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  30. Unleashed Performance
  31. GSS340 pump for e85?
  32. 10.1@137,370,comp 80mm.
  33. 80lb injectors for 6-700whp(e85?)
  34. Back pressure T4 to T6 flange (maybe)
  35. Precision turbo rebuild??
  36. t56 and 2 step spool time with pt7675
  37. (In)sanity check
  38. F1A ,402, ls3 heads, intake, 4l80e ((( whats your boost/rwhp)))
  39. procharger pulley size/boost/rpm formula????????
  40. F1-a 408 4l80e converter and injector size
  41. Boost leak from fuel injectors, any solutions?
  42. re-tune required after gutting cats?
  43. What manifold on high HP 400+ci LS3 headed build
  44. Hydraulic lines for turbo feed and return
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  46. who runs a pt 98 with a t6 and a 1.oo ar????
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  48. Audi S4 getting american blood... *some pics*
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  50. EGT sensors in stock cast manifolds
  51. P1 Procharger on a 5.3
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  56. Another LS Stang Is Loose
  57. CTS-V SC'ed Cadillac head gaskets work on a LQ9 iron block?????
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  59. off season project
  60. Ls7 427 supercharged stuffed into lt1 camaro front clip.
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  62. Ran my junk
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  65. Figuring there a calculator?
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  70. aps twin turbo and Eboost2
  71. Cam rpm range?
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  73. how many 5.3 turbo guys with 706 heads?
  74. high reving engine in boosted aplication
  75. Simple combo-big power-347+D1SC=800+rwhp
  76. Warhawk heads 72 or 64 cc heads on a 6.0 boosted
  77. whos running a boosted 408?
  78. The BIGGEST BADDEST air intake for turbos!
  79. WS6 LS3 Whipple
  80. FI and Motor Gurus step in please
  81. Typical turnaround on turbo purchase from
  82. dart 205 heads on turbo 4.8
  83. Need Custom Supercharger Bracket for LS2, Pic Attached.
  84. 347 vs 370
  85. race valve work on turbo
  86. what is next???
  87. IAT placement
  88. Piston/Rod recommendations
  89. Build thread with a 5.3L turbo
  90. LS2 block...385ci......will it hold 1,000 RWHP reliably......
  91. **LMR's Drag Radial Car Dyno**
  92. ****Late Model Racecraft 2013 ZR1 Performance VIDEO****
  93. can my cats melt?
  94. Is it possible to get lower boost in 1st gear on auto?
  95. It's alive!!! 94 Camaro 5.3/T56 Turbo
  96. gt88 spool
  97. Shake down passes with new YSI Set up from Jannetty Performance.
  98. I don't know what this is
  99. lq4 s10 + twin 70's
  100. What did you do to your lq4 ?
  101. Good exhaust gaskets?
  102. Need opinions/input on twin or single build w/ Stainless Works foward headers**Pics**
  103. What wastegate should I use?
  104. Newbie here
  105. What's the best wideband for boosted application ?
  106. LQ9 GT4780 turbo in a 240sx
  107. High Compression + Boost?
  108. Fuel pump/injector problem
  109. f1A back feeding help!!
  110. 5.3 turbo
  111. Who is running an oil cooler/filter inline pre-turbo?
  112. Eboost 2 problems. driving me crazy
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  115. Borg Warner turbo's
  116. F1 procharged guys
  117. Looking to maggie my lq4,need advice.
  118. aps intercooler
  119. boost controller
  120. Is this cam good for my goals? tt/408
  121. recommend me a cam?
  122. Internal debate on pistons and compression
  123. Precision 74 GTQ, SP Cover, .96 A/R?
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  125. LQ9 Block Limit
  126. Recommended Texas tuner....???
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  130. Oil clearance
  131. F1A LS2 waterpump-timing cover issue. Need help
  132. Some hot side pics needed for my GT50-88 build.
  133. Procharged 347 question
  134. Has anyone heard news on how KYTP is doing?
  135. FI guys with ac in hot climates come in
  136. Aftermarket Parts Installer Directory
  137. New turbo build questons.
  138. garrett tv7512 76mm turbo
  139. High Hp Pat G tuned ....?
  140. Unusual wear on a 50 mile old turbo motor. What is going on?
  141. Would I need a "ported" TB or it wouldnt matter for FI??
  142. Need a dowel for pinning my crank!
  143. looking pt7675 .96 exhaust housing, anyone got one?
  144. turbo's-please advise which ones
  145. 2 questions about compression...........
  146. Whos running a Huron Speed kit?
  147. vortech v1 help
  148. Small external size single turbo?
  149. Cracked block @ 27psi - Time to step up
  150. I dont get it,what am I missing
  151. What happens when one turbo doesn't work on a twins set up?
  152. On3 performance buyer beware!!!
  153. SDCE Tensioner and Belt Slip
  154. Need help choosing heads for AES 390ci
  155. please help, pusrod problem, loss of power?
  156. What size twins
  157. My first turbo build with lq9
  158. These Lunati rods good for 1,000 RWHP...turbo set up.....?????
  159. efi live or hp tuners???
  160. air cooler options?
  161. Boosted bored out cast 5.3 ?
  162. voltage drops when i go into heavy boost, starts to blow out spark, common?
  163. Eboost Vacuum Hose Joiner?
  164. 5.3 horsepower list, singup now!!
  165. Newb opinion question
  166. SUPERCHARGER which is the best for ls1
  167. SD vs MAF
  168. will a tc72 spool faster then a 76 or it wont make much diff
  169. built engine with Melling 10296. 28psi PULL ENGINE ?
  170. Newb to FI, got some ?'s
  171. 6.0L Turbo build plan: Costs added up
  172. Pricharger vs. Vortech
  173. headunit choices for 98-02 fbodies
  174. License plate cover
  175. Looking for sponsorship I need a set of heads
  176. F1A or F1C ?
  177. Procharger belt too tight? - is this a bad thing?
  178. Hi Comp Twin Turbo Build
  179. Noob asking about 5.3L setups...
  180. Whipple 4.0 question ?
  181. blow through turbo, no I/C, E85, is it a good idea?
  182. top mounted superchargers vs front mount superchargers (prochargers)
  183. The little 5.3 that could.
  184. turbo 5.3 or 6.0 what should I expect
  185. Anyone know what this weird sound is?
  186. Thinking of going DIY turbo with my built 6.2....newbie
  187. Picked up some truck manifolds but with the EGR...
  188. Am I overshooting with potential twin TC76?
  189. trying to build a power valve with no epoxy modifications
  190. quest for 600whp on 5.3 pump pwhatp else do i need
  191. How to tell p1 from d1?
  192. Anyone running a ls9 in a 4.8
  193. tc78 turbo ls fox vs ZR1
  194. Aussie ls1 turbo build
  195. Where to run starter wiring (huron speed kit)
  196. precision tubo, Rubbish?
  197. Huron Speed On3 T76 Dyno Results
  198. 215s good enough?
  199. A couple questions, turbo guru's...
  200. what is the ideal afr,static comp, and dynamic comp for a boosted 10 psi 408 lq9 ?
  201. F1A or D1SC street car VOTE
  202. Catch Can Results
  203. Post Results of Boosted NA cams... NOT A THREAD FOR DISCUSSION, JUST POST RESULTS!
  204. F1A, which factory water pump? Need help
  205. hp76 or s475HpX billet turbo.
  206. best 5.3??
  207. procharger question???
  208. Proflo Surge Valve Problem
  209. 08 silverado turbo hotside?
  210. Time to run some vac lines...anyone wanna connect the rest of the dots for me?
  211. Need Help Mounting Intercooler
  212. Wrong forum
  213. Which supercharger
  214. whats the best cam for a blow through jy5.3 for at least 500 rwhp?
  215. Finnally got my camaro to the track, mixed feelings.
  216. Apologize ahead of time
  217. ** GT91 combos **
  218. Turbo size for 427ci Street setup
  219. Modularturbo now performing installs in south Florida
  220. thoughts on this engine build
  221. Has any one used a thinner griffin for more clearance?
  222. At what point (PSI) do i need head studs??
  223. Ls2 intake Mani boost ok
  224. What injectors are you running?
  225. Opinions on Downpipe routing
  226. d1sc 5.3
  227. 18psi....370ci.....can I use my 1998 PCM for a perfect tune....?
  228. Cam for 18psi 370ci...........question......
  229. To boost or not to boost
  230. this worth the money?
  231. True street cars ???
  232. waterpump tapped for steam port?
  233. Wastegates, and turbo's question without the manual boost controller.
  234. what piston/rod combo for forged 5.3
  235. Granatelli Camaro Twin Turbo Kit
  236. New Intake Manifold with P 1SC-1?
  237. Supporting turbos by compressor cover?
  238. boost questions
  239. My 5.3 twin turbo parts list, plz comment
  240. So what kinda e.t would i leave on the table if i stayed t-56
  241. 6.0 turbo build questions
  242. Best crank to use for 800hp procharged car
  243. 5.3 or lq4 6.0 for boost, what would you use?
  244. when will unported 317 heads become a bottleneck?
  245. Im running out of room...
  246. D1sc rebuild direction change
  247. ls1 turbo kit?
  248. BOV Cruising speed sound
  249. Does a procharger volute have a gasket?
  250. New personal best 4.75 @ 160