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  1. Are my pcv breathers and vacuum/boost line correct?
  2. Comp XER287HR with boost.
  3. 3-bar Map Sensor and MSD 6010
  4. Junkyard turbo
  5. LS6 cam vs stock
  6. holley hi rise intake with intercooler
  7. Question about heat reduction with DEI Titanium wrap
  8. FI guys, whats the best gears for turbo LQ4 with t56
  9. Turbo options for my 5.3 s10 build
  10. Thoughts on combo/what will it make? Also converter suggestions?
  11. Whats the Correct catch can routing for a front mounted single?
  12. Cam (bearing) advise needed..... JY 5.3L
  13. Would this gt91 setup work good with my 402LS
  14. Thoughts on my exhaust set up (cut out placement)
  15. TEXAS MILE. Who is going?
  16. Building hotside S475 T6, 2", 2-1/4"or 2-1/2"?
  17. Fuel system layout
  18. max effort dont give a s--- timing
  19. Help me size Wastegates and BOV
  20. Magnacharger questions
  21. Forged Iron 370 / AFR 225's / Truck Manifolds / CRT5088
  22. Wastegates,BOV and injectors needed for twin 67 LQ4 build....What ones?
  23. ATI balancer installation
  24. BOV and WG help
  25. any one use 6 liter truck headers ??
  26. water meth on p1sc1 procharger??
  27. For all procharger vendors
  28. Blow-thru of EFI???
  29. Anyone do a turbo in 67 camaro
  30. incon twin turbo
  31. Microsquirt Harness Turbo Mustang AkNovaMan style
  32. Holley Fuel Rails
  33. Vacuum plenum ???
  34. TC78 turbo 5.3. What cam?
  35. Blow Thru Setup intercooler required?
  36. spark plugs and turbos
  37. Turbo blankets
  38. Bought ebay intercooler (CXRacing MX5 MX6 RX8 4" Intercooler + Piping Kit MIATA) ?'s
  39. Huron'd you reconnect the sway bar?
  40. Belt change help 99 Camaro D1SC
  41. Vortech FI
  42. .81 vs .96 Ar
  43. Fbody coolant overflow reservoir relocation question
  44. Thanks Bob!
  45. On a shrouded puller fan setup with a Griffin 25241-X, is 2000-2100 CFM adequate
  46. 408 ls2 procharged with methanol timing
  47. LQ4 Valley Cover & venting
  48. trubo ls1
  49. Would a titanium valve be a bad thing on a turbo application?
  50. Huron Speed Excellent company
  51. ETMC Stage 2 Blower Cam specs???
  52. 95 Z TT project.. burnout vid!
  53. Lots of turbo questions!! 5.3+xxmm
  54. Supporting mods for my front mount
  55. What ATI damper do i need for my turbo setup? lq4 block eagle crank
  56. .96 ar vs bigger split housing ?????
  57. Trade turbo for a cam
  58. Volvo 242, lq4, gt45, th400, 8.8
  59. shaft play question?
  60. return fuel system
  61. another head thread.. AFR choice.
  62. How to make my p1sc louder at idle
  63. Copper Head Gasket Spray ?s
  64. How much fuel????
  65. E85 setup?
  66. Feedback wanted on ignition map.
  67. Bigger is not always better
  68. 347/317 vs 370/ls3 heads w D1 debate
  69. help me with Ideas to 60 better (adding nitrous to my pt88 ls2)
  70. Th400 vs Glide with turbo?
  71. what belt used for NON p/s with HS turbo kit
  72. alternator flip ??
  73. windowed block ??
  74. Cheapest Injectors good to 550rwhp?
  75. 4.8 swap/turbo alternator bracket setup
  76. Procharger ps1c
  77. Build Thread: Project K.K (aka:Kim Kardashian) 1937 Dodge Coupe
  78. Electronics Questions for Turbo (PCM, wiring, MAP, SD tune)
  79. zr1 cam compared to patg 218-238
  80. 60lb injectors
  81. S475 vs. S480 "T6" LQ4
  82. Twin suggestions
  83. Blew my LS9 Headgaskets mid pull?! **5 MORE PICTURES PAGE 3**
  84. Texas speed and performance 408 or 421 turbo
  85. 347-stock 243 heads-Stage 3 cam-YSi-976 rwhp
  86. GT45x vs S483
  87. Pullied , Boltons , Cammed , 200shot C6 ZR1 Dyno vid
  88. cam question cant find the answer im looking for
  89. My 2010 Camaro ss Turbo Build
  90. AEM truboost?
  91. 4.8 turbo questions
  92. 5.3l single turbo parts help
  93. Speed Inc working magic!!! Turbo fab work
  94. Anyone know the exact size T-Bolt clamp for Fbody procharger kit?
  95. Good single turbo?
  96. Crank pining questions
  97. Lets Talk Under Hood Temps
  98. ? best prices on tial wg, blow off valve
  99. Are you sick of cam threads yet? (I'm narrowed down to two)
  100. ON3Performance No A/C Ls1 Camaro REVIEW PICS VIDEO GREAT KIT!
  101. Twin truck kit.
  102. Msd 6010 or stock PCM
  103. Fuel pump for 1000rwhp???
  104. 377 ci, TR6060, Twin 67s Build Updates **Start up vid**
  105. Who makes a nice front mount turbo kit for a 2000 camaro?
  106. Radiator hoses for dual pass?
  107. Oil Adapter (For cooler/turbo) Is Thermostatic Option Important?
  108. Props to (Dr. Turbo)
  109. Engine temps...good or bad
  110. Custom Turbo Build
  111. Fuel system for a dd
  112. 2000 Firebird LS1 turbo
  113. predictions
  114. Turbo decision help: single, twins, bb, journal, oil-less?
  115. Looking for a intake elbow
  116. Stock Bottom End LS3 makes 763rwhp/651rwtq
  117. 4.8 with a 75mm t6 ..
  118. Synergy 2 step instructions
  119. lingenfelter gt9 cam question!
  120. Turbo Cam??
  121. What do I need fuel system for 1000HP s480 Turbo
  122. sdce pulley
  123. L33 5.3, S475 turbo build!
  124. how much radiator is needed?
  125. How much power are you making with twin procharger intercoolers?
  126. Relocating A/C hoses. Receiver/Drier
  127. Please Help Anyone Im new need help
  128. Where to put a GT45 in a 1998 camaro with A/C?
  129. L33 stock cam and boost
  130. Anyone knife edged a divided turbo housing?
  131. LS engine with th400 oil pan install
  132. How many of you running ls2 knock sensors on your 4th gen.
  133. 76mm turbo question
  134. Procharger kit elec fan?
  135. Is this a gas or diesel based turbo?
  136. need help on supercharger setup on my 68 camaro ls swap
  137. Need 5.3 turbo advice
  138. Necking down a down pipe
  139. Seen Matt (Denmah) at work the other day..vid
  140. pipe dreams... grudge car
  141. ~Procharger Build Write up~
  142. Device to store a tune
  143. what valves to use on a supercharged motor
  144. Buy Turbo hot side parts, T6 flange, brands etc...?
  145. Ls376/480 TT what would you do?
  146. head stud install poll?
  147. What valve springs should I run???
  148. Track advice
  149. Neep your IDEAS!!!!
  150. Aps tt short block predicament
  151. Boost or lack there of.
  152. Building a turbo LS advice..........
  153. Small turbo 4.8
  154. Best oil for Turbo LQ4?
  155. FI head assembly parts
  156. Procharger 3.5" intercoolers?
  157. Carb or efi on my ls3 turbo race project????
  158. Best rotating assembly for a procharged LS2?
  159. High horsepower turbo differential options and opinions
  160. Anyone running boost on a iron headed 6.0
  161. pre turbo intake pipe size?
  162. Cracked Oil Pan
  163. Iron block verses alum block
  164. Aussie VS SS Ute Ls1 twin Garrett 35/40,T56
  165. New 76mm wheel for Real Street from FI
  166. 3" tail pipes support power? (fox)
  167. Looking for 120lbs/hr injectors
  168. ST80 turbo 346LS1 good combo?
  169. Billy Briggs 365/LSA heads ECS YSi Build
  170. 2006 Z06 + 2 GT35's + 4L80 = 8.69 in 1/4
  171. My LS1 Truck Turbo Build
  172. need help deciding what sparkplug i need with 4.8L turbo
  173. Gear ratio?
  174. best location for meth nozzle and IAT sensor?
  175. input needed: 5.3 turbo fuel system.
  176. fuel pressure problems.
  177. How much power out of a Vortech Si-Trim? How about 744 rwhp!
  178. Forced inductions.. Oil Coolers???
  179. LQ4 bottom end for boost question.
  180. high compression plus boost
  181. max efford 5.3.. twin turbo selection
  182. Anyone make a Plug and Play dual fuel pump + hobbs switch wiring harness
  183. What serp belt for NON p/s f body
  184. Looking for EPP FMIC Brackets
  185. Anyone here use the summit racing 90mm TB?
  186. Build questions
  187. corvette F1A kit on an fbody
  188. Show me where you mounted ur turbos on ur 98-02 camaros
  189. New engine, different set up, is this safe?
  190. what inline fuel filter do you use with dual wallys?
  191. Any gains from upgrading to a 101 mm TB/Maf, and a FTP 104 Lid on a Maggy 112
  192. 01 Transam Intercooler Question
  193. Valve Springs
  194. 404-GT91 3 Years later and 3500+ miles.....
  195. Are catch cans necessary???
  196. YSI + Arun cam=The Jam
  197. Help!!! downpipe cutout and wideband o2 issue
  198. By show of hands. Who has
  199. OBX 2.25" Mild Steel V-Band, with pics.
  200. L33 or LQ4
  201. Huron Speed Custom T6 or Mid-Frame T4 Turbo Kits!
  202. which turbo is better bang for buck!
  203. vac line help please
  204. stock 5.3 with turbo help
  205. ping at wot?!?!
  206. Turbo Mounted to Frame from Comp Housing?
  207. Time to Upgrade!!!!
  208. 1000whp LS3 piston to wall and ring end gap recommendations
  209. TT selection and vender plz!
  210. walbro 400lph fuel pump.
  211. Build Thread: Lsx, 4L80, GT55-94: Street car WS6
  212. 85 turdbird going 4l80 4.8 turbo
  213. Looking For the BEST BLOW DRYER for 800-1000hp.
  214. Which T4 turbo blanket?
  215. 6.0L build/ Stroke,charged,or turbo?
  216. Sold the GT91-What twins for my STREET driven 404
  217. Need advice on my setup!
  218. Equal length merge ?'ss
  219. Weird IAT sensor problem
  220. G8 D1s/c 4.5 pulley pump gas
  221. Those running a remote water pump
  222. (Maggy 112)What kind of numbers should i expect to see?
  223. LS3 - ECS Novi 2200 utilizing a wastegate
  224. 6 speed
  225. 70 Nova 402LS what turbo parts ?
  226. Bout to pull the trigger ..... EZ94x **opinions**
  227. Magnafuel Pump in Tank ?
  228. GM Truck on Kill -- 919HP/880TQ 4.8L
  229. Converting T6 GT4788 to T4 questions.
  230. Truck accessories and pullies for LQ4 or swap over my LS1 accessories?
  231. Twin Walbro 255 question
  232. Setup thoughts..
  233. 98 Camaro SS 441 LSX,twin PT6766 CEA BB turbos street car.1190rwhp 1016rwtq on 15lbs
  234. Lets see pics of your duel fed rails
  235. Billet S480 track results.... 144mph.
  236. what solid motor mounts with Pa k member
  237. 408 turbo cam ??'s
  238. Weak Point on Stock LS1 with FI?
  239. divided vs open
  240. Which turbos for my LSX427?
  241. What are these procharger parts worth ?
  242. Forced induction cam ? Thompson engines ,Huron speed,tick performance come in!
  243. Got some free stuff and LSX block warrantied
  244. 91 camaro 6.0 LS3 heads turbo build
  245. New Turbonetics Turbos
  246. so i took the caddy to mexico...
  247. injectors for 700rwhp
  248. E85-E70 How much will it effect my tune
  249. on3 turbos
  250. C16 or pump gas w/meth injection?