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  1. D1 Procharged stock motor results
  2. pump + meth vs e85
  3. 640rwhp Pump gas 5.3 16lbs comp "7879"
  4. Need help with piston rings??
  5. need build help
  6. Twin s475's
  7. How does this parts list look?
  8. Tb for holley hi-ram efi
  9. Aster bracket instal look right??
  10. Turbo Thoughts
  11. S476/stock 5.3 build
  12. anyone use their products?
  13. gt 47-88 402ls2
  14. Which would be faster
  15. what is this turbo??
  16. can this motor handle my HP needs?
  17. Turbo build suggetions & help.
  18. ls3 intake or holley hi ram for my setup?
  19. 6.2 ls3 with s480
  20. Dart ls next block
  21. Big Power T4 Turbo's
  22. Most powerful CTS-V in the world, 1309/1306 SAE through a 4L80E
  23. thoughts on 416 lq4 with p1sc
  24. How to: injector spacing truck intake
  25. How much power have you seen old style rods handle?
  26. New turbo set up help cross over pipe size
  27. Novi 2000 + 1998 WS6 T/A......does it fit under the factory hood and cowl....?
  28. Turbo blanket springs---where to buy?
  29. BW s475, 476, 480 users come in :)
  30. TVS1900 Cam and Rocker Arm advice
  31. 5.3 power limits on pump 93/meth
  32. Turbo 6.0 nova 4l80e holley efi.
  33. lm7 block 317 heads and a wiseco rotating assembly????
  34. Auto or 6 spd big power
  35. aluminum down pipe for street car?
  36. Quietest SC'er that will push 15-16psi on a 390ci.....
  37. how a turbo works and how to choose the right one for you
  38. Turbo K Members
  39. Cold air induction
  40. PA Racing K member question (not lining up)
  41. Big single turbo vs. twin turbos?
  42. Dr. Turbo Does anyone know how to get ahold of him?
  43. Knock sensor?? Boosted application
  44. 408 single or twin turbos?
  45. Anybody go over 80psi with a holley dominator 12-1800 twin pump?
  46. Best FMIC for my setup
  47. Going for 1000whp... is anyone running a COMP CT43 turbo on here?
  48. Cold side up grade
  49. Share your Supercharger Lifestyle
  50. turbo manifold
  51. f1x
  52. S480 t4 vs pt7675
  53. fbody blower
  54. porting heads for supercharged engine
  55. Program PCM on the bench?
  56. Fuel Tank options
  57. LS2 to LSA conversion
  58. a little bit of 1000+rwhp on street tires and pumpgas
  59. Turbo build hardtop car- advice on gauge mounting?
  60. track times...LQ9 made 549 on 9lbs...more pics added
  61. My mustang 5.3 turbo shake down
  62. T-Netics RG-45 wastegates.. question on adjustment
  63. Inconell valves
  64. What oil pans set up?
  65. s10 build
  66. S480 96mm wheel on a 370 6 speed
  67. TVS2300 PCV System
  68. Oil residue in intake ports?
  69. 347+Boost=Good Idea?
  70. 5.3 block
  71. To manifold wrap or not? To wrap the hot side or not?
  72. Need some ideas for a set of heads
  73. Twin BWS360 for my build?
  74. How many guys run 2-3 fuel pumps all the same time
  75. A&A LS2 C6 Goes 10.2@139 Cam only
  76. 1996 Impala SS "Turbo LS 5.3/4.8 Project"
  77. Blowthru S475 cam question
  78. Jgs blow off valve springs?
  79. Cylinder head for turbo 5.3
  80. Cam ideas please
  81. S476 Question (compressor outlet)
  82. Boosted LS1 lives short life! Bearing/Motor failure
  83. Boost Controller + Boost Gauge
  84. sway bar, down pipe, and end links....
  86. Aluminum Gen3 Intake Flanges
  87. need help with my project i am starting lsx ,big block ,turbos, supercharger
  88. What is a good waste gate
  89. Meth Nozzle size Snow kit...
  90. Build details
  91. Huron speed twin kit special *one left, 2 days! Look!*
  92. L92 head gasket question
  93. Intercooler brands?
  94. Looking for sheet metal intake companies /designs.
  95. Custom Radiators
  96. 1972 Turbo LQ4 Nova
  97. stock bottom end LQ4/S480 and 799 heads?
  98. building my first twin turbo eng
  99. E85/Meth=How much Octane?
  100. Turbo A/C Exhaust
  101. IAT relocation with methanol
  102. twin turbo c10
  103. Tick cams
  104. Best intake for boostec splication
  105. What is the best intake manifold for a high hp boosted aplication
  106. Neez's Boosted build
  107. Welding stock manifolds (v bands and flanges)
  108. LS2 GTO twin turbo setup
  109. best turbo for a 417ci motor?
  110. Couple questions for guys with lsa heads and sbe 6.0's
  111. Prepping the LS1 bottom end for FI..
  112. 0n3 twin 70s on lm7
  113. Boost piston
  114. Head porting gains on turbo?
  115. SOM LAG project: 390ci | 417 Motorsports TT | PT6766 | 4L80 | E85
  116. FI trucks and Buggies dyno vids and more.
  117. Twin Turbo LSx 6.0 Notch Project
  118. Lifting L92's a tad, LSA heads next best thing? (cost wise)
  119. What type of heat shield material is this?
  120. Proflow XT and ID1000's
  121. Is there an Ebay BIG or TWIN turbo kit for the LQ9?
  122. Just leak tested the car, and it's leaking pretty bad in a couple spots.
  123. New World Warhawk block soon to be released
  124. anyone used a procharger fmic and burkhart bumper support together?
  125. Which head gasket
  126. high static compression, boost E85???
  127. heads on boost
  128. first time at going turbo , NEED LOTS OF HELP ON THE SETUP
  129. So many different cams these days.
  130. mod turbo hotside setup q's
  131. Post your BW S400 dyno graphs/ ET here!
  132. 5.3 Turbo setup Opinions
  133. Cam selection
  134. small displacement TTiX turbo setup
  135. Intercooler on 97 Trans-am
  136. My FI parts wishlist
  137. Making a turbo list and checking it twice
  138. PT7675 Vs. Turbonetics 7875?
  139. Ported intake manifold!
  140. Big hp, boosted, 4l60e guys, enter!
  141. Stall speed for street
  142. 5.3 turbo questions, in a mustang that is
  143. Will 3.42s hurt my combo or help?
  144. Drive by wire or drive by cable?
  145. Dart block
  146. 88mm or 91mm
  147. procharger I-1 vs bov
  148. Holley interviews David Adkins at LS Fest. Video
  149. LS1 vs Iron block
  150. 5.3 on 15psi 718 hp
  151. Aluminum 383 vs iron 408
  152. My C5 Z06 is ready for some boost! (Pics)
  153. School me on blow off valves...
  154. Which bottom end to purchase now 347vs383ci
  155. Thinking of running fender exit exhaust
  156. They said bigger is better ...
  157. ws6store\norris catch can for boost?
  158. part # help
  159. First time build, could use a little help!!
  160. Ring choice for boost?
  161. Undersized Intercooler Vs. No Intercooler
  162. Father and Son Turbo'd LQ4 83' Jimmy
  163. Fuel Sytem Question
  164. Holset H1C
  165. Help me put together a parts list
  166. oil pressure issues and oil adapter
  167. oil issues and oil adapter.. which to get?
  168. T6 Turbonetics 91mm/.96a/r Race Turbo to big for a 5.3?
  169. ***LMR Supercharged C7 Corvette makes over 700rwhp***
  170. Twin 76mm on 5.3
  171. Whats a good turbo cam for my LQ4 turbo street build? Opinions needed
  172. How much power before e85/meth needed?
  173. injectors for e85 6.0 s480 build
  174. New turbo build!
  175. 98 vette boost reference regulator and line help
  176. What manifold is this?
  177. gear ratio for powergide
  178. ARP head bolt vs ARP head studs
  179. Project: Blue Devil
  180. TT 5.3L Vega Wagon
  181. Best heads/intake/tb for a forged 370 build??
  182. Weird, my user ID is now green...
  183. Bargain build 16 inj vic jr efi conversion
  184. Do I need a restrictor on a GT45???
  185. Carolina 400" LSX with twin s366's?????
  186. Another noob with build questions
  187. V-Banded Stainless "Truck Manifold Style" Manifolds X-Mas/End of Year SPECIAL!!!
  188. truck manifolds with manual steering rack?
  189. Procharger Red race valve
  190. turbo sizing on a high hp 408 stroker setup
  191. 6.0 6262TT oil pressure issue?
  192. What rings for my setup?
  193. Intake selection
  194. oil pan, oil control. What's everyone doing?
  195. Boost leak around injectors!
  196. Turbocharged C7 Spooling Up (Video)
  197. F1R - Single Key and Pinned vs Double Key
  198. what supercharger for power AND sound?
  199. fAST 3 bar map and mounting on Fast102
  200. tvs 2300
  201. Bone stock 5.3 goes 9:30s 1/4 mile @15psi
  202. Bone stock 5.3 9:30 1/4 mile
  203. Oil catch can.... Good idea for a turbo setup?
  204. Question?
  205. 6.0 overheats at idle
  206. is boost referencing a fuel system necessary?
  207. Turbo oil return
  208. 900 hp Lingenfelter crate motor
  209. Best heat wrap ?
  210. What Oil Are You Using In Your FI LS?
  211. Blow thru recommendations
  212. 60-1 turbine housing fit a on3 70mm?
  213. 5.3 turbo cam
  214. What gauges do I need for my boost build??
  215. Port matching headers - helps or hurts with turbo?
  216. Max effort turbo selection suggestions
  217. Injectors for 404 TT on E85
  218. maggie on a ls3 headed fbody?
  219. 98 Corvette F I ?
  220. F1R is bucking when you accelerate.
  221. Dry nos + boost....
  222. 2 38mm Tial MVS Wastegates
  223. What injectors are best for FI?
  224. LQ4 370 Kytp build
  225. New ride, Lingenfelter shortblock, how much boost?
  226. whats everyone's thought on single or twin turbo?
  227. Air Filter
  228. need help with AMS500 boost controller
  229. Racetronix/Standard Motor Parts 160lb Low Z Injector
  230. *Our Holiday Sale is going on! Great gifts at great prices!*
  231. What holds the weight of the turbo?
  232. Turning it up this summer!
  233. ProCharger new F1X-12 + 6 Models Released (Specs inside)
  234. Anyone running the GT42?
  235. Eboost2 and New engine break in questions!
  236. Used Borg Warner S472
  237. Need help deciding on a turbo.
  238. cog set up with a manual trans
  239. S200 vs S300 vs PT7675 size differences
  240. 81 ford fairmont # 4 (4.8, ls1cam, on3-76,60e, stock driveshaft and 7.5 rear)
  241. finally done, still needs another dyno day
  242. Clearance issues
  243. What would make more power with Magnacharger, 5.7 or 5.3
  244. Critique this 408 turbo build please
  245. Project BoostedZ28: 370ci/S480ET-R HO/T56
  246. Thinking about going FI,opinions needed
  247. Throttle body questions
  248. Boost Controllers That Aren't For Street Cars
  249. 5.3 twin turbo help
  250. Wastegate solenoids for high Hz