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  1. Need a good Top-End for LS1 + D1SC
  2. 5.3 twin turbo?
  3. air to water intercooler
  4. Where to buy an STS kit?
  5. Non LS. 08 Challenger TT. Gettin er dialed in
  6. Keep your fingers crossed...
  7. TT LS2 typhoon track results
  8. Well Just ordered Trickflow 245 6 bolts from 99blancoSS. Any one running these heads
  9. Loud pop ,backfire mabye when going wot low rpm though low boost.
  10. 21 psi w/ 16* timing on 93
  11. Finally getting my tune!
  12. sts style oiling question
  13. 8.3L Whipple on a C5R, 427
  14. Two Questions!
  15. New D1SC with Forged 347, How much HP on 91'?
  16. Who has used a MP70 for a rear mount? Results?
  17. most horse power made on T4
  18. What headgaskets? (408ci/AFR225)
  19. Discussion about turbo cams, overlap, boost and reversion
  20. forged bottom end question
  21. need some advice
  22. My p1sc setup. What else do i need
  23. Where to ger convuluted tubing?
  24. Is a TSP Torquer V2 Cam Like boost? What gears to run?
  25. some new bests tonight (added videos)
  26. this cam good for boost???
  27. ROCKER help!
  28. Cam for my Butt mount TT ZO6
  29. S91 Build FeedBack. Is this Reality?
  30. Paxton 1500
  31. Spark plug & gap for fi ????
  32. CAD Drawing for truck manifold exhaust flanges?
  33. ls1 turbo friendly?
  34. Vic Jr vac line connections
  35. 08 Vette, TVS 1900, auto
  36. I've restarted the 2009 FI fastest list
  37. Who can tell me about this Vortech SC?
  38. Super Victor vs Vic Jr for 370ci twin turbo GTO
  39. please help cant hold boost
  40. What radiator are you running with 700rwhp?
  41. 427 LSX build, heads?
  42. turbo project, looking for tips!
  43. What should I do next?
  44. A intercooler is a intercooler....right???
  45. Turbo m6 cars ?? launch?
  46. Getting a D1SC soon, Help please?
  47. what AFR to shoot for with 16 psi boost? FAST system
  48. Gravity Drain or Scavenge Pump?
  49. What turbo?
  50. Made up mind...going for boost
  51. callie dragon slayer crank
  52. HELP! - 6 psi Blowing off Silicone Connector
  53. Why truck monifold for DIY?
  54. alternator relocation=what do i do about oil cap?!?
  55. MasterPower T70 hp capability?
  56. Where to find Mo-cal Pump?
  57. Car just doesnt seem to be as fast as it should be V2
  58. How much boost to expect on a d1sc
  59. conflicting head gasket apps and search blows, what gaskets for 1999 block and 317's
  60. 370 or 408 ProCharger Motor ???
  61. Redone EPP frontmount
  62. BOOSTMASTER's TTix goes SD and pulls 925RWHP on 91 Octane and Meth
  63. few questions please help real quick
  64. Aftermarket defogger for windshield?????
  65. Va Speed's new FI machine processes/parts
  66. Which ATI pulley for my procharge setup?
  67. Cheap Scavenge Pump~!
  68. Meth Kit
  69. 1500hp Boosted fuel system: Will this work? (New Idea)
  70. LSX Cog Kits Fit Tri-Fives...
  71. Turbo kits that keep A/C???
  72. New best... 5.26 @ 141.86 (1/8 mile)
  73. Boost and FPR???
  74. ATI balencer
  75. I need some Advice please.
  76. Has anyone...
  77. Loss of power Brake and No Boost
  78. need help for BIG BOOST !!!!!!!
  79. Boost and the LS3...
  80. What makes the trim? Superchagers
  81. Maggie 122 - 90mm TB gains
  82. F1R 427 C6...numbers
  83. Blow through with ls1?
  84. f1r 6.0
  85. did some plumming today
  86. Timing and boost
  87. found oil in throttle body
  88. Dynoed the car today, ???
  89. Turbo rebuild
  90. Going custom 61mm twins in the GTO
  91. Head gaskets for 4.005 LQ9+317's+15psi?
  92. magnum xl vs magnum for forced inductoon
  93. Where is my boost going?
  94. Vortech V1
  95. need advice/pointers on 6.0 turbo build
  96. I need some help!!!
  97. Procharger belt problems!!! Please help..
  98. is this a good set-up for a carbed 305?
  99. Sierra turbo build up.
  100. Boost gauge install
  101. Waste gate vacuum lines?
  102. help choosing turbo size
  103. DISC FMIC / 408ci Iron Block - Running Hot
  104. Twin turbo build up in 67 LS1 Camaro
  105. Fan on intercooler??
  106. rear-mount track times?
  107. What Gears
  108. Can i make only 5psi with a 8.702psi wastegat spring?
  109. Black smoke?
  110. what stall for boosted car
  111. STS PVC switch valve question....
  112. track times with p1sc
  113. Rear Mount Turbo Compatibility Question
  114. Boost
  115. Not happy with autometer triple pillar pod anyone make full pillar replacement?
  116. Well, selling my new SDCE/FMIC/D1SC setup, ordered F2 setup :)
  117. More boost?
  118. Procharger belt problem
  119. Turbo 347 LS1- S475 turbo- Tubular Turbo kit
  120. Unrealistic?
  121. Compressions Ratio's and boost, 93 VS e85
  122. Newbie to FI looking to make the switch.
  123. turbo size
  124. Eboost f body install faq in center vent?
  125. Nitrous and boost
  126. alky meth kit install instruction
  127. P1sc fuel system help
  128. Just bought turbowerks scavenger for my aps tt car.
  129. Where to SC?
  130. Turbo oil pressure
  131. ngk plugs
  132. Help with a pillar?
  133. What is the disadvantage of a tight cam LSA?
  134. anyone have a p trim 96 or 100 divided housing layng around?
  135. How long did your stock ls1 last with boost????
  136. Twin turbo 427ci corvette / 4L80e conversion forsale MINT
  137. truck manifolds - where do i buy?
  138. my car RESULTS corvette 2006 F1-C
  139. Twin Scroll turbos?
  140. cam too big for boost?
  141. New car twin turbo size & brand ?????
  142. Misfire issue only in 4th gear.
  143. Can I run just mesh screens for filters on turbos??
  144. 10 psi stock long block fuel pump
  145. Running 9's vid within..60ft sucks though
  146. bmw twin scroll twin turbo
  147. Forged Short Block + ProCharger Install Cost?
  148. Couple of questions... (long)
  149. Engine build for SC
  150. boost creep? will Eboost 2 stop it?
  151. 2-step vid
  152. front mount turbo
  153. Pictures of my new turbos for my APS car.
  154. 370 OR 408 for boost?
  155. Help! it cranks but won't start.
  156. $100 = 3 more #'s of boost
  157. Made a couple hits Friday, new best 9.52@148.95
  158. Meth Injection, GTO, Maggie
  159. o-rings/gaskets for boost?
  160. turbo oil return
  161. New dyno numbers!!!
  162. fast 90/90 or vic jr intake? how much increase will i see?
  163. What to put in Warhawk block rear vallys sensor holes ? few other questions
  164. STS Mechanical Boost Controller Questions
  165. Questions about the Kentucky Turbo setup
  166. Got the pipes back from coating....
  167. Getting Closer 9.25@150!!!!!
  168. Trying to find highest Hp/boost on stock heads and where weld 5 bolt on stock heads
  169. Procharger Mounting Bracket
  170. twin setup
  171. T-bolt Clamps.
  172. Can the stock map sensor leak under boost?
  173. Stock 07 ls2 with 7k miles.
  174. To those looking for an alky kit....
  175. HP Performance Turbo Kits?
  176. FMIC cooling
  177. <<blown stock l92>>
  178. Using a rear-mount turbo setup on a V6 fbody....
  179. fastest on a stock pcm?
  180. WG Temps
  181. Which electric fans?
  182. running boost on a stock ls1 intake.
  183. Anyone running an EBoost2?
  184. URGENT URGENT APS Turbo help
  185. Question on turbo blanket thickness
  186. FI Noob questions.
  187. CAN I BOOST MY 11.5 to 1
  188. Big thnx to EPP!
  189. meth with race set up?
  190. Got car dynoed today but concerned about tune
  191. Any 78mm or 80mm turbo owners want to upgrade to an 88mm?
  192. jus a little corvette build up.
  193. Max Cylinder Pressure / Boost on a Stock LT1?
  194. Quick Q: can I clock TC78 hot-side?
  195. patriot heads on turbo lq4?
  196. Looking for a used complete turbo kit
  197. Need some eboost2 help
  198. procharger install problem
  199. Scavenger pump install on front mount?
  200. Turbosmart BOV's Question for how hard to set them??
  201. BOV's
  202. 2-step/APS track times
  203. Need advice on rockers for my built 35th APS
  204. APS GTO help please
  205. 402 LSX with custom F2 set-up(Dyno vid & Graph)
  206. Air pump on a procharged car
  207. Harmonic balancer bolt for procharger
  208. Replaced the Injectors & Alternator = A/F is RICH! Turn up the boost?
  209. what muffler turbo guys?
  210. Kytp
  211. STS Install finally done!
  212. Who's running 25+psi?
  213. best 16" fan ???
  214. Thinking of a 383 forged stroker.
  215. BS3 guys, where'd you mount your ECU? Pics?
  216. turbo cam idle clips Wanted
  217. Where do you drain oil on front-mounts? Pics please
  218. What spark plugs and fuel to run in 14 psi ls2
  219. How did i make these numbers?
  220. Big sigh of relief!
  221. Car just doesnt seem to be as fast as it should be...
  222. Turbo Oil feed question
  223. Who has had to rebuilt turbo when it leaked oil?
  224. Headers for 454 lsx w/f2 procharger
  225. What parts am i missing? Will be installing a used STS GT70....
  226. How much exhaust wrap will i need?
  227. does anyone here have a throttle stop cause you cant control the power??
  228. Pistons and connection rods kit
  229. Which valve springs for boost? Playing it safe
  230. First Day at the track with the YSi!
  231. APS Problem need help
  232. Info on my 1000+ Rwhp TT build running on E100
  233. single turbo kit?
  234. If its not one thing, its another!!! HELP!
  235. Airesearch turbo's.
  236. APS Problem need help
  237. My BOV was leaking a little would i lose any hp form this ?
  238. ls6,vic jr. with sheet metal 90?
  239. crank case pressure, and your down pipe.
  240. Turbo Cam Help Please!!!
  241. Oil leak on 9+ psi
  242. Dumb question
  243. turbo cam needed?
  244. turbo tune HELP!!!
  245. ebay turbo kit question
  246. Looking for an STS install manual
  247. Which new turbo should I go with?
  248. Who makes oval silicone tubes or Stainless??
  249. Zombie made a boo boo and put e85 in his tank
  250. Retro fit 6.0 To supercharge or Turbo