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  1. Need More Power!!!
  2. Is C16 the best bet for race fuel?
  3. ebay guys!! my O2 sensor wont fit on passenger side :(
  4. just got fired may have to sell
  5. what size oil lines??
  6. Looking into superchargers for my setup?
  7. Stock ls6 MAP on 15 psi of boost
  8. MP90 Magnacharger
  9. A2W core selection help!
  10. GT 35 BB bolt on turbo for the APS F body TT system
  11. procharger installation
  12. oil viscosity vs oil temp in turbo applications
  13. Deleting PCV to catch can what size hose?
  14. Throttle body opinions...
  15. Not always boosting on my P1SC
  16. modded sts should I port match the flange?
  17. Couple vortech questions
  18. t70 vs t76
  19. 347 at 10psi of boost
  20. Heat shielding
  21. oil feed and drain lines on a ls1
  22. Size hose and what size fitting for oil return with turbo?
  23. What Wastgate spring is in the STS kit? Can I use it in my build?
  24. MSD 60# injectors??
  25. What size intercooler
  26. Considering price of FI with my parts to sell
  27. cam/converter/gear questions
  28. HELP strange power cut please HELP
  29. Check your meth nozzles!
  30. New cooling fix
  31. Need a custom turbo kit?Look no further.
  32. Anyone with Kentucky Turbo A/C kit?
  33. Should I run a 2 Bar or a 3 bar Map sensor in new setup?
  34. LMR Twin Turbo Corvette runs 9.40 @155mph first weekend!!
  35. 20psi on 6.0L???
  36. Will Flowmaster hurt too much?
  37. twin 60's
  38. Turbo Exhaust Question???
  39. Help with 1000+ hp engine.
  40. Pro's and Con's of running either compression ratio with my setup?
  41. At what point do I need a boost referenced fuel regulator?
  42. Kentucky Turbo is doing TT my build
  43. P1sc install question
  44. Few updates on the Firehawk
  45. IAT's
  46. Major problems with F1A Inlet Hat
  47. Exhaust wrap length?
  48. Which lifters for Boosted apps?
  49. twin turbo 4th gen kits?
  50. EPP GTO ProCharger Overdrive Crank Pulley $425.00
  51. what balancer do i need for a d1sc?
  52. magnacharger mp112
  53. D1SC same impeller as F1A
  54. Mild vs Stainless Question
  55. Help me decide
  56. How much Boost can I run Safely?
  57. Turbo HOT side pipeing
  58. Aftermarket condenser?
  59. CX Racing 2-in 1-out front mount intercooler
  60. project D1 procharger
  61. F1R help?
  62. Need help picking cam
  63. Some more video of my spooling my 1.25 a/r 80mm turbo at the track
  64. At what power level?
  65. People who have purchased APS kit VS. Kentucky Turbo kits.
  66. Godspeed turbo kits?
  67. Header Wrap Protective Paint?
  68. What gauges do you recommend?
  69. help me go fast
  70. Need Help With New Set Up ???
  71. Are these the correct specs on the TC78?
  72. what converter stall for my turbo
  73. Inline BOV?
  74. Calling out APS
  75. Truck Manifold 408 S88 track results
  76. Crank trigger
  77. Twin Turbo LS1 1993 RX7 Build
  78. Recommend me a timing chain
  79. Does the sts turbo oil return line ? Want to run AN lines...
  80. making the switch from procharger to turbo !
  81. Head studs, Hex nut vs 12 point nut input wanted
  82. APS Extreme Kit
  83. 6-rib boost
  84. Pics of the internals of bad APS turbo
  85. I have 98 TA with a front mount turbo and I'm having issues with my 99+ pcm upgrade
  86. Starting my Turbo build
  87. Poll: OEM Turbo vs. OEM Eaton based S/C
  88. Why's my turbo car so slow?? 6.9@104
  89. Procharger pully swap ???
  90. Max effort turbo headers...
  91. PTK kit Cooling fan Feedback? Anyone wire up a 3rd fan for their turbo setup?
  92. What do you all think of this parts list?
  93. rearmount with seperate oiling
  94. Installing a AIT sensor in a LS6 intake? has anyone tryed this?
  95. Meth nozzels in a TB spacer plate after the throttle body?
  96. My .76mm 04 GTO
  97. help me make a next deployment build sheet!!
  98. Big Red ATI Race valve location.
  99. Turbo Component? APS 2 Inlet 1 Outlet Intercoolers?
  100. LSX427 Cooling issue's????
  101. Another Turbo camsgaft thread !!
  102. F1-R on 6.0L?
  103. Pics of major defect i found in APS turbo!
  104. What Master Power turbo to run in a rear mount 383 setup??
  105. vaccum system
  106. Overheating issues with ProCharger: Resolved
  107. Electric Fans a Must?
  108. LS1 418 F1A Build Thread
  109. Article: Show n'Go, Mark Koehler's 7 second LSX Firebird
  110. Misc. Front mount questions ..
  111. Custom rear mount for a GTO. What do you guys think of this setup?
  112. no boost
  113. APS w/meth
  114. finally did some test and tune with my camaro!
  115. Whats everyone's converter flashing too?
  116. What are you guys doing for fuel pressure in your 600+ vehicles?
  117. what turbos for my 5.7 ?
  118. Vortech S trim superchargers???
  119. will this port work as a fpr vacuum source? see picture
  120. Procharged 5.3
  121. tr8?
  122. Front Mount Taurus Fan
  123. LC1 not reading...
  124. who runs high comp low boost?
  125. Free Shipping on ProCharger Systems at EPP
  126. Going Turbo - need help
  127. What AR to go with on the MTP76 for 383 stroker build?
  128. Crankshaft Drilling Question.....
  129. Car wont pass 3600rpm
  130. Colder Intercooler Fluid
  131. Is this about right for what I gained after putting on P1SC?
  132. MAF improvement
  133. shift points for xer273 comp cam
  134. ported 317 on stk 00 lm7??
  135. My APS fuel regulator relocation
  136. Any users of MSD starters on a APS F bodys
  137. Ls-7 compression
  138. Help!!!!!
  139. A couple new pics of my F2 build
  140. Done for the season
  141. does this "sound" normal - TT Z06 rev?
  142. Virginia Speed 438" LSx sets new track record 162mph 1/8 mile!
  143. LMR's 08 Corvette makes 1023.44rwhp and 874rwtq!!
  144. Post your Single or Twin Turbo Setups!!!
  145. Twin Turbo 2010 Camaro From STS!
  146. 80# injectors to much for my 383 build?
  147. 2 step w/o transbreak question
  148. Mock up pics of APS scavanging kit
  149. Should I swap TB in my 383 stroker build?
  150. 317 or 243 heads with boost
  151. coolant line running to cylinder head ?
  152. >> Who blew up their stock internally motor on boost??? Details??
  153. Negatives of restricting blower inlet vs. changing pulley to get less boost
  154. Putting together Incon TT, still missing a few parts.... need help!!!
  155. Can I get some opinions on my ideas?
  156. Thinking of turbo C5 ideas. Please chime in.
  157. I have a extra APS F body turbo
  158. Steer me in the right direction .. 91mm turbo build
  159. Piston to valve contact, are my pistons trash now?
  160. LMR's 1000rwhp Corvette!!
  161. MPT76 dimensions
  162. Ebay kit while retaining a/c?
  163. GT4202 Results
  164. GTO Overdrive Pulley for Fluidampr 740102 Balancer
  165. big o' box o tubing
  166. The hardest what will it run thread EVAR!
  167. Y-pipe downpipe?
  168. Do I need to get manifolds coated?
  169. front mount intercooler
  170. Comp Lsr Turbo Cam 54-480-11
  171. More pics of my Truck Manifold, 6.0, MPT 76 Turbo
  172. Truck manifold alternative...
  173. Pulley change
  174. help!!-procharger making weird noise
  175. Incon TT Stage 1, Stock Block, Cam Opinion?
  176. LS-7 procharged
  177. turbo upgrade question
  178. Turbos and AC (YES I SEARCHED)
  179. FI close LSA dyno #s
  180. Using 85mm SLP MAF with STS
  181. head stud size for LSX
  182. Twin STS system for FBody?
  183. compression for procharged LS-7
  184. magnacharger q's
  185. She's alive #2
  186. larger intercoolers
  187. Need V-Band for 91mm turbo
  188. supercharged 5.3l
  189. Wide Band ?s.
  190. timing with a low compression turbo setup
  191. Whats a good boost cam for the LQ4?
  192. what spark plug for high boost?
  193. BOV Placement?!
  194. another what should it run thread
  195. How many miles since you put on the FI on your car?
  196. OKay I gotta ask the Magna Charger guys!
  197. Were can i get mild steel flanges for truck manifold build?
  198. using silver rtv instead of gasket for turbo
  199. Air Conduit/Piping/Series of Tubes
  200. help with intake choice
  201. Add meth... get knock... :(
  202. Running a FAST standalone vs piggybacking stock computer
  203. bracket to relocate procharger like vettes
  204. Article: Turbo LSX with Carburetor Runs 7's
  205. driving n/a after removing s/c
  206. stock ls1 turbo question
  207. removing power steering with a procharger????
  208. Where to get new 317's?
  209. How much clearance from manifolds and exhaust?
  210. Speed Inc Alternator wiring help
  211. Help!!incon tt!!
  212. these headers on a tt setup= ok or not ok?
  213. another hi compression and boosting question!
  214. Ran today on street tires.
  215. My home made ALT, Tensioner, Idler bracket for front mount turbo setup!
  216. Delco 41-985 spark plug
  217. Question about Throttle Body Size (too big)?
  218. Turbo suggestions
  219. Tial Q bov for procharger what spring to use?
  220. how to identify a -an ss line?
  221. ? about a turbo scavanging pump system's resoivor can
  222. what size down pipe to use?
  223. Turbo'ing a '97 Firebird 3.8....where do I begin??
  224. Fastest stock short block 1/4 mile pass.
  225. tranny cooler location on front mount
  226. pulleys???
  227. Nitrous Bottles & LS1/LS6/LQ4/LQ9 03+ 1 megabyte PCM for sale
  228. Procharger cooiling fan
  229. turbo my current tsp heads cam 346 .. questions ..
  230. opinions on DIY turbo build
  231. Overflow tank question...
  232. The Great Debate-- What Compression for a daily driven stroked 383 with STS??
  233. APS turbo oil draining system????
  234. Vic JR PVC routing
  235. boost results and how to increase?
  236. My Radiator Relocate
  237. meth injection dual nozzle placement
  238. Procharger ? for F/I noobie
  239. Best 6 Bolt head for forced induction
  240. Custom shop built rearmount
  241. finally have dyno numbers for the ebay "ptk" turbo kit
  242. how much power to a drag radial ?
  243. Does sound of turbo change after a while?
  244. DIY (homemade) METH kit??? + some meth questions....
  245. GM-4 Turbocharger
  246. Late Model Racecrafts Twin Turbo Mustang MAX's out Dyno!
  247. head reccomendations
  248. To re-use the stock alt. bracket for relocation
  249. Any ProCharger A4 guys having issues with A/C at idle?
  250. KYTP alt. reloc. bracket