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  1. ? f1c procharger kit for f-body
  2. My Procharged 451 LSX build
  3. Should I use turbo blankets using the APS kit? What are the pros and cons with them?
  4. Cam experts in here.
  5. flipped 94 lt1 exhaust manifolds leaking, where to get donuts?
  6. Ebooost2 help?
  7. Who runs stock radiator?
  8. how do these cam specs look?
  9. Patriot LQ9 vs. TFS 235 with FI?
  10. How much lag? Lsx cobra...
  11. Turbo Gurus -- Smoke on Accel
  12. turbo selection
  13. The STS Camaro we built has been sold and we just installed a rollcage for the owner
  14. who (vendors) sells GT35R's?
  15. Belt slip on 8 rib D1-SC
  16. Hidden supercharger
  17. First passes with the new D1SC/347 firehwk
  18. lt1 .... spark problem?
  19. what would u do
  20. A2W intercooler? any gain over A2A? anyone ran a ebay one?
  21. Vortec V-1 Self Contained(?)
  22. fan-setup
  23. To run an intake tube off the turbo or to just clamp on a filter?
  24. Scavenge Oil Pump...
  25. Rotrex Supercharger kit (W2W)
  26. Compatibility of my H/C setup with FI?
  27. Got Launch Control and Flat Shifting Working
  28. any guys from ohio? turbo?
  29. LT1/LS1 STS piping????
  30. Going turbo
  31. A&A Corvette blower cams?
  32. Turbo almost done...
  33. Intake Upgrade with Forced Induction
  34. Oil Drain??
  35. so of the f/i engines/projects we've been working on
  36. Crankcase problems, blowing out dipstick
  37. Hood Stack
  38. putting together a turbo kit
  39. how much power with a 347 forged & 317 heads
  40. kentucky turbo kit out there
  41. Which one?? Edelbrock E-force or Vortec v-1 t rim on a SBC?
  42. opinion please spray or boost
  43. what do you think guys t78 or t88 street car
  44. Just some import....
  45. In case anyone is looking for a Turbo Car....
  46. Borla or Custom Single?
  47. Who is using the oil restrictor in their systems
  48. Oil in charge side
  49. Best way for me to go a little bit quicker?
  50. Twins or a Big Single?
  51. racetronix hotwire kit???
  52. twin turbo with vette manifolds
  53. anyone had bmr turbo k-member issues?
  54. Check this MAP
  55. still tuning!
  56. Help with 5.3 turbo project
  57. Fuel Regulators
  58. Ls1 Sts kit on LT1 with intercooler?
  59. Twin Turbo Intercooler
  60. 681rwhp stock long block, vid inside
  61. Alt relocation problems!!!
  62. New LS1 9ltr High Performance alloy cast sump
  63. Where are you guys buying your Turbos/ Accessories?
  64. F1C stock shortblock results
  65. Wastegate referenced before or after TB?
  66. Show me your intercoolers!
  67. Just bought a FI car, new to the scene and have some ?'s
  68. Fuel fouled spark plugs issue
  70. Looking for a turbo system for my 01 2500 HD truck
  71. D1SC with 3.2 pulley, what boost at 3000 rpm and 4000 rpm?
  72. another e85 thread
  73. turbo/size/make?
  74. lil help?
  75. About what would an F1A cost?
  76. differences in blow off valves
  77. boost creep or no?
  78. DIY turbo?
  79. Dune Buggy Dyno
  80. Made the cover of the May GMHTP!
  81. C6 T-trim supercharger results
  82. Exhaust Pipe Size...
  83. Rear mount setup with FMIC, how much in piping?
  84. need set up input
  85. Wtb aps tt?
  86. will this work ok for a catch can set up?
  87. What rpm do you spray meth at?
  88. need your thoughts....
  89. One Way check valve
  90. STS TT Problems
  91. -8cc pistons v's -25cc pistons...
  92. Who say building a turbo kit is hard?
  93. Things to do before going to dyno?
  94. Impeller moves!!!!!!
  95. Turn up the boost or upgrade the turbo ?
  96. ls1 CR with -23cc pistons and 72cc heads
  97. Help me decide, Nitrous or FI.
  98. Procharger Piping
  99. FFI Exhaust systems
  100. Kenne bell ((big bore))
  101. Turbo LS1 GTO 517whp & 53X trq on 8psi
  102. ugh collent issues rad hose collapsing from turbo heat
  103. Procharger On GTO Is Pi##ing Me Off!!!
  104. 4" DP possible with truck manifolds
  105. is this a complete p1sc (pics)
  106. turbo help
  107. 600rwhp FI: Building fuel system from scratch, lots of questions!!
  108. Pics of Rob's TT Formula!
  109. Exhaust Shop Hot-Side
  110. How do you cut the front of your bumper for your intercooler
  111. L92 carb intake and elbow...check it out
  112. Building a truck manifold for my buddy -
  113. APS install Ron Davis Burkhart Bumper Support
  114. cant decide eather a 78 or 88??
  115. DIY Meth injection kit
  116. Picked up my new Va Speed Turbo-Ready LS2 motor...
  117. Will I notice a difference between 3" and 4" intercooler piping?
  118. is this a realistic goal with a p-1 procharger?
  119. ebay turbo kits for 800 bucks bad or good?
  120. procharger inspection
  121. Procharger installion??
  122. ls9 cam in ls1?
  123. Heads for Turbo car-- is ported worth it??
  124. alternator relcation brackets
  125. alternator not charging after relocation?
  126. first turbo start up
  127. G-Force ProCharged Z06 761RWHP
  128. turbo ls s14 progress
  129. Twin Turbo
  130. What is the diff blow off/ waste gate
  131. Valve question
  132. Opinions- what options are important to you in a turbo kit ?
  133. Procharger "Tuner" Kit
  134. wanting turbo set up
  135. OFI Install cost
  136. has anyone converted an STS.....
  137. Turbo 106mm vs Procharger F3?
  138. Megasquirt Setup
  139. twin turbo kit
  140. Exhaust with a blower ?
  141. Any proven turbo cams out there and who designed it for you?
  142. compression
  143. holset H2C turbo
  144. FI and tires ,if you are over 600rwhp come on in!
  145. Where can I find some honeycomb mesh??
  146. Road race & Overheating
  147. 317 heads on ls1 what push rod?
  148. What lifters and what rockers for TT 900+rwhp?
  149. STS VS Procharger Poll?!!!!!
  150. A2W intercooler STS question
  151. sts instuction manual needed
  152. gm castings vs aftermarket castings with big numbers
  153. Got a ? concerning WG spring pressure and boost pressure
  154. Overheating - turbo question
  155. Cracked block: what could have caused this?
  156. Boost control
  157. water vs air
  158. Old Style PC Bracket???
  159. blow thru tuning
  160. pro comp heads???
  161. Getting dynoed today
  162. spool difference between turbonetics t76 with p trim vs s trim turbine
  163. Part number for Cobalt 2bar MAP
  164. Where are you getting the bar across the front when standing radiator straight up
  165. Making meth??
  166. When do you start building boost?
  167. Best Fitting Aluminum Radiator with A/C and D1SC
  168. external wastegate leaking by at an idle!?!
  169. Twin turbo suggestions
  170. Compression Ratio Calculation
  171. valvesprings breaking!
  172. STS new numbers
  173. Anyone try silver paint on head gaskets?
  174. LSXTV Article about 8 Sec Z06
  175. Stuck trapping 154-155mph...
  176. AIS meth kit question
  177. p1sc c5 epp blower cam and kooks installed clip
  178. Fastest Rear Mount F-body??
  179. turbo setup(so far) andy suggestions
  180. Nice 447 with a 101 turbo video
  181. looking for the best mbc..
  182. Track results are in!!!!!
  183. Ls6 427
  184. Typical gains with Methanol injection??
  185. blow up my motor, pics inside
  186. Need help on this camshaft for my turbo
  187. kenne bell
  188. Start Up Audio and Pics of V8 Miata
  189. STS dropping boost
  190. Am i safe or pushing it?
  191. Boost Guys Opinion
  192. Forced induction lq4
  193. Installing custom FMIC. Have some questions
  194. 09 corvette supercharged numbers
  195. In Car Pics of my 427LSX motor
  196. Miata First Start Up - More Videos to come
  197. How much boost?
  198. Stock LS1 turbo questions?
  199. APS 346 dyno 599/543
  200. boost controller on s/c
  201. Complete ProCharger D-1SC kits with tune from EPP
  202. Best Chemical cooling agent
  203. Frcefed98 Signing off.......
  204. how much boost will i have
  205. exhaust manifold gaskets
  206. side dumps
  207. Best place to get a 76mm turbo??
  208. Just how much power??
  209. Coating Turbo Headers - which one recommended
  210. Synergy 2step wiring on 98 F body
  211. Turbo setup for 4th Gen camaro
  212. turbo fittings
  213. WhereToBuy - Procharger J-bracket?
  214. restrictor plate guys come in !
  215. Boost Pressure Gauge
  216. AFR dual valve springs good for boost?
  217. Playing with the trans brake and 2-step....
  218. Who all has disabled Burst Knock?
  219. FINALLY Taking the Rear-mount 88 SS out!!
  220. compression?
  221. Where to get a z06 cam
  222. Lunati Pro Billet rods
  223. ls6
  224. stock MAP with MAF tune?
  225. Intake Elbow?
  226. Need Big Boost Big Bore Head Gaskets
  227. light weight fly wheel?
  228. APS Twin Turbo Questions
  229. procharger fan setup
  230. any problems with wrapping exaust pipes??
  231. LMR Procharged 08 C6Z Dyno Vid and Pics!!!
  232. turbo selection help
  233. Dyno Question
  234. supercharger wanted
  235. supercharger
  236. anyone have a 2/3bar timing map i can copy
  237. what does a evap solenoid do and why do i need it?
  238. twin turbo lq4 or ls1
  239. Alkycontrol Kit: Denatured Alcohol vs. Methyl Hydrate
  240. turbo or procharger?
  241. Turbo bikes?
  242. Downpipe w/ Truck Manifolds
  243. lt1 intercooler piping ???
  244. sts exaust question
  245. would i need a retune?
  246. Oil fittings in/out S480
  247. pics or advice
  248. Boost Controller 'duty cycle'. What does that mean?
  249. Keep forged 347 or build iron 6.0
  250. Boost reference FPR base pressure