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  1. Powdercoating and gasket surfaces... ugg
  2. Project Ballin on a Budget: 370/Huron Speed/7875
  3. Help me decide on used STS kit
  4. Poor fuel economy after turbo
  5. Any cheaper alternatives than an Aster Bracket?
  6. Porting a TVS2300
  7. My cam, how bad for rear mount?
  8. Horsing around today in the blazer ---> Video's inside
  9. pistons and rods for turbo ls1?
  10. turned lifter
  11. bov on a supercharged lt1
  12. Whats a used F1a worth?
  13. Questions 2006 APS GTO
  14. running twins
  15. Procharger With E85 On A Forged 408?
  16. wideband question
  17. russ K idle config works!
  18. 5.3 Turbo with NA Cam?
  19. PT88-47H or GT4788
  20. Black or polished 2.9 whipple
  21. pressurized crank case/catch can??
  22. Brute Speed 98-02 F Body ProCharger Kit Now Has It's Own PN# At ProCharger
  23. new build: finally coming together
  24. 1999 twin turbo vette evap canister
  25. Which precision 7675 is better value for money
  26. 6.2l twin turbo build
  27. Can corvette filter/reg be used as filter only?
  28. What size/brand injectors to get for 500rwhp procharged engine?
  29. Welding Sch 10 Stainless with SS Flux Core ad 75/25
  30. Pushing Water Maybe?
  31. Hit my goal P1SC 01 Z06
  32. ? 90 deg turn on oil return?
  33. TT LS2 need opinions
  34. Will a 2003 Truck alternator fit on my procharged car?
  35. S480 Build, 370CI + T56 + Keeping All Factory Accessories/Locations
  36. 98 to 0411 pcm swap woes
  37. EBoost Street with HPA
  38. 2.9 whipple
  39. need help picking Twin Chinese Turbos in street stock LQ4 6spd in 68 Camaro
  40. Where can I find this valve? (PCV)
  41. My turbo joe straightline performance t6 build
  42. Few questions about my build.
  43. options for LS6 turbo engine rebuild
  44. Quality Built Intercooler
  45. cx turbo
  46. My On3 Non AC Build
  47. Anyone used c5 or 5th gen blower setup/brackets on 4th gen fbody?
  48. stock longblock lq4 does 770wheel
  49. 1112 rwhp 2012 Boss Mustang
  50. someone post their D1 small pully dyno graph
  51. Twin 61mm 5.3 Wastegate question
  52. Tru-Boost
  53. Removing blower pulley
  54. 3 Bar MSD
  55. Fun(?) on Saturday...
  56. Remote Power steering Reservoir
  57. Best way to start a build for my goals?
  58. JY 5.3 L33 clean up
  59. scavage pump dying?
  60. Detonation?????
  61. Finally Drag raced the TT TA once again
  62. sn95 and/or fox fuel system options
  63. A quiet scavange pump
  64. Fbody twin turbo kit
  65. mild steel charge pipe
  66. Twin turbo system
  67. Quick question...
  68. ls1 swap need some help
  69. GT42 turbine outlet flange size?
  70. Procharged ls1 pcv help
  71. I need help running my vacuum Lines I'm in over my head here
  72. stock ls2...change rod bolts like the ls1's?
  73. Few new videos on my Turbo Blazer.
  74. Rear gear for traction with turbo 408
  75. throttle cable n bracket question
  76. Burping cooling system with Kurt Urban steam vent system
  77. For the SDCE spring tensioner guys
  78. lq9 - t6 housin?
  79. 91+meth 5.3, turbo suggestions needed
  80. Some boost calculation help needed
  81. PROJECT RED ROCKET TUNING HAS STARTED! AES390, Twin turbo, 4l80e. PG21, Post 408! :)
  82. will be going s480... but what one?!?!
  83. Turbo setup 317's VS LS3's
  84. Forged 380" LS3 6 speed and twins sizing!
  85. GT35 T3 .63 ar turbine housing
  86. Turbocharged cam!
  87. Katech tensioner with relocated alternator
  88. BOV Operation?
  89. Switching from D1SC to F1R, need pulley help!
  90. Build thread: 5.3/twin 66mm/megasquirt3
  91. Anybody running Speeds TU2, turbo 5.3?
  92. Leaving power on the table with current cam?
  93. Which plug to start with" help"
  94. New engine and have service light on need help
  95. any need for a flew joint in dp?
  96. Purchased the new MS3PRO for my turbo 5.3!
  97. ***LMR 9 second CTS-V***
  98. Ls1 supercharged crate engine??
  99. **My WS6 vs. 2 UGR Lambo's,F1A C6, TT C6Z, 80mm/nitrous Supra**
  100. Car Craft LS cam test
  101. holley High ram or victor with elbow?
  102. procharger helical gear set
  103. LQ9 408 ci twin turbo in aus
  104. does anyone sell a 4inch IC core?
  105. gt4294 too small for 408???
  106. Best intake for square port heads???
  107. 4.8 or 5.3 for Budget GT45, 4L80e, MegaSquirt3 Build?
  108. LMR Slayer package 2013 GT500 makes 708rwhp
  109. 745-rwhp/729-rwtq '13 CTS-V Sedan | VR Heads+Cam/Pulleys/Nitrous!
  110. Boost and steam vents, 799 heads what to do
  111. ebay gt45 turbos?
  112. So will the OBX 1 3/4 up and forward headers fit?
  113. Blow off valve
  114. Finally got my Air intake lid on!!!!
  115. 370 10.1-10.5 cr
  116. replacement STS pump
  117. procharger bov help plz
  118. 4" Cutout Availability, might have to go 3.5"
  119. Keep destroying low cooling fan
  120. aquamist injection?
  121. NEW ATI 1GT313-SCI 10-12 Camaro Stage 11 Intercooled System with i-1
  122. What would cause failure
  123. 90 degree turn prior to TB, does it matter?
  124. Race season sale at Burkhart
  125. Adding boost gauge to brake booster hose
  126. Front Mount Ls1 Third Gen w/ Truck Mani Kit
  127. Need advice in engine choice
  128. Look for pt88/GT91 T4 .96a/r turbine housing
  129. 4.8 + 7675= 723whp
  130. HURON SPEED A/C TURBO KIT. Spring special
  131. Cylinder wall to valve clearance for turbo app
  132. questions about which boost controller and alky kit for tta
  133. For those of you going from Procharger to Turbo
  134. TT SN95 365 with a 6spd
  135. Leaking oil where the snout mates to the case. What do I reseal it with?
  136. Should I keep my turbo? Gt4202 or buy S480
  137. JGS Fire Ring
  138. Running Vac Lines Mike Norris CC & Maggie 112
  139. p600b on a gen3 motor
  140. eBay, ptk clone turbo kit?
  141. Does anyone make a S400/GT47 frame single kit w/ AC for Camaro/Firebirds?
  142. 760hp/745tq Stock Bottom LS1 (TC78 to PT7675)
  143. Maf problems
  144. Water cooled comp turbo.
  145. what heads to run with my maggie
  146. Huron Speed T6 LSx Fox Body Custom Turbo Kit
  147. WTB aster bracket or SDCE set up
  148. on3 70mm exhaust housing
  149. Anyone using an aluminum cell as their meth tank?
  150. Project Land Whale (Silverado Turbo Build)
  151. Intercooler questions
  152. procharged carbed SBC to turbo 5.3 nova (building right now GT45, MS3pro)
  153. Tick stage one or two turbo cam's
  154. Lets play guess the numbers!
  155. 99 Camaro SS 370-PT88 ***14 psi-10.21 at 144 1.8 60' with video***
  156. scavenging pump mounting
  157. ls9 or ls3 cam??
  158. Rearmount turbo question
  159. compression check
  160. Check out my Curves! vids and pics
  161. 2bar map wiring???
  162. Champion motors tvs 2300 dyno
  163. turbo kit on no tune..
  164. Spec me a cam please..
  165. Any Blow Through guys in here?
  166. Finally hit the dyno, but had issues
  167. Not quite forced injection but a little forced ejection
  168. New to this. Need help.
  169. Which Stall Converter are you guys in the 9's Using with your F/I setup?
  170. Lonnie's double pumper E85 max limit?
  171. just finished procharger build and only 3lb of boost
  172. How to cut silicone so it looks nice?
  173. Procharger support bracket
  174. Oil pressure warning.
  175. What is your alternator mounting setup? need help
  176. Featured on Dragzine and LSX TV
  177. Need to tame my turbo exhaust
  178. Featured on LSXTV: Lsx, 4L80, GT55-94: Street car WS6
  179. carb style intake fuel rail brackets
  180. using bov instead of wastegate
  181. New Turbo and hotside installed. Issues and resolving them...
  182. for use with any flip drive type system
  183. Bracing a heavy T6 turbo without solid motor mounts?
  184. LS6 and Nitrous
  185. FBody Twin Turbo Kits?!
  186. Ms4 with boost
  187. tail q bov flutter.
  188. Hands coils on the market for 1,200+ RWHP........WHICH ONES..???
  189. BorgWarner Turbo.... *Sexiness Warning* (PG13)
  190. Anyone know where to get 1/2" NPT tap?
  191. XER lobes under boost? I want it to be stable...
  192. cam and lifters
  193. turbo 4.8 which heads??
  194. building a ls1 bottom end for boost, what to get
  195. Is Borg Warner s475 good for ls2
  196. Drivability of a F1A
  197. My turbo dream!
  198. Slight oil smoke (?) at idle... working the bugs out..
  199. stock 5.3 flexplate and th400 jw bellhousing ?
  200. ls1 single turbo kit
  201. v-banded truck manifolds on f-body to clear alt?
  202. What oil are you guys running in your turbo cars??
  203. 1986 Camaro - Caged, Forged 408, PRC237cc, Strange 9" 3.25, TH400, S475, MS2, MSD6010
  204. 2007-2011 l92 Supercharger interchangability
  205. Sloppy mechanics how to: broken exhaust manifold bolt removal
  206. Adjusting sdce tensioner ???
  207. 2000 degree coating on turbo hotside etc in here.
  208. anyone build a heavier car/truck (~5,000lbs)
  209. Better ET when you went to an auto?
  210. cxracing turbo kit ?
  211. Stock Bottom End LQ4 F1a
  212. New IRS 5th Gen Record... 8.47@168
  213. Twin turbo, do I need to run flex pipes on my downpipes(full exhuast)
  214. Will this work for an intercooler?
  215. ***LMR 427Lsx/F1X 2010 camaro makes 1165 through an auto!***
  216. TSP 233/239 R2 112 vs 224/226 114 cam for front mount.
  217. Fresh Turbo Blowing Oil Out of Exhaust
  218. About to start my head and cam swap.
  219. ***LMR 2013 GT500 makes 1106rwhp!!!***
  220. How Much Boost Will It Take?
  221. 68 c10 stock lq9 4l80
  222. 1999 Crown Vic, 5.3, JFR 218 cam, MS3X, Twin GT35s, 4L80e
  223. Megasquirt 3 from EFI source engine dyno testing
  224. t70 vs t76
  225. Rear mount and headers ?
  226. Anybody use the newer LH6 5.3 with boost?
  227. VTC3 out the fender exhaust idle clip
  228. Anyone run 18psi on 93 octane stock shortblock?
  229. 374 LSX with blower 7.80 @ 181
  230. meth vs e85 cost wise?? for stock bottom end
  231. boosting an lq9 with stock bottom end
  232. Head studs
  233. 1985 6.0 turbo truck
  234. Not enough compression?
  235. TU1 cam for this setup? If not then what?
  236. '84 Cutlass 5.3L/4L80e LS9 Cammed Procharged Pro-Tourer
  237. 5.3 turbo need advice
  238. ***LMR CTS-VR1 on nitrous***
  239. How much boost/hp can a stock LS1 bottom end take?
  240. excessive oil leak?
  241. laggy tc78
  242. ATI Super Damper for High HP turbo ls1's??
  243. Full 3" turbo exhaust?
  244. Build me a budget motor!
  245. Whats a fair price?
  246. 05lq4+01 camaro computer and harness?
  247. Legit Lambo Hunting HAHA
  248. how much hp is left
  249. Old school fast 78 worth porting for F1C?
  250. F3 135 procharger too big?