufacturing defect on McLeod scatter shield...
  6. Pillar guages. What do you have on yours and are they easy to set up?
  7. 95 z28 / A4 - What are some shifter options?
  8. ls1 lid conversion completed
  9. Stroker for a steal
  10. AS&M Header Review
  11. what forged pistons for my 383
  12. Finished cam swap, now cooling fans dont work
  13. driving with ceramic coated headers in rain?
  14. Running out of ideas could use some help
  15. 160 or 180 degree thermostat?
  16. Quick coil wire question
  17. Sputtering/stalling at high rpms with brand new Level 4 FLT trans
  18. what rpm should i shift at?
  19. running hot
  20. Nitrous outlet rear package tray mount setup
  21. What is a reasonable asking price for my 383 project car?
  22. Car running weird, may have gotten the opti wet?
  23. lets see your nitrous setup
  24. Good SINGLE Roller Timing Chain
  25. Cranks but wont start
  26. What is my rotating assembly worth?
  27. 3.4 to 357
  28. hooker super comp lts
  29. best spark plugs for lt1???[B][/B]
  30. IM Thinking about a 800+HP LT1 turbo build
  31. age old ? i spray the 150 shot?
  32. Thread size for the low oil sensor?
  33. Running nitrous without rings being gapped properly?
  34. Fbody value?
  35. Feel like I wasted money on the rebuild this week.
  36. Tuner Cat Problem
  37. Water pump help please
  38. what type of band clamp for my set up
  39. Building third gen Bird with Lt1 parts
  40. problem car banging out at high rpms
  41. help needed
  42. 95 Z28 Starts but wont stay running
  43. breaking rocker studs
  44. Crank pully
  45. leading factors to fuel pump death
  46. Long tube header pictures
  47. Oh how I just LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE my LT1!
  48. Problem with lt1 1997
  49. tuner cat help
  50. sbc lt1 oil pump
  51. Help! Codes 16 and 22
  52. HELP! Found my vacuum leak. Just need help identifying the line.
  53. Spoke with Lloyd Elliot today!! New plans
  54. Car is going on a diet...
  55. regretting this project...
  56. LT1 missing
  57. Help?? Fresh LT1 Start Up Issues
  58. anyone know where to buy an engine oil cooler?
  59. Is Ram-Air hood needed for LS1 lid conversion?
  60. Engine idea has anyone tried this??????
  61. Replacing k member with engine still in the car
  62. hitmanws6's Build Thread
  63. i need help
  64. CAR turned on and slowly dies off. now it wont start
  65. Will these help me go fast?
  66. Will a bigger cam make that much more?
  67. L99 4.3L V8 Swap - 95 M6 Z28??
  68. help with 383 dyno
  69. Long Tube Headers????
  70. 70 chevelle swap to a 96 vette lt4 need more horsepowerand install help
  71. new catback on my TA (today's project)
  72. Where to buy forged LT1 shortblock
  73. Temp sending unit on head,set SES?
  74. where do i start
  75. How Much HP will I have After......
  76. Will Long Tubes fit on 95z w/ eiback prokit?
  77. ITT post pics of your INSTALLED driveshaft safety loops
  78. Who runs LE hardware on here?
  79. I'm pissed.
  80. taller oil filter?
  81. push rod length?
  82. Heater hose diagram?
  83. found part of my oil leak
  84. The heck? Mcleod Scattershield question
  85. lt1 vs SBC
  86. Anyone used the "chalk method" for cutout location?
  87. 385 Build research ?'s
  88. Chris1313 ram air on a 96 WS6 LT1
  89. Good head and cam combo for LT1 impala ss.
  90. used stroker
  91. do they maek a catted y pipe?
  92. Great ride tonight
  93. timing advance
  94. LT1 #2: The Rocket(94 T/A)
  95. oil pressure question
  96. Acceleration video of my car.
  97. how is this product?
  98. my 95 camaro
  99. Tuning for a converter....OBDI
  100. heated o2 conversion for 93's with LT headers
  101. Anyone have true duals with a bolt-on LT1?
  102. oil pressure
  103. crank hub
  104. Will not shift out of first gear
  105. What is this and where does it go? *pics*
  106. Question:Starters.....
  107. Opti
  108. fuel injector help!
  109. Racing Seats
  110. blm's locked while in closed loop???????
  111. Gauge cluster question
  112. Teflon tape, paste, red loctite, what to use on fittings?
  113. Best exhaust headers?
  114. OBD1 Tuning options
  115. Seafoam
  116. Got my 1/4 mile Track Times!
  117. Will a bullet muffler soak up HP?
  118. car running again .. tune Q's?
  119. block align bored now timing chain is too what
  120. any differences in LT1 4L60E transmissions?
  121. My Ls1 lid conversion with Ramair hood
  122. Starting issue, possibly fuel?
  123. Ls1 injectors
  124. My ls1 just beat my lt1's times.
  125. Fuel injector might be plugged -- need help
  126. Popping/backfiring
  127. What is the problem.
  128. Short video of my car
  129. first passes at the track
  130. Driver side header on, question. Pacesetter guys come in.
  131. what plugs do I need?
  132. Anyone running a pulley setup like this?
  133. I need more: Cam Swap +
  134. LT1 turbo what plugs should i run?
  135. Anyone shorten their dipstick tube?
  136. Powermaster sucks
  137. Please help 94 opti replacement question
  138. So i finally change out the opti
  139. Getting ready to run nitrous.
  140. Removed TCS, new throttle cable too long? Need adjustment help!
  141. '95 lt1 C4 needs some HP
  142. wiring harness
  143. A4 won't shift into 3rd at WOT. Computer or Mechanical?
  144. Best high flow cats?
  145. LT1 won't
  146. 93 formula 383 21*tfs,eficonnection build
  147. tranny/engine wobble
  148. Has my tune been knocked off after rebuild if not then wht?
  149. how high of rpms is too high
  150. Gas Gauge Stays at Super Full, Odometer also not working
  151. Opti removal on blown cars
  152. tuner cat
  153. LT1 sponsors please come in - need HELP!!!
  154. stroker block
  155. Great results!! 10.30's NA 385ci AI HCI Video Inside
  156. electric water pump install.
  157. lets see those lt1 turbo setups
  158. Spark plug gap question.
  159. LT1 tuning info
  160. Stock Rear end gear ratio?
  161. Ported Stock Intake vs. Ported and Epoxy'd Stock Intake...Results
  162. Cam question
  163. Bogging?
  164. NOS brand dry kit questions
  165. Timing chain
  166. Has anyone ever heard of Joe prince racing???
  167. Coolant flush woes...
  168. Lunati .590/.600 lift cam
  169. reverse issues
  170. My old cam, what do you think of it?
  171. is an electric water pump worth it
  172. Next mods
  173. To port a intake or not?
  174. My Ls1 lid conversion with Ramair hood
  175. yukon 4.10 gears for lt1? never heard of them
  176. Check engine light, can't read codes
  177. 70-79 pontia TA headers on 96 LT1
  178. Fuel Pump or Vapor Lock
  179. What else do I need to do to properly delete the EGR?
  180. Cam bearings: coated or not?
  181. Is there an engine cradle I can build or buy?
  182. 1996 Impala SS/lt1 crank pulley size??
  183. Ok to use brass fittings for oil pressure sender?
  184. If you could rent a lift/bay by the hour...
  185. Help, my car wont run!
  186. My New "mufflex like" custom catback
  187. LT1 Feature car?
  188. how high should coolant level be in radiator?
  189. went through 4 opti's in!
  190. Stock 95 LT1, What size piping for exhaust?
  191. E/T and mph guesses?
  192. What should I look for - Car missing/backfiring
  193. opti
  194. since searching hasn't helped... tuning
  195. ttop leak
  196. code dtc 18 -- injector circuit -need help
  197. How much horsepower do you think I'm making?
  198. LTI individual throttle bodies? EXTRUDABODY ITB FOR SBC?
  199. Fuel economy
  200. Anyone using EFI Connection ignition with a double roller timing chain?
  201. Starting problems
  202. total hilarity
  203. crankshaft/balancer hub
  204. Should I buy it?
  205. Whats your brand?
  206. how to get 400hp
  207. proven hp from lt headers
  208. Shaft rockers
  209. Bigger Injectors?
  210. Removing front bumper cover?
  211. TPS voltage too high at WOT??
  212. stock oil cooler questions
  213. AI 226/234 results, very happy!
  214. My LTx Shootout Pics...before my Camara died...
  215. I need a frame width measurement frome an lt1 guy
  216. GEN 3 Dynaspark for delteq
  217. Newbie. Need to be pointed in the right direction!
  218. Rare 95 TA?
  219. trying to save money, cant decide ?
  220. Strange Race Brakes on the Street???
  221. Whatever happened to the ARAO heads?
  222. Fuel Delivery Issues
  223. Questions questions.
  224. LT1 intermittent crank no start...HELP!!
  225. Possible to build windage tray in stock oil pan?
  226. E85 and the LT1?
  227. Alternator support question.
  228. 95 Trans Am LT1 Build Thread.
  229. Gauging Interest - My 455whp 95 T/A...
  230. New times - Video
  231. What thread is the side of the block for oil pressure gauge?
  232. Mcleod Street Twin floater plate / first clutch disc install
  233. What size belt for march underdrive crank pulley?
  234. Hit the track last night...did ok
  235. "What's that hump on the floor?"
  236. a little vid of the ltwon on her new sneakers
  237. Have to love multiple torque recommendations
  238. cam bearings
  239. how to install rear main seal with the engine on the stand
  240. Time to play "Whats that wire"?
  241. pacesetters or ebay stainless headers?
  242. Mass Air Flow Sensor and 10psi?
  243. 96 Trans AM LT1 Production numbers.
  244. 4 wire 02 sensor conversion?
  245. New personal best 1/8 miles
  246. What do you guys and girls think
  247. Anyone weight LS7 lifters vs stock LT1 lifters?
  248. this ever happen to anyone?
  249. mattcossel29's build thread
  250. Irritating Blinker Problem