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  1. 3 bar map
  2. What stall to use?
  3. twin 6165 vs. twin 6162
  4. Poor man's dual stage boost controller(GM boost solenoid)
  5. Project s10
  6. turbo 4.8 ?'s
  7. Oil pans for turbo setup
  8. putting together longblock for boost, need help
  9. street driving with turbos mounted in grill
  10. Old school blower setups on an ls1
  11. Cam for 6.0 TT in a Jeep?
  12. Need help choosing a turbo for 370ci
  13. Iron versus Aluminum when you do have a problem?
  14. vortech rebuild
  15. Turbo Cartridge question
  16. s10 sudo ls6 turbo m6 build thread
  17. Injector size??
  18. Injector sizing E85
  19. Sources for stainless & aluminum tubing?
  20. ~GUESS HOW MUCH BOOST I'LL MAKE THREAD~ (procharger 4.50 pulley)
  21. How much power left on the table...?
  22. F-body Procharger w/Iron Block 6.0L - ????????
  23. Help me build a monster street cruizer
  24. If I was to ditch my HX60..
  25. Bolt on Power Steering line setup for Turbos?
  26. Fbody procharger rebuild possibility question
  27. FMIC piping fab guys.
  28. Making sheet metal fan shroud for procharger?
  29. cam doctor! please help! Houston area..
  30. Opinons on wastegate placement.
  31. air to water intercooler
  32. 6-71 blower questions
  33. D1 G8 630hp
  34. Cast turbo manifolds
  35. What's 1 7/8 headers worth over 1 3/4 on a procharged car making 15psi?
  36. boost & nitrous timing?
  37. Smartfire injectors
  38. Header/log manifold build
  39. Best spot for the O2 sensors in my crossover?
  40. Turbo LS engine builders in the Southeast?
  41. Ls1 with aviaid 3 stage pump lower left
  42. Slow Ride's twin turbo vette build
  43. Which turbo would be better for my 390?
  44. high hp stock short block guys... question
  45. Trans Am 88mm Turbo Build
  46. Motor mounts
  47. 39x ish with twin turbos
  48. My Procharged truck made it in Truckin' Magazine this month
  49. Need help picking a motor for my TVS1900
  50. Pros and cons on TT vs ST?
  51. Truck manifold gaskets
  52. Need help with Cam selection
  53. the Mighty LS6 your combos
  54. 2012 ProCharger Rebate 3 Days Left
  55. plugs after 2000 miles tell me what you think.
  56. Fuel feed line size
  57. Paint, powdercoat or anodize my IC
  58. Anyone run the K1 Billet Rods?
  59. 2k turbo project
  60. 1025rwhp f1r tbss!!!
  61. 5.3l turbo build
  62. WG not hooked to boost reference?
  63. 1118 RWHP Twin Turbo CTS-V
  64. Who makes baller drag spoilers?
  65. Best block for forced induction ?
  66. Ebay Turbo build?????
  67. How many of you guys run your oil feed off the oil pressure sender?
  68. project 1951 chevy fleetline ls1 (aka BOOSTLINE)
  69. Need some rear mount help.
  70. Turbo cam gurus please answer
  71. Sleeper......or Custom?
  72. Who all is running a carb setup?
  73. Heard the vic jr does not like rectangle ports....?
  74. Maggie Cog Drive Video
  75. Keeping A/C in new turbo build.
  76. What size Ebay intercooler and piping to get???
  77. DIRT CHEAP: LQ4 Turbo carb yadda yadda Need advice!!!!
  78. ls1 magnacharger to fit l99
  79. FrozenBoost??
  80. Ebay Turbo Kits???
  81. increase power but not boost?
  82. Lq4 +F1r
  83. 6spd FI guys and no lift shifting (lingenfelter lnc-003)
  84. HS turbo kit with alternator relocation???
  85. Merry christmas fi people
  86. Anybody have procharger pullies?
  87. Boosted 5.3
  88. Head/Intake question w/boost
  89. no intercooler
  90. What do you guys think about the Huron turbo kit on special for my build.
  91. 69 Firebird LS2 Twin Turbo HELP!!
  92. Which is better turbo build, LQ4 or 5.3. Need pros and cons.
  93. Guys I need some help
  94. Perfect gears for turbo M6 setup
  95. Who Is Running a GT91?
  96. Crank Question
  97. NYC Tri State area
  98. turbo sizing definition!!
  99. Pro Flo XT...install help needed.
  100. Need help identifying a turbo kit???
  101. stock truck cam?
  102. Second cable attached to throttle?
  103. Looking for wrapped truck manifold pics
  104. Opinion on "refresh" of a stock 5.3
  105. 11.5 compression and boost-why not!
  106. Help! Will my current cam work with a supercharger?
  107. s475 on untouch ls1, what to expect with 9psi
  108. STS turbo build soon!!
  109. STS Kit Build????
  110. TT + 390ci..........which turbos....Modular Turbo CBR F2....
  111. Procharged LSX mustang
  112. Turbo cooling question.
  113. Wishing You a Supercharged Holiday Season
  114. Boost and rwhp
  115. Crazy turbo setup idea need help
  116. 02 Ws6 trans am with a junkyard diesel turbo? sure why not
  117. My new sleeper!
  118. Undersizing or Oversizing Your Turbo: An "Honest" Discussion.
  119. tech question
  120. is it to big
  121. FI guys at or near the 1000rwhp mark, what flexplate are you using?
  122. 400+ ci LS9 blower speed?
  123. Twin Turbo cam
  124. The power (Literally) of ignition timing
  125. Worth the build?
  126. crankcase vent for cam /D1sc
  127. 5.3 twin turbo
  128. LS1 243 heads and pro charger build?
  129. keep blowing headgaskets/ cam too small ?
  130. 67 Nova SS. Pro Touring. LS + Twin 72's. 1000rwhp plz.
  131. how much boost are you pushing your stock bottom end iron block?
  132. discussion about overlap in a turbo cam
  133. T56 Rearmount GTO Cam
  134. Anyone run a big cam with turbo?
  135. need help with ls1 turbo combo!
  136. Heintz Racing resets IRS GTO Record @ 8.74! Plus a few other great runs.
  137. NXS Spring Loaded Manual Boost Controller Question
  138. Need some opinions
  139. V2
  140. AES Announces Our First Year End Sale!!!!
  141. 02 Turbo Camaro Exhaust Question
  142. Wanted: Twin intercooler and Procharger
  143. How many still have A/C?
  144. Does unequal exhaust pipes matter?
  145. Catch can with return style BOV Question.
  146. Procharged G8
  147. Thinking about completely changing the direction of my car, advise?
  148. 370 BW s480 e85 non intercooled build
  149. How much boost and hp will a stock bock, forged internals LS2 handle?
  150. Boosted 5.3 guys drop in.
  151. making LSX happen everywhere
  152. TC78 + 390ci..........will it make 900 RWHP....?
  153. New best 78 Turbo Trans Am, cam only 5.3 rear mount Turbo 10.22@140.98
  154. good idea or bad- twin turbo oiling
  155. TC78 BMW build
  156. ebay hot parts kit
  157. I did some LSA head testing!
  158. Where can you find official rules on the stock shortblock record?
  159. Changes for 2013
  160. How much HP can a stock ls2 handle?
  161. Where to place wideband sensor on twin turbo
  162. do I need to run a thermostat?
  163. What size intercooler on 71 chevelle Single t76 turbo??
  164. Head studs ?
  165. 68 camaro 5.3 single turbo swap, what manifolds?
  166. 408, S488 turbo build feedback
  167. 69 Camaro twin turbo build - Loads of pics
  168. T78 + 4L80e + e85 + stock cooling system and AC round 2 **dyno vid pg 3**
  169. Road Racing twin turbo 5.3 cam and turbo selection...
  170. New Project... need advice, opinions and help
  171. Flipped C6 Manifold for Driver Side???
  172. Huron Speed *Special Edition* Truck Manifold Turbo Kit end of 2012 Special!
  173. bv57 and ysi settings
  174. building turbo headers /log
  175. Using meth to compensate for more boost on current tune?
  176. First Gen Manifolds
  177. New BAD ASS Turbo kmember ( DKT/BMR )
  178. LT1 Turbo Tuner in / near NC ???
  179. best short block?
  180. 408, GT55-94, E85, Glide, Truck manifold build thread -- UPDATE 06-29
  181. burkhart chassis-Thanks
  182. LS9 cam ?s
  183. LS6 intake how much boost
  184. First turbo build
  185. Edelbrock Vic Jr VS. Edelbrock Pro Flo XT
  186. Boost creep issues please help!!
  187. AMS-1000 Boost Controller
  188. 626hp 800+Tq!!
  189. AES 390 users, how do you like it?
  190. Twin turbo LS1 heads question
  191. Oil for fi
  192. flywheel choice
  193. What fans for procharger?
  194. need help to make my part list
  195. S475 Billet wheel
  196. Will it make 1000 RWHP??
  197. GN TB0348 Turbos?
  198. Check out my sweet new turbo merge
  199. FREE Installation & Tuning of Prochargers
  200. VNT turbos?
  201. Help!!!Info needed...TURBO LS1 CHEVELLE BUILD
  202. Sell me your turbo Camaro or Trans Am
  203. Something went wrong, ticking and smoke...
  204. what size turbo /injectors/tb/regulator
  205. Homemade Turbo Build fuel problem :( (video up)
  206. Any 4th Gen Maggies still out there?
  207. APS parts?
  208. LSX this power a little low?
  209. quick question: procharger pulley jack screw
  210. Lifters for stock turbo?
  211. Stock 4.8 & t76 What cam???
  212. FAST 78mm Throttle Body Question
  213. Arp head stud question
  214. Going to a new setup! 408, and 91mm
  215. ~Procharged ls1 f-body 1/4 mile times~
  216. stock 6.0L 8.81@161
  217. stainless turbo tubing and bends etc.
  218. Turbonetics 6665 Twin Turbo build, Fab process started Post #71! finally!
  219. MSD Timing Twister users. Please come in!
  220. MS1 and Micro2 tune, downloads.
  221. Need help on some steel cable ties please.
  222. Help on used motor?
  223. need your advices please
  224. What muffler(s) maintains TURBINE whistle?
  225. Quick help! ATI SuperDamper removal.
  226. 5th gen twin turbo build
  227. Head selection advice
  228. Recommended gear ratio? (FI related)
  229. TC78 9.05 at 150
  230. what size turbo?
  231. Dyno numbers stock bottom end, D1 procharger
  232. Truck manifold hot side
  233. stock manifold pictures?
  234. Procharger pulley for 6-8 lbs of boost?
  235. Howards Turbo cams?
  236. inlet pipe size?
  237. EMSpro testing for EFI source (even more MS stuff)
  238. big boost with wiseco pistons
  239. Christmas special on Whipple Superchargers
  240. Made it into new GMHTP
  241. Procharger Rebuild
  242. Our Shop Car 427/88mm setup
  243. On 3 Performance Introduction, New Turbo System Details, And Photos
  244. Turbo Support/Braces
  245. 91 S-10 Front Mount 5.3 L33/GT45/TH350/ Holley HP EFI update 3/10/13
  246. 5.3L Big Single vs. Twin 76mm
  247. spraying a boosted lt1
  248. Wastegate dump into exhaust or air
  249. Bearings for Turbo 383 Motor
  250. anyone running power steering with a front motor plate