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  1. Anyone tack welding reluctor wheels????
  2. LSX 427ci Turbo?
  3. What boost level will stock springs start to float ?
  4. Adding ARP rod bolts to a stock LS1 to add strength for boost.... is it worth it?
  5. Best place to get 3" SS blower piping?
  6. Air flow math question on PSI to CFMS
  7. Lt1 blower work on a ls1?
  8. 550 rwhp and +/- 10psi. What head fasteners
  9. Aps extreme kit anything compareable
  10. novi 2000
  11. Am I blind? Fast List?
  12. STS Turbo Oil Leak problem
  13. SDCE procharger vid contest makes the top 10
  14. Fast 90/90 guys
  15. oil pressure issue sts kit
  16. starting my truck manifold build.....
  17. What are you running for timing?
  18. oil feed for lt1
  19. Oil line kit worthwhile?
  20. Truck manifolds go 202.80mph
  21. what the hell should I look for??
  22. procharger video contest, our submission
  23. New Dyno numbers on Bob's V - 864 rwhp with 12.4 psi of boost!
  24. need some missing procharger parts
  25. trade t76gts for gt47-88???? yes or no
  26. Procharger Pulley Help really quick.....
  27. bov
  28. Fuel pumps and Regulators --- 8psi
  29. cadillac xlr v supercharger fitment
  30. quick question help please???
  31. stall for th400 (turbo setup)
  32. Progress numbers on TT vette
  33. Blow off valve on a Procharger ?
  34. Anybody use this tunner????
  35. how to upgrade the procharger
  36. what intake do i need to run with turbo
  37. Vortech T-trim can not build boost 2004 gto
  38. losing boost psi from some where need ideas?
  39. New to the turbo world, got some ?
  40. re-using cometic head gaskets
  41. killed one more APS turbo any ideas and who has a exrta one ?
  42. Anybody have TTP from new jersy tune for them
  43. considering supercharging/turboing the goat
  44. APS clunk
  45. Who's the fastest with A/C FM?
  46. F1 Install: 370 CI Lq4
  47. Cant find what turbo to use (???)
  48. What type oil on a 408 with an sts?
  49. Question an WG flange sizes
  50. Question on sheet metal intake manifolds
  51. Hotside coating/wrap
  52. what plug for approx. 1200 hp?
  53. First 1320 Track results
  54. Thoughts on 383 with SMALLER turbo?
  55. turbo cam
  56. Help.....
  57. Fuel related but more FI specific. 120 low impedence..
  58. t76 and pt4000.....
  59. Is there any way to lose/stay same boost going with a smaller pulley?
  60. 2007 LS6 into Camaro?
  61. Twin s200 borg turbos ? ?
  62. Ninetres 1st track day 2009; Bracket car??? lol
  63. About to start Build, Imput please...
  64. Maggie Tuning Problem Code P0341
  65. Need some advice.
  66. 35th LE APS FINALLY DONE (Not tunned)
  67. Favor from guys with hptuners running 2 or 3 bar
  68. Can't find OFI's Website
  69. Looking for 700RWHP
  70. Cheapest you can do a diy turbo?
  71. Which pistons are you running?
  72. Any one ever had this happen?
  73. Contacting Kentucky Turbo
  74. Question for all fabricators...
  75. MAF or SD?
  76. 396ci + D1-SC New #'s
  77. T6 v/s T4
  78. Any harm is running no DP at all?
  79. So...who's pushed a production LS2 block the furthest with FI?
  80. Mounting an eBoost2 in A-pillar
  81. Why a broken ring land @ 10psi with mahle?
  82. Cutting K Member Ok??
  83. Need some advice
  84. looking for more HP with F1C on ls2 going from 4.75 to 4.5 pulley
  85. inlet openings in compressor housing?
  86. More Boost
  87. AEM Tru boost
  88. ls7 turbo info
  89. Thread sealer on LS1 block?
  90. Brian(Fireball) Testing Drag radial @ Cecil
  91. Going TT@12psi, questions about engine build
  92. GT4088R Questions...
  93. question on whats the best place for breathers?
  94. 2 bar SD tune
  95. SDCE/ Aftermarket Waterpump ?
  96. vortech v1 tune
  97. Tight with money Tight on space
  98. Is stainless mandatory for turbo fab?
  99. Y pipe for sts
  100. summit direct fit radiator
  101. Mild Steel
  102. Who's running a T6 truck manifold setup
  103. Procharged... overheating... need a plan
  104. My TRUE cost of FI
  105. Help me decide!
  106. How to check wideband O2? I think mine is incorrect
  107. TTI guys Upgrading 67 trim over 60
  108. Magna Fuel boost ref reg (sales section)
  109. hight temp RTV for head to manifold gaskets
  110. intake and cam?
  111. Still bleeding boost, need help.
  112. Selling my single 4" exhaust if anyones interested
  113. gt45r vs turbonetics vs precision??
  114. problem solving at 1100 rwhp (help )
  115. procharger question
  116. Procharger Pulley Removal.
  117. Fuel Pressure Drop Going Into Boost
  118. What spring?
  119. Ebay 4" vs brand name intercoolers (what are the 1000hp guys using?)
  120. Went for a ride in a procharged vehicle today...
  121. Will my cam work with a supercharger
  122. Switching turbo turbine
  123. Boost problems
  124. New aps system 99 02
  125. Ms3 cam work with boost
  126. Eboost solenoids where did you mount them aps guys especially.
  127. Some advices on front-mount arrangement, please
  128. STS CARB EO sticker help!!!
  129. Meth and AFR question
  130. Procharger inlet hat
  131. STS Convertible Piping
  132. delete cruise control.
  133. Finally getting tuned
  134. dont know much about sts turbo
  135. Do i have to lube my Procharger idler pulley or stock idler pullyey
  136. Do certain turbos make more sound then others!
  137. Problems with Alky system causing hydrolock?
  138. GTO Procharger - dual valve springs?
  139. Possible build
  140. popping under boost
  141. ORTC Boost vs No Boost DR race in Georgia!
  142. new to turbos have a few questions
  143. Skid Plates Anyone?
  144. for all you high hp guys
  145. Turbosmart BOV...super or mega sonic
  146. S400 Borg Warner, T4 .90 A/R Hot side
  147. is it possible to by a ls9 block
  148. Oil return line IDEA for STS
  149. ls1 timing tuner nitrous controller
  150. I need help on cam selection.
  151. Procharger tensioner system
  152. going FIA need advise!
  153. Where to get a 3.1" 8 Rib Pulley?
  154. Next mod,Meth or e85?? Turbo car.
  155. truck manifolds
  156. Proper way to clock the turbo?
  157. my new 76 mm build and new car
  158. turbo choices for e bay kit???
  159. C5 Procharger stage 1 kit questions?
  160. My Procharged 451 LSX build with Procharger F1C
  161. Anybody making big boost power on L92 heads
  162. Another Piece to the puzzle (Engine Porn!)
  163. SPONSER: sell me a turbo kit
  164. 7-SYi supercharger help!!!!!
  165. low compression no FI ???
  166. STS install instructions
  167. Supercharger install problem. HELP!
  168. Truck manifolds... Gaskets between manifold and crossover pipe..
  169. aps guys running eboost where did you mount your solenoids?
  170. Help, Compressor housing leaking.
  171. Spring with boost questions..
  172. Ais stage 2 trunk mount kit anyone put it on drivers side at back corner?
  173. Where did you put your Eboost2?
  174. Check out the difference in numbers between our Mustang Chassis Dyno and a Dynojet
  175. Help with my procharger build
  176. Tune Required
  177. Need help with Vaccum lines... Please
  178. Tubular manifolds what size are u running
  179. Help with prochager pulley
  180. Texas Mile Setup...opinions
  181. Vortech YSI Question
  182. What intake gaskets with LS6 and boost?
  183. Decent wastegated turbo??
  184. Picture thread of my EZ 94mm KYTP Build!!
  185. Truck manifolds have very different size openings (40%) - isn't it a problem?
  186. Getting 500-550rwhp safely?
  187. 2010 Camaro Kenne Bell SC
  188. stock turbo set up
  189. head gaskets???
  190. FAST 90/90 or carb style with a elbow for a TT set up?
  191. New turbo setup mock up PICS!!
  192. Questions for APS and Procharger guys
  193. boosting stock lt1
  194. Need wastegate actuators for Incon TT kit w / 2871 turbos
  195. Kytp a/c kit w/tc78, 620whp,705ftlbs!!
  196. STS Oiling System Issues - Please Assist!
  197. air to water intercooler
  198. Should i install it myself?
  199. *** Some press for my Cartek beast on LsxTV ***
  200. S88 Dimensions
  201. Broke a piston on 17 lbs WHY!!!
  202. What does the adjustable stop on a BPV do?
  203. how to install studs????
  204. clean out the turbos?
  205. STS boost control oddball issue
  206. Got the Firehawk to the track
  207. Street Warrior Intake!
  208. 72mm or 75mm S400 to big for 5.3?
  209. Procharger Tune
  210. Vertical Radiator... Turbo Size? Window Washer?
  211. What psi to start tuning at?...
  212. Turbo inlet screened or no screen?
  213. piston ring gap for turbo
  214. Turbo headers
  215. Turbo pricing
  216. Intercooler questions about quality?
  217. Lingenfelter 2 step issue
  218. Difference Vortech and Procharger
  219. YSI RWHP ? can it be done ?
  220. Guess on piston specs (picture)
  221. Best Flowing and Quietest Muff?
  222. TTI 60 trim track results
  223. Meth Question
  224. Having boost bleed issues,need some help.
  225. vacum line
  226. A Few Pics Of The Twins
  227. Procharger question
  228. 3 bar map and 60 pound injector questions
  229. Thermal Question...
  230. Best Internals???
  231. Well you learn something everyday. APS inlet tubes/turbos are not what they are...
  232. will these work?
  233. Where can I get Ls motor header flanges?
  234. Is my blow off valve stuck?
  235. 408 w/STS build pending Opinions welcome
  236. GM 2 Bar map sensor wiring
  237. My 91mm turbo kit
  238. New turbo setup losing boost...??????
  239. TIAL, Turbosmart, Synapse.....OBX??? Looking for WG
  240. Lets try this again. What cam should I use?
  241. Which of these is the best deal?
  242. Got a question for guys running a fuel pressure gauge
  243. Pic of MTI Magnusson Supercharger
  244. Looking for a streetable clutch to handle 800rwtq
  245. pushing water
  246. Crank case pressure and blown rear main seals
  247. magnafuel PN-4301 for 900 rwhp
  248. 03 c5 zo6 with Boost
  249. Help!!! Planning on boosting LS1
  250. map sensor????