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  1. Timing thread to end all timing threads (self proclaimed timing gurus, enter please)
  2. Which intake manifold?
  3. truck manifold vs ls1 for driver side?
  4. No LS but turbocharged 6.55 pass better video
  5. Anyone put some sort of wrap on fuel regulator or lines?
  6. ls1 vs 6.0 truck engine turbo ??????
  7. new best still 10#
  8. Removing timing from rear cylinders
  9. 418 12.7 compression 2300??
  10. on3 p in a fbody
  11. Any 5.3's in the 7 second zone
  12. First LSX in X275 trim in the 4.60's
  13. Who has bent a stock crank??
  14. slower with stall??
  15. 1979 Turbo Malibu Build GT-55, A2W
  16. My first turbo build - 01 WS6 with On3 A/C kit and Turbonetics 7575 **VERYLONG READ**
  17. ***Customer takes first drive in LMR800hp Package***
  18. newbie to turbo n ls
  19. Max boost? GT45, stock LM7, 93/ no meth
  20. 95' Impala SS twin turbo build
  21. mail order tune?
  22. Opinions on these plugs and gap
  23. Wat best wastage for my setup
  24. Best parts for 5.3 supercharged LM4
  25. Turbo 4.8 Questions
  26. 75 Firebird 4.8 s480 th400 build
  27. Why do wastegates and BOVs cost so much?
  28. Question for poly motor mounts for aps or other guys running poly mounts.
  29. Screamer pipe vs plumbed back
  31. Did I break wastegate or is it okay? (Video inside)
  32. Gasket Type Plugs in 317 Heads
  33. Turbo 5.3 dyno results
  34. ebay fmic for my procharged formula.
  35. New Turbo
  36. sts turbo leaking oil out exhaust (hot side) while car is not running
  37. 6/71 blower kit for ls1???
  38. Sticky for torque specs & build tips?
  39. pushrod and valve spring on a 5.3? does it need upgrade? boosted
  40. CTS-V Record set in West Palm Beach (VIDEO)
  41. Nitrous to Procharger Build
  42. Rich Condition
  43. 600hp turbo c5?
  44. Flamed a TFS 6 bolt head on 28lbs of boost (Pics inside)
  45. tuning issues
  46. E85 fuel filter report
  47. Grocerygetter *update* 1/4 mile.....10.5 @ 129
  48. Cylinder pressure/boost
  49. question on a blower cam please helpppppp
  50. Pics of the Kurt Urban Built car I just purchased.
  51. Where to get a boost signal for WG
  52. ls1 turbo?
  53. main/rod bearing clearance help
  54. Some video's from the last race
  55. Stock 48 at Drag Week
  56. Turbo ls1 newb
  57. turbo swap will the rest keep up
  58. ProCharged Marine LS motor help
  59. ls microsquirt problems
  60. Driving without Charge pipe connected! Need advice!
  61. 02 WS6 402 PT47-88 build
  62. first passes, what am I doing wrong?
  63. fuel questions
  64. Turbo Choice Question
  65. made some first runs with the nova.
  66. 50/50 Water/Methanol Injection for 13psi 9.3:1 compression? Blower car.
  67. Good scavenge pump?
  68. Question about S480
  69. Hooking with 18's?
  70. Procharger F1R/ERL427 cam opinion.
  71. Meth or e85 for procharged and 10psi
  72. 5.3 turbo build
  73. for those that have the sts kit. how does the turbo mount? oil pump issues?
  74. Ls1 Shortblock, stock bottom end Turbonetics 78/75 build!
  75. Welding 4" SS V-band onto S475 turbine questions
  76. Procharger Loss Of Power With TIAL Q BOV?
  77. Stock valves
  78. 403 with twins cam change
  79. Turbo smoking
  80. New Car Kurt Urban Built 99 Camaro, sold my 2010 YSI car, What will it run?
  81. aster auto spring tensioner bracket
  82. f1r procharger what mods need done to fit
  83. Selling my Jake's 4l80e, need some glide advice for turbo car
  84. What's a fair price for a brand new OFI Complete kit minus turbo
  85. LQ4/LSA S480 build. What cam?
  86. S475 T6 turbine housing requires port matching to RPS T6 flange?
  87. Anyone using antilag on top of nitrous to spool a turbo?
  88. Idea's for fun ass street car or truck.
  89. More restrictive exhaust = much higher boost?
  90. Is this normal (LSA TVS1900 question)?
  91. Recommended t6 turbo kit for my 02 Camaro
  92. 02 5.3 Sierra M90 Build
  93. custom rear mount lt1
  94. A2W and Meth On remote supercharger
  95. Ls2 supercharger
  96. MSD 2 step with auto trans (Updated Track Results)
  97. 230/236 114+4 cam questions
  98. finally got to the track
  99. Procharger P1SC Housing Rotation Instructions?
  100. Need help with 10-Rib serpentine parts. 2.9 Whipple on LS7
  101. C10 swap, trouble building boost.
  102. 5.3 Capri (ljms cam, gt45-80mm th400 microsquirt) 690whp
  103. Injector recommendations please.
  104. Supplied springs with the X02 60mm wastegate
  105. Turbo lt1 wont go above 3k under wot
  106. Please Help! Maggie 112 questions
  107. Merge angle?
  108. MLS head gasket- LS1 vs LS9
  109. Stock fuel rails
  110. Eboost2 VS AMS 500
  111. Stock Bottom LS1 makes 800+ hp/tq
  112. 5.3 turbo build suggestions
  113. Building a rearmount turbo. Is it really that simple? how about adding LT?
  114. HP limit with 3in DP?
  115. alternator bracket help
  116. opinion on timing for my 98 camaro build
  117. Holley 12-1800 dominator fuel pump
  118. LQ9 Single Turbo All New Build
  119. anyone using the Holley 300-137 intake, or sim one
  120. Biggest horsepower LSA
  121. powerdyne(or vortec) + tuned by frost? will it be ok?
  122. Cylinder Heads Reccomendation?
  123. Stock fans with aftermarket radiator will it work?
  124. 800whp + t56 + 5th/6th gear = ?
  125. What Radiator are you running
  126. Thoughts on this cam?
  127. waste gate and blow off valve.
  128. AI TFS LS2 230cc heads or AI 280cc GM LS7 heads?
  129. procharger keeps blowing vacuum line?
  130. 02 Z28 Huron Speed Kit / On3 7875
  131. Little or No turbo lag from a single set-up....on my 390ci....Possible...?
  132. What is THE BIGGEST BADDEST T4 turbo on the market??
  133. Boost Limit on 4 bolt heads
  134. Need help please /:
  135. Help me decide the next step....
  136. SBE LY6 with On3 7665 goes mid 8s
  137. Thick deck heads for a 3.78 5.3 bore?
  138. GBODY L99 SWAP W/ 6L80E Need Power Adder Help
  139. Rocker Arm Ratio and pushrods
  140. Anyone have the CBR kit? Results? What turbo are you running?
  141. Does my oil return line look okay?
  142. ISKY Triple 12 and S475
  143. 5.3 Twin Turbo Cam Advice
  144. Cam choice for 427 LSX -GT50-88 build
  145. any mild turbo setup with a/c on F-body? transam specifically
  146. Fan setup with A/C
  147. GM cam
  148. Low boost on twin turbo?
  149. Meth Solenoid Location
  150. switching to efi ..truck intake or ls1 intake for boost ???
  151. 5.3 L33 huron speed Turbo 880hp 17 psi
  152. boosted 4.8.
  153. Updated signature, any thoughts?
  154. Water/air Intercooler questions.
  155. TC7875 with 1.1ar
  156. Slapping a turbo on a 404 w/ 11.5 CR?
  157. Procharger CAD model
  158. griffin radiator 55241-xs bottom hose....and what radiator cap?
  159. L33 Failure, Suggestions
  160. What To Expect On E85
  161. How loud is a M90?
  162. Cam Specs?
  163. Oil drain and scavenge pump questions
  164. Fans in boosted application(Huron style setup)
  165. Too big of fuel line?
  166. Th400 people what rear gears are you using?
  167. Got a bad engine from a reputable shop, what would you guys do??
  168. What Stall?
  169. stock bottom end f1A
  170. Cam lift and FI
  171. Custom silicone elbows?
  172. F1 turbo technology. Will we ever see it?
  173. Huron speed official storage shed build!
  174. 1/8 mile gearing, 408, 20 psi
  175. spits and sputters out of boost but only when its 95* plus outside.
  176. S480 6.0 with serious converter slip help
  177. Need a little help with the new car!
  178. ***Late Model Racecraft re-sets 1/4 mile record***
  179. Upgrading top end on turbo build.
  180. Looking for a transition elbow
  181. Ole faithful 4.8 turbo build plans
  182. Twin s366 Questions, Among Other Things
  183. Turbo ls fairmont manifold question
  184. Turbo oil issues
  185. looking for member BlacksuperchargedLS1
  186. Planning for my next engine build. Thoughts welcomed.
  187. C5z... Intercooler or nah?
  188. I built a 403 kinda low on funds now. turbo vs procharger vs supercharger
  189. Oil drain and wastegate questions
  190. Microsquirt E85 tuning question
  191. Is this a race cover S480 ?
  192. 98-02 firebird burkhart support huron speed ?? step in
  193. 5.3 turbo(i know everyone is doing it)
  194. [VR] 707-rwhp 1LE with just 3 mods!
  195. l33 turbo
  196. LQ4 with F1X Camaro project
  197. Best way to setup initial startup without cold side?
  198. Twin s366 mustang
  199. 93 to e85
  200. Couple questions about the 5.3 swap into f-body
  201. Boost controler or Wastegate problem ?!!
  202. Planning out my winter 5.3 Turbo build.... am I on the right track?
  203. anyone have water/ice tank in spare tire area of Fbody?
  204. Ls6 or this custom ground cam for my build
  205. New to boost..turbo suggestions needed
  206. GT45 or on3 70mm. ???
  207. what fuel rails for E85/twins/800+hp?
  208. Procharger iron block p/s bracket help
  209. Anyone have a stock fbody alternator bracket laying around?
  210. f1r ls3 f body heelp
  211. Need a nod in the right direction on a turbo lq4 build
  212. turbo 5.3 build problems finishing. HELP!!!!!
  213. 69 Chevelle 5.3 Turbonetics
  214. alum. flange for precision gt42 7675?
  215. stock lq4 turbo with custom cam
  216. oil return (turbo) fitting location
  217. The Super Budget Stock LS1 Turbo Build
  218. How well do FAST 90 Intakes hold.up with boost
  219. most reliable non-leaking valve covers
  220. My new 93 LS turbo coupe
  221. Which A/C bracket for 69 Camaro and LQ4?
  222. LSX 408 GT5088 Build- Pistons/Head choices
  223. 5.3 turbo ring gap suggestions
  224. 67 Tempest 5.3 S475 First Fire Up and DRIVE (VIDEOS)
  225. i've had a ebay turbo kit laying in my shop for a year now.
  226. Wastegate flex tubing
  227. First outing with the L33 S480 Mustang Notch
  228. Who has the best Methanol injection system kit
  229. 1988 rx7. Crt88. 347" LS, PG, 8.8
  230. Twins-One BB and one Journal bearing?
  231. TT LQ4 questions
  232. 5.3 Twin Turbo Jet Boat Project, What Size Turbos??
  233. S10 377 Ram S480
  234. This is why Holley ECU is better than Stock PCM (VIDEO)
  235. Turbo + Nitrous + Meth Injection
  236. camaro ss t76 pics
  237. Huron Speed V2 Turbo Kit August-September Special *FREE Coating on Entire Kit*
  238. 69 Chevelle 6.0+billet 84mm build.
  239. My build: 300zx, Forged LSx, twin 61s, 6-speed. PICS
  240. Which intake would you use and why
  241. Why not regap rings on 100k JY motors. Also ls2 style piston ?'s
  242. what year 5.3 has the better rods
  243. ***LMR C7 Packages in Vette Magazine***
  244. Decisions need help: 5.7 or 4.8 turbo
  245. Duramax turbo LQ4
  246. catch can install, procharged G8 doesnt seem right
  247. S476 Millennium Build
  248. turbo T/A very laggy help!
  249. fuel pump recommendation
  250. Procharger vs turbo (6 speed)