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  1. Anybody have sts instructions?
  2. how much boost
  3. supercharger compressor map reading vs pulley size
  4. Valve Seals
  5. how much diff will twin logs flow over tubular headers?
  6. Meth injection suggestions?
  7. how much HP capable with 91 octane w/ std meth injection ?
  8. took the car out tonight and....
  9. anybody running a 60-1???
  10. Procharged (D1) M6 Track Times?
  11. safe boost?
  12. are truck manifolds different from side to side?
  13. 67mm single turbo - losing boost in upper rpms
  14. best turbo mods for stock motor
  15. In the situation again of either procharger d1 or 76mm turbo
  16. oil spitting out the back w/ sts
  17. corvette procharger kit
  18. F1-C c6 Water Pump
  19. Procharger p1sc mounting question
  20. 370 turbo cam ????????
  21. Will a STS turbo work with this exhaust?
  22. Prochargers and Exhaust??
  23. Most power out of a stock block..
  24. Exhaust sound, weak?
  25. AEM boost controller??
  26. AC compatible LS1 tubular headers with merge collector- OFI style
  27. ls1 heads on a 5.3l... good for boost?
  28. Max CR on forged pistons?
  29. FI help have some ???'s need help
  30. Turbo's???
  31. how much power are the boosted 6.0s making?
  32. Quick cam question
  33. Procharger Race Valve
  34. pics of flipped truck manifolds facing up
  35. Turbo ID? (scammer?)
  36. Truck manifolds
  37. puttin the sts on.
  38. step up ratio vortech V5 ?
  39. p1 procharger kit on my car
  40. Cam overlap and Boost
  41. Turbo upgrade coming for the Undead Sled
  42. 160lb injectors and a injector driver box
  43. Twin Turbo LS1 Skyline.
  44. Requesting help from turbo and procharger guru's!
  45. turbo damaged worried?
  46. Anyone had to replace bearings in the Procharger idler on the bracket?
  47. 78GTS vs. PT88 Dyno overlay inside on same motor
  48. APS Spool
  49. Rear mount guys: Header wrap?
  50. turbo rebuild question
  51. boost ref. fuel pressure regulator
  52. twin 94's
  53. LS7 gaskets not good for iron block and boost
  54. Aluminum vs. Iron
  55. Question for Procharger Guy who have added a second fan
  56. just simple question
  57. Rear mount turbo question!!
  58. Did ur insurance company send an agent to check mods?
  59. oil line fittings...brass or AN?
  60. How about this cam profile for turbo app
  61. What Catch Can???
  62. Please help me find a downpipe for a 1989 Turbo T/a
  63. how much power?????
  64. Lt1 sts q...
  65. X or H-pipe after turbo?
  66. Need Input ASAP!
  67. 2010 Camaro w/ T76 anyone?
  68. difference between
  69. Trans selection for turbo.
  70. Which headers for supercharger?
  71. supercharger timing?
  72. Boosts problems need some help!!!!!
  73. manifold gaskets?
  74. Check out this Corvette.
  75. procharger HELP!!!!
  76. LS9 supercharger
  77. Help with New Cam
  78. OMG another which turbo thread!
  79. 383 turbo build??
  80. catch can question
  81. Procharger
  82. Who makes this C5 kit??
  83. looking for a 5" velocity stack
  84. Big TVS blower on my LS3
  85. L19 Head studs
  86. F1A on a 347?
  87. Turbo PCV options
  88. Hellfire rings in Metric sizes?
  89. Turbo ?'s
  90. need opinons from forced induction vets.
  91. anyone boosted a high mileage motor?
  92. Winter project... We like it cold (pics inside)
  93. SDCE bracket or COG set up for F1A 6spd street car?
  94. have some questions on turbo build on what parts
  95. Ofi
  96. magnacharger or procharger for 500rwhp
  97. ls2 pistons in a 6.0
  98. Using a 5.3 block for a 347
  99. need answers please
  100. What Fuel Pump and Gears
  101. Some build pics from today!
  102. FMIC Guys Come in!!!! ASAP
  103. Recommendations???
  104. Dropped the car off at Dallas Performance
  105. LS3/L76 intake VS L92 truck intake boosted
  106. your opinion on my set u..HELP?
  107. Another D1SC or F1C? Thread
  108. How much boost can stock headbolts handle?
  109. Gas Turbine JET engine Turbo wanted!
  110. GM High Tech Perf Down for the Count?
  111. once turbo seals start to leak is it too late?
  112. Max boost with a LS GM casting head?
  113. Have you ever seen this!!!
  114. STS rear mount turbo
  115. Truck Manifold walk trhough?
  116. Who do you recommend to build my FI short block?
  117. need help with IAT sensor
  118. TURBO CAM for L92 6.0....hows this?
  119. Engine having issues at low boost
  120. Rod bearing clearance
  121. PT88 ok to add oil restrictor?
  122. Powerdyne??
  123. ls3 and boost
  124. Ls9 supercharger
  125. Anyone bearing a steering knuckle for APS?
  126. Stock Bottom & Boost - Reliability List
  127. boost gauge install
  128. Final #s from TTi/402 A6 C6 Inside
  129. MP T76 news...
  130. Centri Superchargers... max psi?
  131. DIY Turbo Gurus Come in and Help Out With a Turbo Build Idea
  132. Some pics on my updated build.
  133. How many of you dowl or pin your mains?
  134. My new c6/6.0 mani a/c setup came in pics!
  135. Aps twin turbo upgrade c5 zo6
  136. Anyone looking for a large A2A?
  137. Running a hotchis front stab bar with APS?
  138. Bumper cover for FMIC??
  139. LS2 GTO procharger on LS1 f-car
  140. 6 bolt head question
  141. 954rwhp c6z!!!
  142. New to FI ??
  143. Which block? How many cubes?
  144. faster spool with same power
  145. 842rwhp @13.5psi Another APS TT C6 ZO6 by Speed Inc.
  146. Truck manifolds and steering?
  147. forged 347
  148. Debating on d1-sc or t72 turbo...
  149. how cheap have you turboed something part 2
  150. what are these procharger parts worth new?
  151. Low budget turbo questions
  152. turbo build
  153. Gonna try something new this year-a Vortech YSi!
  154. Anyone know anything about the T-netic's gtk turbo's
  155. 408/F1-C Vette
  156. Oil Pressure port.
  157. Difference Between D1 and D1SC Prochargers
  158. turbo with TH400
  159. ATI Pin Kit, ATI Dampner Help.
  160. LMR in Doha Qatar!!
  161. 16psi w/ Fast 92mm Intake pics inside
  162. Ideal Procharger Exhaust
  163. FI cam question
  164. check valve behind LS6 manifold
  165. Motor is out: How much $ to convert to low compression for turbo setup?
  166. LTx hangin in there :) New dyno vid and numbers!
  167. where to find 4" + ID silicone connector hoses?
  168. What oil to run??
  169. Timing Set Question
  170. STS guys please chime in!!!
  171. how much boost can a F.A.S.T plastic intake can Handle
  172. 13 psi on a 11:1 engine pump gas or e85????
  173. heads for turbo ls1????
  174. Ayone running AEM tru-boost?
  175. Converter on mild FI
  176. tvs 2300
  177. Cant buy OFi so i made my own !!!
  178. 5.3 pistons
  179. Are LQ9 heads any good?
  180. h/c for supercharger set up
  181. STS - separate turbo oil system Qs
  182. Few quick q's about meth
  183. surge valve too loud
  184. EPP's Cog Drive Assembly for F Body ProCharger now available!
  185. TVS 2300.....out with the old, in with the new!
  186. Carburated supercharged LS1?
  187. Long COG Belt?
  188. Which gate?
  189. Rear mount turbo setup, oil return pump suggestions?
  190. Just Completed 2000 TA Maggie Install!! Dyno numbers!!
  191. Hey what are you TT guys running for exhaust
  192. curiousity question..............
  193. Spray meth before the intercooler?
  194. Belt Needed?
  195. Gen-ttr turboI got a qu
  196. NEW FORGED MOTOR ..... TWIN TURBO Experts COme in!!
  197. Procharger Question!
  198. ls1 with sts turbo
  199. Another blower belt question
  200. Wideband not working
  201. PolyTech cog belts
  202. sts questions and concerns
  203. What headers can be fipped/modded for twin turbo use?
  204. tell me what you guys think about my new "blower" cam???
  205. 5.3 turbo build????
  206. Best 16 injector intake.
  207. Where to position methanol nozzlel, maf, and IAT sensor
  208. So am I the first one to blow up an LS6 manifold?
  209. How come there are so little F.I. bin files?
  210. New intake going on
  211. Wanting a rearmount, help me get it started.
  212. STS Problems
  213. Hey guys, Twin screw questions
  214. cruise control question
  215. Wastegate spring... maxxing out at 13psi!?!?
  216. my LQ4/4L80E tc78 build
  217. New Dyno Numbers: 700rwhp+ LS1 Stock Bottom A&A Vortech V2 S-Trim System
  218. Procharged C6Z?
  219. 8 sec Nitrous guy going FI??
  220. ??? P1SC to D1SC ???
  221. LS1 to LS6 need help please with supercharger!
  222. Simple question
  223. to much power
  224. Procharger+ nitrous?
  225. Need some help, GT42 turbo
  226. Looking to go turbo with stock motor. few ?'s
  227. APS turbo questions
  228. cutting out front grill
  229. l76 intake 2bar map part number
  230. whats the biggest cam i can go with on a turbo setup?
  231. How much power is too much for dd...
  232. Can a stock LS1 be built to handle more boost?
  233. Pullying Down... guesstimate on boost/power?
  234. Port or not.
  235. D1sc impeller damage.
  236. 38mm wastegate to small for 80mm
  237. STS Rear Mount or..
  238. too much meth?
  239. Autometer electrical boost gauge wiring
  240. Put forged rods/pistons in my stock LS2 or buy a shortblock?
  241. cobra s/c on ls1??
  242. 347ci 900-1000hp turbo build questions
  243. 403 Kene Bell
  244. I wanna go turbo
  245. DeModding STS WS6????
  246. 5.3L Turbo Build
  247. Wide Band With Warning
  248. engine runs for a second and dies out
  249. small turbo small engine?
  250. Need quick help mounting meth nozzle